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Government should rethink university cuts, bishops say

By on Friday, 19 November 2010

Students and teachers protest against university funding cuts (Photo: PA)

Students and teachers protest against university funding cuts (Photo: PA)

The Government should reconsider plans for drastic cuts to higher education, the bishops of England and Wales said today.

The bishops outlined their concerns in a statement issued after their plenary meeting earlier this week in Leeds.

They said: “Whilst recognising the need to create a system which is robust and sustainable yet also fair and accessible to all, especially the poor, we urge the Government to consider the long-term implications of these proposals.”

They singled out for criticism the decision to fund only Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in all universities and colleges. They said this assumed “a utilitarian approach to higher education in providing skills predominantly for industry”.

“We fear the negative impact this move will have upon society as a whole,” they said. “It will also adversely affect those institutions of higher education involved in the training of teachers, including our own university colleges and Liverpool Hope University.”

  • Saunders9

    I think it's very noble of the Bishops to give good advice on the education system, however, shouldn't they be commenting on the 'morality' of it's own flock? I think we are kind of in a crisis at the moment. However, there does seem to be a silence? This is the second article I've seen where the church is promoting the social gospel. And to be honest I vote for politicians to sort out the economy and I listen to my Bishops for my faith and morals. May be I'm getting old and cynical?

  • Winston Lewis

    Again absolute balderdash from this conference, They are living in a past age of “Old” Labour. Look at what the chirch in India does, with Engineering Colleges , Trade Colleges etc. Not institutions that pump out left wing mantras!!!!

  • paul

    how is it left wing to want to better yourself, from whatever background you came from? That is a spirit of individual self-improvement and personal responsibility which are traditionally right-wing ideals/morals.

    I would support education cuts if I knew other bodies such as the Church and charities would step in to provide an equal service, they are not – our Church doesn't have enough money to fix the roof properly let alone run university institutions. I don't see how your attitude of wanting to reduce the opportunity of those less fortunate to gain a university education is exactly 'Christian'