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Bishops declare visit a success

By on Friday, 24 September 2010

Bishops declare visit a success

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has declared the Pope’s visit to Britain a success, saying that it has given “new life and hope” to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

In a statement released yesterday, the conference said they were “delighted at the success of the recent visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.” 

The statement continued: “The bishops wish to express their sincere appreciation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for extending the invitation to the Holy Father to make this State Visit”.

Unlike the 1982 visit of John Paul II, which was a purely pastoral journey, the recent visit was the first state visit of the Holy See to the United Kingdom in history.

The Bishops’ Conference expressed “thanks to the countless number of people who came to express their affection and support for His Holiness. Particular tribute must be paid to all those who helped to organise and implement the visit, both nationally and locally.”

“Most specially, the bishops extend their profound gratitude to the Holy Father for the time that he spent among us.”

The statement finished by saying that “There is much to be gained, in many different ways, from further reflection on this visit not only for Catholics but for our wider society too.”

The statement follows praise from many individual bishops.

Bishop Kieran Conry wrote that the visit had been an “unprecedented” success in a letter to parishioners.

Bishop Conry added: “I think that we can feel proud to be Catholic, and hold our heads high again” but warned not to become “triumphalist or complacent.”

Earlier this week Federico Lombardi, of the Vatican Press Office, said that the response in Britain to the visit had been “very, very positive.”

  • tiggy

    It was indeed a success. I hope it will continue to be so, with their Lordships listening to everything the Holy Father has to say, not just choosing the bits they like.

    An example; Perhaps now they will take The Holy Fathers thoughts on The Extraordinary form of the Mass more seriously. Perhaps they may even allow more Old Rite Masses or even (where I live) One, Old Rite Mass.Since we are consistantly denied it.

  • nytor

    Perhaps they will now enforce Redemptionis Sacramentum, and halt the widespread abuse concerning excessive and unnecessary use of Extraordinary Ministers, and will also ensure that there is a crucifix on every altar.

  • S Reiss

    I hope it won't be 'buissness as usual' after this visit. For a start, stop the Gay Mass at St Gregory's London. Then, lets have a proper catechesis on the Mass to get ready for the introduction of the new translation of the Mass, and lets hear something more about the the new Beatus Newman's ideas, and prayers.

  • Ratbag

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the views expressed here so far. We cannot afford to go back to 'business as usual' – that would not only frustrating for us but also a tragedy. We need to be properly prepared for the new translation of the Mass and our bishops ought to help us in this regard – a gay mass???? I don't remember the Church either approving or sanctioning such a thing, do you? Is it that our bishops are afraid to speak out about this – including censuring those responsible – in case there are screaming headlines and accusations of 'homophobia'? You know, those accusations are thrown at anyone (not just the Church) who disagrees with a point of view concering the LGBT community.

    We also need to capitalise and expand on Blessed John Henry Newman's life, works and spirituality – The Holy Father has handed us a brilliant opportunity here on our own soil.

    A cross on every altar? Yes, and move the tabernacles to the centre of the church instead of being shoved to one side.

    Mass in the Extraordinary Form – with utmost respect, Lord Bishops, please embrace it. Actively encourage it! I heard from a reliable source that they are better attended than the average Mass. We need Masses to be more Christ-centric than it currently is.