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Official papal visit merchandise goes on sale

By on Monday, 2 August 2010

Official papal visit merchandise goes on sale

The organisers of the papal visit unveiled the official merchandise for the Pontiff’s trip to Britain today.

Papal visit souvenirs include papal flags inscribed with the visit’s date and logo, baseball caps, a Swarovski bracelet, rosaries with pictures of the Pope, prayer cards, tote bags and branded T-shirts. An electric flashing candle is also among the items advertised.

T-shirts include a beatification T-shirt with a retro-style picture of John Henry Newman, as well as a black-and-white Pope Benedict T-shirt which features the Pontiff in profile. Parishes are also able to customise papal visit T-shirts so that their entire pilgrim team will be able to go to the papal events in personalised shirts.

The Pope’s visit, which coincides with London Fashion Week, has prompted stiff competition in T-shirt design.

For unofficial merchandise, Catholics with Attitude supply “Benedict 16″ hoodies along with a wide variety of other papal and Catholic-themed T-shirts.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Comment is Free Belief section has its own papal visit T-shirt competition in response to the National Secular Society’s Pope Nope T-shirts.

  • John McCrae

    This is obscene and prostitution of the religion.

    Jesus would be ashamed at such commercialism.


  • willhelm

    Can you consider donating any profits to the bombing victims in Claudy, Northern Ireland? After all, it was a Catholic priest who blew these innocents limb from limb, for no reason, other than blind hatred. It was also the RC church which helped cover up the crime, like many other committed under the church name.

  • JimTorbet

    You really are a heinous lot. This is not a religion but a cult. You have spent centuries raping and pillaging around the World not to mention the horrific sex crimes you continue to commit and cover up.

  • Gillies


  • John Renwick

    @ John McCrae,

    What has Jesus got to do with the Roman Catholic Church?