Papal visit website reached millions across the world despite competition from BBC, Sky and EWTN

Over three million people watched the live streaming of the papal visit on the official website, according to Church officials. 
The footage was streamed by 1.45 million computers around the world, which means it would have been viewed by an estimated two and a half to three million people.
The worldwide audience spread afar as India, from where many supportive emails originated. 
James Abbott, webmaster of the Catholic Communications Network (CCN), said he was “very pleased” by the response and that it had been “important to offer the visit online”. 
He said the link had been “uninterrupted” and was available even while the BBC and Sky coverage was broken by advertisements or other news, and was “agenda free” since it was provided with no commentary.
The CCN, Mr Abbott said, wishes to “build on the enthusiasm” of the response, and is considering live streaming of Church events in future.
He said that a “more multimedia approach” was being looked into, but that it was dependent on the availability of funding.     
Mr Abbott also expressed a wish for the videos to be converted into a “living archive” for the future.  While keeping the visit in its entirety online was a challenge, he said, “many options” were being looked into to maintain an online record of as much of the visit as was practical and affordable.