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Pope names 24 new cardinals

By on Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pope Benedict XVI greets pilgrims during his general audience in St Peter's Square (Photo: CNS)

Pope Benedict XVI greets pilgrims during his general audience in St Peter's Square (Photo: CNS)

Pope Benedict XVI announced today that he will create 24 new cardinals at a consistory due to be held on November 20.

The newly announced Curial cardinals include the Pope’s new chief ecumenist, the Swiss Archbishop Kurt Koch, the newly appointed prefect for the Congregation of Clergy, Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, and the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Archbishop Angelo Amato.

Pope Benedict will elevate Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, Archbishop Paolo Romeo of Palermo, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Archbishop Monsengwo Pasiya of Kinshasa from the Democratic Republic of
Congo, Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz of Warsaw and his fellow countryman Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising.

Other high-profile churchmen on to the list included Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, prefect for Economic Affairs of the Holy See, Archbishop Robert Sarah from Guinea, the newly appointed president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum. Archbishop Sarah was the papal emissary to the Central African Republic and recommended the dramatic reform of the local Church.

The prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Church’s highest judicial authority, Archbishop Raymond Burke, formerly of St Louis, was also among the names. Archbishop Burke has a reputation for outspoken defence of the Church.

Although some Vatican watchers expected both Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster and Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York to be on the list, neither man will be given a red hat this year. Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto was considered to be another likely candidate who was absent from the list.

Pope Benedict XVI made the announcement during his Wednesday general audience. He said the names reflected the “universality of the Church” and asked the faithful to pray for the new cardinals.

Of the newly named cardinals, 20 are potential electors if Pope Benedict XVI were to die and a conclave of cardinals were called. Cardinals under the age of 80 are allowed to vote for the Pope.

  • Brad_king51

    No English cardinal, is it little wonder when the English bishops are no more Catholic than Ian Paisley?

  • Anura Guruge, papal historian

    Will the newly named Archbishop from Sri Lanka be the next pope.

  • Anura Guruge, papal historian

    Unless one of the current cardinal electors passes away before November 20, 2010, there will be 121 cardinal electors following the consistory — one more than the 120 limit.
    Yes, John Paul II TWICE exceeded that limit — but never by just one. Exceeding by one seems pointless.
    But, this pope did this same thing at the last consistory in 2007 — but now it appears that he was AWARE that one of his electors was deathly ill from cancer.
    I document it all. Don't get excited. Just read it and see the QUESTION I am posing:

  • Hugmcloughlin

    Two points. Firstly, it seems to me quite obvious why the Holy Father has decided that for a very short time he can permit the limit to be exceeded by one. Firstly, it WILL be for only a very short time as His Eminence Bernard Louis Paul Cardinal Panafieu will celebrate his 80th birthday on January 26 next. Secondly, Cardinal-elect Msgr Mendardo Joseph Mazombwe is already in his 80th year and so he probably feels that it would be unjust to deny another excellent candidate because he felt it necessary to elevate a prelate who will serve less than one year as a cardinal elector. Especially bearing in mind that the last name on the list is that of the Msgr Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of his former See, Munich

    Secondly, I believe that unsuspecting readers are entitled to know that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever to place any credence in your self-designation as a “papal historian”, as if they are daft enough to look, even the most cursory glance at your website will make plain.

  • Anura Guruge, papal historian

    For the trivia. Many will enjoy this. I will add to it. Actually doing the real number crunching analysis right now.

  • Anura Guruge, papal historian

    Since this would NEVER have happened with the BBC, some of you may want to read how 'Rome Report' “dished” [sorry, I have lived State-side too long] the non-white cardinal-presumptives. This is bad.

    If you scroll down you will also see post on the papabile chances of the Pope from Ceylon.
    [P.S., I am still a Brit. Plan to die a Brit.]

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    Pope’s new chief ecumenist, the Swiss Archbishop Kurt Koch, the newly appointed prefect for the Congregation of Clergy