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Humanae Vitae was ‘prophetically right’, says Pope

By on Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pope Benedict XVI is given a copy of Light of the World by its author Peter Seewald  (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

Pope Benedict XVI is given a copy of Light of the World by its author Peter Seewald (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

Pope Paul VI proved “prophetically right” with Humanae Vitae, Pope Benedict XVI has said.

The Pope endorsed Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical re-affirming the Church’s stance on abortion, contraception and other issues of human life, and said “the basic lines of Humanae Vitae are still correct”.

Speaking to Peter Seewald during a six-hour interview, the Pope discussed the Church’s teaching on sexuality, including Paul VI’s encyclical, which was controversial because many expected the Church would change its teaching on contraception at the time.

Paul VI, he said, “was convinced that society robs itself of its greatest hopes when it kills human beings through abortion”.

Benedict XVI said: “How many children are killed who might one day have been geniuses, who could have given humanity something new, who could have given us a new Mozart or some new technical discovery?

“We need to stop and think about the great human capacity that is being destroyed here – even quite apart from the fact that unborn children are human persons whose dignity and right to life we have to respect.”

Humanae Vitae’s main argument, that sexuality separated from fecundity in principle through the contraceptive pill would lead to sexuality becoming arbitrary, remains correct, Pope Benedict said.

He said: “Logically, every form of sexuality is of equal value. This approach to fecundity as something apart from sexuality, so far apart that we may even try to produce children rationally and no longer see them as a natural gift, was, after all, quickly followed by the ascription of equal value to homosexuality.”

The Pope also briefly touched on the problem of presenting the Church’s teaching on sexuality to a society that was ignoring it.

Despite high numbers of people not following the Church’s teaching on sexual ethics, the Pope said that “statistics do not suffice as a criterion for morality”.

“Finding ways to enable people to live the teaching on the other hand is a further question,” the Pope said. “I think that there will always be core groups of people who are really open to being interiorly convinced and fulfilled by the teaching and who then carry everyone else. We are sinners. But we should not take the failure to live up to this high moral standard as an authoritative objection to the truth.

“We should try to do as much good as we can and to support and put up with each other. We should also try to express the teaching pastorally, theologically, and intellectually in the context of today’s studies of sexuality and anthropology so as to create the conditions for understanding so that people can realize that this is a great task on which work is being done and on which even more and better work needs to be done.”

Pope Benedict also repeated that the Church supported the “natural regulation of conception” because it was “not just a method but a way of life” and presupposes that couples take time for each other.

Therefore, he said, natural methods of regulation are “something fundamentally different from when I take the pill without binding myself interiorly to another person, so that I can jump into bed with a random acquaintance”.

  • James H

    “statistics do not suffice as a criterion for morality”. – Classic!
    IOW, it doesn't matter how many people believe the lie – it's still a lie!

  • louella

    Keep going Holy Father…..when people can no longer retire until their seventies, when ageing economies fold and whole cultures nations and peoples vanish off the planet….everybody might then acknowledge that the Church was right about the dangers of contraception.. They won't admit it…..but it will serve as a stark lesson for future civilisations. Do not mess with procreation….it is the delicate heart that keeps a society alive.

  • Spaceman

    Who will be the pope when there is no God? What will be his position?

    God is the central focus of the whole fiction.

    Remove that central idea and the whole palace made of playing cards simply falls on the ground.

    You are standing on fictitious ground, and keeping people in every way retarded just so that you can exploit them.

    And twenty centuries of these popes prove that whatever you have been doing is against Christ.

    The Pope is preaching to the whole world against birth control, against the pill, against abortion.

    He has started doing the worst that can be done to humanity.

    That is enough, that will destroy this whole world through starvation, through poverty.

    These people are representatives not of peace but of death.

    Can you think that if you had been left alone by your parents and the society, without any imposition to be a Catholic, you would have been a Catholic?

    If your eyes open, it becomes impossible for you to remain confined to superstitions, lies of all kinds, and to go on believing in fictions when your intelligence raises doubts.

    Your church demands of you, never to doubt – that is the greatest sin.

    Catholicism cannot live without the concept of sin, because sin is the technique of creating guilt in people.

    Do you understand the whole strategy of sin and guilt.

    Unless you make a person feel guilty, you cannot enslave him psychologically.

    It is impossible to imprison him in a certain ideology, a certain belief system.

    But once you have created guilt in his mind.

    You have repressed all possibility of his ever being an individual in his own right.

    The Catholic religion is such a poor religion; it has no arguments.

    You are standing on fictitious ground.

    You have no argument for existing anymore; can you provide any reason why you are needed?

