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Dioceses give quarter of a million to fund Ordinariate

By on Friday, 19 November 2010

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark, and Auxiliary Bishop Alan Hopes of Westminster (Mazur/

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark, and Auxiliary Bishop Alan Hopes of Westminster (Mazur/

The dioceses of England and Wales have pooled a quarter of a million pounds to fund the Ordinariate, it was announced today.

The news was announced at a press conference this morning by Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, president of the Catholic bishops’ conference of England and Wales, and Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark.

Archbishop Nichols said that according to the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus the clergy are the responsibility of the Ordinariate, financially and otherwise, but that the bishops had been looking at putting together money from contributors and trusts to form a fund. He said the dioceses have put in a quarter of a million pounds.

He said: “We’ll do it together to start with and then it all depends on the Ordinariate.”

Bishop Alan Hopes, who has been one of the bishops in charge of liaison with Anglicans wanting to take up an ordinariate, added that places in which groups were formed, the local dioceses would provide help to Anglican clergy coming over both in terms of housing and financial aid.

The archbishop stressed that the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus was in no way about “acquiring property through this”He said “the simpler route is the best in that those who come in use Catholic churches.” But he said that the question of buildings would be settled on a local basis, depending on the size of the groups of Anglicans and the arrangements made by the local churches.

  • Thomas M.P., India

    The Bishops and Priests and other clergy and religious who leave the Anglican Church should retain their eccelsial positions as Bishops and Priests etc. even if they are not assigned any Diocese or Parish etc. I think the Ordinations in the Anglican Church are valid since Bishops from the Old Catholic Church had been participating in the Ordinations of Bishops of the Anglican Church. So, I believe they have the necessary apostolic succession. If at all a conditional consecration or ordination is required, it should be done by the Holy Father himself or by some senior Cardinal or Archbishop. It should be done publicly or privately according to the choice of the Bishops and Clergy who leave the Anglican Church. They should also be given a choice of as to who will minister the conditional Consecration or Ordination. Moreoever, it is also very important to maintain good relations with the faithful and clergy and Bishops of the Anglican Church even after joining the Catholic Ordinariate.

  • Father Gerard Barry

    I hate to disagree about the validity of the Anglican Orders, but to argue for their validity on the grounds of the sometime participation of Bishops of the Old Catholic Church misses the point. They were being ordained as Anglican Priestgs Bishops under the Anglican rite, not as Old Catholics under the Old Catholic Rites. To argue that it is simply enough to lay on hands is to ignore the essential unity of the Ordination Ritual, added to the belief of those being ordained – many who are ordained in the Anglican Church do not believe in the sacrificial nature of the priestly role, does that make them valid in a Catholic sense or not? All those who enter will be ordained (when accepted) as, in the words of a former Anglican colleague, now a Catholic Priest, “I no longer feel any doubt about my priesthood within the Catholic Church.”

  • MJCarroll

    I am a Catholic who is 100% for the ordinariate. I think that it is a wonderful creation. However, ordinations in the Anglican Church are under no circumstances valid. There is no such thing as a valid Apostolic succession anywhere in the Anglican Church. At the English Reformation the new Anglican Bishops & Priest effectively came out of favour with the Holy See in much the Same way as the SSPX are at present. In the new year there will have to be an Apostolic laying on of hands otherwise I certainly would not accept any Anglican joining the Catholic Church. But, having said that let me assure you that I genuinely do believe that it is a great and courageous thing that these Bishops & Priests are doing.

  • Elizabeth95

    What is the difference in the words used to receive these Bishops and religious into communion with the Roman Catholic Church and the words used to recieve people into the Roman Catholic Church? What is the essential difference in the language used that makes one a member of the Ordinariate and the other a Roman Catholic?