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World Youth Day boosted Spanish economy by €354m, study shows

International Catholic youth event created 4,589 new jobs

By on Saturday, 3 December 2011

Syndicated from Rome Reports

  • Buckeye Pastor

    OK, it boosted the economy (contrary to the secularist nay-sayers), but did it boost the Gospel?

  • Redbeard326

    The youths I know who have gone to this and past World Youth Days take about them as being life changing experiences and come back on fire for our Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Anonymous

    “Between 1.3 and 1.5 million people participated in World Youth Day. Around 90% of them said the experience was very positive, and that Spain was a country they would like to return to”

    Does this mean that none of the participants were Spaniards?

    If 1.4 million foreigners participated, then the average profit per participant was 253 euros. I wonder how much the average participant had to spend for such a profit to be made, and what it was spent on, given that the hospitality and gadget/clothes sales profits combined only constituted about 10% of total profits. Could the positiveness of the experience be due to that spending-spree ‘rush’ so nurtured by the Catholic Church?

  • Julienicke

    Um … huh?

  • Anonymous

    My point was that, whatever Price Waterhouse Coopers’ study of the economic impact that World Youth Day had on Spain might have concluded, the conclusions presented in the video seem to be as nonsensical as my final sentence (in which I suggested that the Catholic Church deliberately encourages materialism).