  • Camilo88

    Sorry, you wrong. All human beings with brain work in philosophy and science, trying to get the true so deep like they can. Of course such more the civilization afford knowlegges such more we can try the true. Even hard, i think that is more obvious than dividing 10:3. Such more we divide such more we are going to the exact division. Can we arrive there? It is a scientific and philosophal problem. About God is similar.Very real, very obvious. Did you talk already with God or with one non-God super-God teaching you tyhe Crist religion is wrong, poor, without arguments? Or is wrong the several churches trying to discover the true with him? Only growing up during the mntioned operation (10:3 until infinitum) and coming from there infinitum to this life moment, i repeat, i think only doing that we can top our operation to discover the infinitum or, as similar, the infinitum.Even reasons in this minimun dmonstrates you are wrong, how can you tell one catholic church of cristian religion (or other) has not arguments? Poor!

  • Camilo88

    Sorry, you wrong. All human beings with brain work in philosophy and science, trying to get the true so deep like they can. Of course such more the civilization afford knowlegges such more we can try the true. Even hard, i think that is more obvious than dividing 10:3. Such more we divide such more we are going to the exact division. Can we arrive there? It is a scientific and philosophal problem. About God is similar.Very real, very obvious. Did you talk already with God or with one non-God super-God teaching you tyhe Crist religion is wrong, poor, without arguments? Or is wrong the several churches trying to discover the true with him? Only growing up during the mntioned operation (10:3 until infinitum) and coming from there infinitum to this life moment, i repeat, i think only doing that we can top our operation to discover the infinitum or, as similar, the God.Even reasons in this minimun demonstrates you are wrong, how can you tell one catholic church of cristian religion (or other, christian or not) has not arguments? Poor!

  • Camilo88

    Sorry, you wrong. All human beings with brain work in philosophy and science, trying to get the true so deep like they can. Of course such more the civilization afford knowlegges such more we can try the true. Even hard, i think that is more obvious than dividing 10:3. Such more we divide such more we are going to the exact division. Can we arrive there? It is a scientific and philosophal problem. About God is similar.Very real, very obvious. Did you talk already with God or with one non-God super-God teaching you tyhe Crist religion is wrong, poor, without arguments? Or is wrong the several churches trying to discover the true with him? Only growing up during the mntioned operation (10:3 until infinitum) and coming from there infinitum to this life moment, i repeat, i think only doing that we can top our operation to discover the infinitum or, as similar, the God.Even reasons in this minimun demonstrates you are wrong, how can you tell one catholic church of cristian religion (or other, christian or not) has not arguments? Poor!

  • Fmlil

    It is people like you,who need our prayers

  • Alien Jesus

    Prayer is only leading to your own reflection, which is futile – talking to your own reflection.

    It is not going to help you in any way.

    Prayer is addressed to a fictitious god; hence, it has no value in reality.

    If people start talking to themselves you call them mad, but if they say they are doing prayer you call them great saints, religious people.

    These are also mad because there is no God, no evidence, no proof.

    But they raise their eyes towards the sky, hoping that, sitting on a golden throne, God is listening..

    Either he must have gone mad and jumped out of his golden throne or committed suicide.

    Nobody's prayer is ever heard and nobody's prayer is ever answered – all your prayers are monologues.

    The truth is that man created God in his own image.

    There are billions who say, “We believe in the existence of God.”

    But your belief cannot create a God – if he does not exist your belief makes no difference.

    Billions of people have been praying and the sky remains utterly indifferent; no answer, no response.

    They should be treated psychologically.

    God has not created man, it is man who has created God.

    The moment you understand that it is a fiction created out of fear, with God disappears the whole army of the priests and the monks and the nuns, and all the nonsense that they have created.

  • louella

    Wishful thinking Spaceman!

  • snowy_milou

    I think it's Catholic Herald, why are so many atheists commenting here?

  • louella

    The greatest achievers in history have been religious……particularly the Christians who excelled and led in virtually every field you can think of!! Time to say thank you methinks!!

  • John

    If there were no God, what would be the point of all the ranting and raving against the “god” who does not exist? If there were no God, and your very thoughts are a product of random evolution and a chain of natural cause-and-effect, then what meaning can there be in your words in which you try, eloquently or not, to rail against the God of truth and light and the ground of all being? If there is no “god”, then what is truth, and why does it matter whether a person's belief corresponds with “reality” or not? What is “reality”? Why would any of it matter in the slightest bit??

  • Rene Descartes

    There is also no proof of this world existing. Allow me to explain with a thought experiment:
    1. To a person experiencing a dream, said dream will, during the experience, be indistinguishable from reality.
    2. Given statement 1, it is highly likely that all “reality” is itself a dream currently being experienced by at least me.
    3. No empirical proof of “reality” can be accepted, as any proof would come from inside “reality” and therefore necessarily be just as indistinguishable from whatever truly exists if “reality” is indeed an illusion.
    4. For that matter, as other people are part of “reality,” in that they exist within it, their existence may also be doubted.

