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Cost for pilgrim passes is reduced for Hyde Park

By on Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cost for pilgrim passes is reduced for Hyde Park

Costs for “pilgrim passports” to the papal prayer vigil at Hyde Park have been reduced by half the original price.

Faithful intending to go to the Pope’s Saturday vigil in Hyde Park are now being asked for a “suggested contribution” of £5 instead of the original £10.

Mgr Summersgill, the bishops’ papal visit coordinator said the decision to cut the fee came after “listening to a lot of feedback from people who are intending to come to Hyde Park”.

He said a large number were coming from the greater London area and were already in possession of Oyster cards or travelpasses.

The original “pilgrim passport” contained a day travel card on London’s transport system.

He said: “Many, many people have said to us that it’s something of a duplication and it would be better not to include a travel card. We would have difficulties if we had some pilgrim packs with a travel card and some without. So we thought it would be better to take out the travel cards and reduce the contribution to £5.

“Transport for London assure us that they can quite easily cater for the numbers of people who will need travel cards – it’s the kind of number they comfortably deal with on a regular basis. Also, for families, it does mean that the outlay will potentially be a little bit lower, because the family travel cards would be cheaper, rather than say have a pilgrim travel contribution from four people.”

The prayer vigil at Hyde Park is expected to draw 85,000 people and will include a procession as well as Eucharistic Adoration.

  • Jules

    I'm absolutely staggered that this wasn't thought of before. Everyone I've spoken to, since the 10 quid fee was announced, has agreed it's madness. For heaven's sake, over 60s don't even pay for their Oyster cards! Has Summersgill ever used the tube himself?

  • Eric Giunta

    How can we call a contribution “suggested” when it is in fact compulsory? Anyone?

  • Mckeon123

    I am an elderly disabled person who lives in Sutton, Surrey. How and where can I get transport and help

    to attend the Pope's Mass in Hyde Park, please.

    E. Grills

  • Hugoyugosugo

    i think im going

  • bob

    it is going to be good