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Vatican: papal visit was a success

By on Monday, 20 September 2010

Pope Benedict XVI waves on the steps of his aircraft at a departure ceremony at Birmingham International Airport (Photo: Ben Birchall/PA)

Pope Benedict XVI waves on the steps of his aircraft at a departure ceremony at Birmingham International Airport (Photo: Ben Birchall/PA)

As the papal visit drew to a close yesterday evening, organisers, the Prime Minister, and the Vatican all hailed it as a success. 

Chris Patten, a co-organiser of the visit, said the visit “demonstrated how much faith matters to so many people in this country, not just to Catholics, but to people of all religions”.

The visit was declared “historic” by Lord Patten and by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, in a speech before the Pope’s departure in which he added that the Pope had a message that was “not just to the Catholic Church, but to each and every one of us”.

Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican Press Office who accompanied the Pope on the visit, saw the response of the people of Britain as “very, very positive”.

He said: “Many people were listening with profound interest to what the Pope had to say and demonstrated joy in listening to him and to his message.”

“We have seen that there were critics, but we have seen more times that there were people who were happy and, in this sense, we find that it was very, very positive, the way in which the Pope has been received here.”

The ecumenical service at Westminster Abbey was “significant”, according to Church of England Bishop Paul Butler, who added that the “act of being together… does make it plain that the things that unite us are stronger than those which divide us”.

Widespread enthusiasm of the visit was such that the News of the World called Benedict XVI the “People’s Pope”.

  • Janetwoods

    Although not a Roman Catholic, I was most moved and uplifted to see and hear the Pope and to see the enthusiasm of so many Christians during the visit. The BBC really excelled themselves with the coverage on TV and radio. I hope both His Holiness and the Catholic Bishops other religious and ordinary Catholics feel much joy that the visit was such a success. God Bless the Pope.

  • abraham

    2 golden opportunities were missed at the Westminster Mass:-

    1. Holy Father B16 should have announced a temporary dispensation for that day only and that Mass only wherby Anglicans in the congregation could receive Holy Eucharist with their Catholic brethren;

    2. he should have invited the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Bishop of London to concelebrate the mass with him.

    I know the Westminster service was not meant to be an ecumenical service but the symbolic moments as suggested above would not have been lost on both Communities. In my humbe opinion Its better to do these initiatives in Catholic churches throughout the year than to create Anglican ordinates within the Catholic church. Breaking down barriers should be the name of the game