    Now as a result, if we insist on being 100% skeptical of all claims, the end result is that we cannot be sure that the world itself exists, nor anything in it, including your “billions” who “should be treated psychologically.” So skepticism gets you nowhere. Furthermore, in order to get anywhere (as the only thing you can truly be certain of under this skepticism is that you exist, because you think, and there are those who disagree with even that proposition) we first have to take a leap of faith that the world itself exists.

  • Rene Descartes

    A little post script:
    I am, of course, not Rene Descartes, but the thought experiment is one of his (the “dream hypothesis”). It really is amazing how the least open-minded and most religious people on earth are often atheists. After all, the definition of religion (according to Paul Tillich) is “that which matters to us unconditionally.” Disproving God seems to matter to you in this way. Now if you desire proof of God, I would recommend C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. Please read through the first third or so (at least) with an open mind, and then think. You might find it enlightening. In the meantime, consider this. The burden of proof rests equally on those atheists who insist that there is absolutely no God. After all, of the thousands of gods whom mankind has worshipped in all history, it would only take the existence of one to disprove the statement “There is no god.” This is a basic principle of logic. As extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and any blanket denial of an entire genus of things definitely qualifies as extraordinary, Atheists must also prove their belief, as much as those who hold any other worldview. As for me, I believe in God.

  • AlienJ

    Time is thought to consist of three tenses: past, present, future, which is wrong.

    Time consists only of past and future.

    It is life which consists of the present.

    If you are just here in this moment, without the mind, there is no time.

    So those who want to live, for them there is no other way than to live this moment.

    Time is psychological.

    Only the present is existential.

    Reality is herenow.

    But the present is so narrow that the mind cannot catch it.

    The moment the mind catches it, it has already become the past.

    So the mind can remember the past, can desire the future, but cannot see the present.

    The past is vast, the future also is vast; the present is so atomic, so subtle, that by the time you become aware, it is gone.

    And you are not so aware!

    Mind is your prison.

    To go beyond it is your freedom.

    Your disappearance is the appearance of that which you have been seeking all along.

    This is a paradox: when the sought is found, the seeker is lost.

    It is almost like light.

    Your room is dark, just bring light in.

    Even a small candle will do, and the whole darkness disappears.

    The ultimate reality is beyond mind.

    The presence of the present moment.

    Then you have understood all the secrets and all the mysteries.

    There is nothing beyond it.

    If there is no thought, there is no barrier, there is no dust in your eyes; you can see clearly.

    Existence remains always in the present.

    Only such a presence can look into the present, and then the present is eternal.

    But eternity is in depth, it is not a linear movement, it is not horizontal – it is vertical.

    A religious man is one who accepts this very moment

    Belief is not needed.

    What is needed is knowing.

  • Spaceman

    Truth is not a philosophy or a theology.

    There is no need to learn the scriptures, because truth is never found in any scripture.

    Only when the truth is not known do you carry the scripture in your head.

    Theories are substitutes, dead.

    Truth is always alive, eternally alive.

    It cannot be confined in words; the message is wordless.

    What is faith?

    It is always blind.

    A man who knows does not need faith.

    Faith is always in the other – in Jesus, in God, in heaven, in hell.

    It is always outside you, and truth is within you.

    Faith is needed for exploitation.

    It is faith which has kept humanity ignorant.

    One can see through all these religious scriptures.

    They are so full of nonsense that finally everything in them is going to be proved wrong; not a single thing will remain right in your holy scriptures, for the simple reason that the people who wrote them had no idea of science, had no idea of what is going to happen in the future.

    Now every new discovery challenges your scriptures.

    And the problem is, even if one thing in your scriptures – which you are calling holy, written by God himself – is wrong, that creates great problems.

    That means God can write wrong things.

    That also means that if one statement is wrong, perhaps other statements may also be wrong.

    It creates suspicion – and the traditional priests depend on faith: any doubt is dangerous.

    And all progress depends on doubt, all science depends on doubt.

    And there is no meeting ground between doubt and faith.

    That was the reasoning of the pope when he said to Galileo, “You should change in your book where you have written that the earth goes around the sun.

    It should be changed because according to the Bible the sun goes around the earth.”

    And Galileo said, “Just a small statement: what difference does it make to you?”

    And the pope said, “It is not a question of a small statement.

    If one statement in the Bible is proved wrong, then suspicion arises in the believers, that if one statement is wrong then what guarantee is there about other statements?

    And if God can write one statement wrong, then he is not infallible.

    If one brick out of your temple is taken, then the danger is that other bricks may start falling.

    And once doubt arises, there is no end; and doubt has arisen.

    Things are coming closer to an ultimate exposure.

    PS. Look what your brothers in delusion are doing now!!!

