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Salford diocese launches iPhone app

By on Wednesday, 7 July 2010

iPhone app from Diocese of Salford on Vimeo.

The Diocese of Salford has launched an iPhone app updated daily with Mass readings, a thought for the day and a saint of the day.

The app, created by Manchester-based Cuckoo Design company, has a four out of five star rating and is free for all iPhone users.

The diocese’s website features a video of Fr Anthony Kay VG, financial secretary, trying out the app to the accompaniment of dramatic violin music.

Fr Kay said he was “extremely pleased” with the work of Cuckoo Design. The company revamped the diocesan website as well as creating its new app.

He said: “From the start, we were looking for an attractive, simple and efficient means of communicating the work of the local Church over the internet. For that purpose we wanted the content of the site to be not simply informative but also educational.”

“We wanted it to be a tool for the “new evangelisation” of the United Kingdom and further afield.

“It was thus envisaged that the website would be accessible to, and useable by, all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” Fr Kay said.

Steve Wheatley, deputy managing director of Cuckoo Design, said: “The iPhone app was an idea we had fairly late in the process. It was a perfect opportunity to make important content even more accessible remotely, gain valuable attention and ultimately drive up visitor numbers. Anything that can help a client reach out and genuinely connect with their audience is hugely beneficial.”

  • chris

    Meanwhile our churches are emptying, our priests are not being replaced, our catholic schools ar losing their identity and the bishop has a lower profile than Lord Lucan …

  • Archie

    Does it work on an I-Pad, what do we search for in apps ?

  • The Catholic Herald

    Archie, It should work on the iPad as well. Just search for “Salford Diocese” at the App Store.

  • paulpriest

    …and Fr Kay is one priest at the forefront of the fight for the continuance of Holy Mother Church ; he's truly one of our finest.