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Police monitor internet for threats against the Pope during his visit

By on Wednesday, 21 July 2010

British police have said they are monitoring the internet for threats against the Pope and attempts to disrupt the papal visit in September.

Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, who is co-ordinating the national police effort for the papal visit, said police were monitoring extremist websites and other media that appear to be targeting the Pope.

He was reacting to reports that an Islamist website has urged Birmingham Muslims to disrupt the papal Mass at Cofton Park.

Chief Constable Hughes said: “We are aware of this website and are monitoring it closely, as indeed we are monitoring all such websites and media.

“Although we are unable to discuss the content of individual websites, we will of course ensure that such measures are taken as to protect the Pope and all those who are coming to see him.”

Questions about the Pope’s safety arose last week after a post on the Leicester-based website suggested that Muslims in Birmingham use the opportunity of the papal Mass to protest against the Pope.

The website, called the Islamic Standard, urged Muslims to “tell the Pope just what they think of him after his insults against the Prophet Muhammad”.

It also said the Birmingham event was not only a chance to “challenge these evil words of this evil Pope” but that it was also a chance to “call people away from the shirk [idolatry] of worshipping the dead like the Catholics do, calling out to them for help and intercession”.

While most papal events were not being held in Muslim areas, the website said, the Birmingham event “brings the Pope and those who worship him into direct contact with the large Muslim population of Birmingham and offers them the perfect chance to learn about Islam and for the Muslims to forbid the munkar [denounced practice] of worshipping dead men and following the dictates of the sodomite, child-molesting Church of Rome.

“We at the Islamic Standard hope the Muslims of Birmingham take this duel opportunity to give Da’wah [witness] to these 80,000 travelling disbelievers, whilst at the same time telling the Pope in no uncertain terms what Muslims think of his evil slanders against the last Prophet of God and his message.”

Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Perry Barr, told the Sunday Mercury that he feared the post might incite violence and even cause riots on the day.

He said: “These supposed Muslims are doing all they can to incite violence. Sadly, if Muslims do turn up and preach at Catholics it could easily turn to violence.

“The police should look at the comments on this site because they can only serve to increase tensions and perhaps even cause riots on the day.

“This is just the warped product of warped minds and it reveals how ignorant they are about Islam.”

  • nytor

    “if Muslims do turn up and preach at Catholics”

    They'd better not preach at me. I am not likely to take it kindly.

  • Gordon Harker

    Why don't the catholics, muslims, and all the other insufferable religious pricks on earth just ship themselves off to a large island and kick the shit out of each other until there's only one religion left. That way, there would be no one left to argue with.

  • Sensible atheist an atheist, i would laugh my socks off at a big bust up between muslims and catholics, both symbolise what is worst in religion, dogma, denial of or resistance to the basic and provable principals of science,a self reichious belief they are infallible, let em get together and beat some religion into each other,just make sure it hits youtube

  • The Ordinary Englishman

    I deeply resent that in a time of austerity measures, the pope. hailing from the single richest organisation in the world, is planning to come here, and demanding security at the taxpayers expense,to preach his intolerant and backwards dogma,the majority of people in this country are now non believers in what the pope stands for, ie of a different or indeed of no faith,Why should my hard earned cash be taxed to pay for this arrogantly rich individual to push his intolerant doctrines?

  • louella

    If Muslims and Islam aren't the centre of attention all the time – they react badly. They need to be the focus of attention always. LOL

    The Pope's visit is an ideal opportunity to showcase our beautiful religion for atheists and Muslims alike. We keep our beloved faith too close to our chests most of the time! We should do something like this every year – and have a Catholic Day in all the major city parks in the UK! What a day it could be!

  • JamesH.

    'The single richest organisation in the world' – LOL. The Vatican hasn't even been able to balance the books until the present Pope came in.

    You really need to improve your sources of information, sunshine.

  • James H.

    Yeah, Catholics deny science all the time: The Big Bang, the laws of inheritance, the measurement of air pressure, germs and infection, Heliocentrism – all knowledge originally discovered by Catholics.

    I suppose someone who can't even spell shouldn't be expected to get facts straight, though…

  • dpaulthomas

    Remarkable, yet predictable. It has become fashionably de rigueur to bash and vilify the Catholic Church, with the U.S media leading the stampede Yet the Islamic Standard brings this vilification to new heights–or is it depths–with its vitriolic condemnation of an essentially beneficent institution. As a U.S Episcopalian, I urge my fellow believers to pray for the Pope–for God's hand of protection and blessing upon him–and that his visit to England will warm the cold if not bitter of heart to God's enduring mercy, and remind us all of the innate goodness of the Catholic Church and its vast majority of people and priests.
    D. Paul Thomas
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Theislamicstandard
  • Declan

    Nicholas Copernicus ,amongst others ,may have a different opinion

  • Daniel Mark Hayes

    The Church is footing the bill for his visit, not the UK taxpayer. By the way, where are people like you when the G20 spends $90 million on a single day of tax money for security (more than the whole Papal visit).

  • thomaspj

    Those who don't seek for Truth in life come to be owned by the Dead of the past whose vegitative life still lingers on to the present through those who don't live their own life but are ragged to conformity.
    And such make God's gift of life a Hell.