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Trendy Catholic clothing company to open new shop in America

By on Friday, 15 October 2010

The Catholics with Attitude company website

The Catholics with Attitude company website

Scottish clothing company Catholics with Attitude is opening a second outlet in America after sales doubled thanks to the papal visit.
The company, which makes T-shirts and hoodies with slogans such as “Team Benedict”, “Vatican All Stars”, and “I Love Papa Benny”, said sales had gone “through the roof”.
Spokesman Elliot Bohannon said: “I think there’s been a cultural shift. People have discovered they can wear a T-shirt that says what they believe in.”
Sales from January to September this year doubled sales over the same period in 2009, Mr Bohannon said.
“We’ve also exceeded the financial [year 2009-10] figure already by a huge margin,” he said, adding that the sales had been “far beyond our wildest expectations”.

The most popular slogans, he said, had been “Team Benedict”, “God Bless the Pope” and “Cor Ad Cor Loquitur”, the motto of the papal visit.
The “Armchair Pilgrim” range, which was a special request from a friend, has also been popular. “It shows how many people were following [the papal visit] on TV and on the Catholic Herald Twitter updates,” Mr Bohannon said. “Armchair pilgrims definitely felt connected to what was going on.”
The company, based in Paisley, near Glasgow, is preparing to open a second distributor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to cater for the American market. The company’s growing popularity led to it being featured on the American CBS News in September.
Catholics with Attitude, founded in 2006, describes how “Every decision we make and everything that we do should conform to our Christian beliefs”.
In recent months hoodies and T-shirts have been delivered to customers in the United States, France, Germany, Cyprus and Spain.

  • Ratbag

    Brilliant stuff! I love their t-shirts, especially 'Pope Art' !

    Keep 'em coming!

  • maria r. procaccino

    check this out!!!

  • Mack

    Oh, not another culture-derivative. Catholicism is NOT Crystal Cathedral-ism.

  • manualclippingpath

    Great compilation

  • trendy dresses


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