  • Stephen Mc Elligott

    Society is always wanting the church to change its unchangeable moral discipline. a math teacher is teaching a child that 2+2=4 but the child keeps coming up with a sum of 2+2=5…. does the math teacher bend the law of physics and allow the child to come up with that answer? or does the math teacher help the child overcome his weakness and help him to apply himself to the sum?

    in other words, soceity has a habit of saying there is a crisis in morals as opposed to there is a crisis in the human and address this first.

  • Darragh 22

    They all sound like Pilate,” with his “What is truth?” Every Catholic web site's comment section is overrun with “atheist” haters who somewhere in their being feel what Waugh referred to as the “twitch upon the string.”

  • AlienJesus

    The whole existence is intelligent, caring, compassionate, loving, but it is not a person.

    You don't have to worship it, you don't have to pray to it.

    Those things are only associated with the fiction of God.

    Giving personality to God is your projection.

    And God is not a solution for any problem.

    In fact, he creates more problems in the world and he does not solve anything.

    There are over three hundred religions in the world and all are fighting with each other, killing each other.

    These are all created because of the concept of God, because they have all invented their own concepts.

    When I say there is no God, I am not saying that I disbelieve in God; even for disbelief, God has to be.

    I am simply saying there is no God, has never been – all definitions are inventions

    Existence remains always in the present.

    Existence does not write any scriptures and does not give any commandments.

    Existence does not tell you what to do and what not to do.

    Existence is absolutely non-judgmental.

    It is as compassionate to the sinner as to the saint, it makes no difference, because in the eyes of existence everything that is natural is beautiful.

    Existence is autonomous, it exists on its own.

    It is not limited in any way; it is unlimited, infinite and eternal.

    There is no beginning, no end.

    It is continuously evolving towards higher peaks and higher peaks; it is continuously fathoming depths beyond depths.

    There are skies beyond skies; there is no end to existence, it has no boundary.

    When you were not here, it was there.

    When you will not be here, it will be here.

    We come and go; we are just waves in this vast ocean of existence.

    We come and go, existence remains.

    And to find that which remains is the ultimate truth.

    Live it, love it, enjoy it.

    There is nothing beyond it.

  • louella

    Creation is evidence of God the Creator…..just as a picture is evidence of a painter and a cake is evidence of a baker. To insinuate that there is no God in the face of the whole of Creation……is laughably illogical…..and only nonsense can come from it!

  • AlienJesus

    It is not a creation by anybody, there is no need for anybody to begin it, because there is no beginning to this universe, and there is no end.

    And remember, if it had any beginning, then there would certainly be an end.

    Every beginning is a beginning of an end.

    Every birth is the beginning of death.

    Have you ever thought that God will not solve the question?

    On the contrary, the question will be pushed a step back: who created God?

    If there was somebody already to begin it, then you cannot call it the beginning, somebody was already there.

    Do you see the simple arithmetic?

    Any hypothesis that does not destroy the question is absolutely useless.

    Any answer that keeps on pushing the question further back but does not touch it at all, is not the answer.

    There is no need of any creator because that creator will require another creator, and you will fall into an absurd regress.

    Existence is autonomous, it exists on its own.

    It is not limited in any way; it is unlimited, infinite and eternal.

    There is no beginning, no end.

    Those who have risen beyond mind have also risen beyond God simultaneously.

    God is a need for the mind, because the mind cannot conceive infinite, eternal things.

    It can only conceive very limited things.

    It cannot conceive a beginningless universe, an endless universe, just eternity to eternity.

    Because mind cannot conceive that vastness.

    You have to become more conscious.

    You have to raise your consciousness to a peak from where you can see.

    At that moment you become illuminated; no corner remains dark, your whole being becomes aflame.

    The truly religious people have been simply religious, they have not been dogmatic.

    The true religion has no name, it cannot have any name.

    Buddha lived it, Jesus lived it – but remember, Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist, he had never heard of the word.

    The only true religion there is, is the art of changing the unconscious mind into consciousness.

    Freedom from mind, is the goal.

    Jesus calls it the kingdom of God.

  • louella

    Ah….but science proves you are wrong. LeMaitre…the famous Catholic priest proved mathematicaly that all Creation comes from the moment of the Big Bang! So Creation did not always exist…….because it is only God who always existed. That is part of the definition of God alone and nothing or nobody else……that He never had a beginning….but always was!

  • AlienJesus

    “The idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I am unable to take seriously.

    I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.

    The most beautiful and most profound religious emotion that we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. And this mysticality is the power of all true science.”

    Albert Einstein

    Modern physics, in the hands of Albert Einstein, has turned almost into mysticism.

    Nobody has noted the fact, because mystics don't understand modern physics and the physicists do not care about the mystics.

    The mystics have always experienced that they are one, but nobody has listened to them.

    Perhaps man was not mature enough to understand the depth of their declaration.

    There exists no evidence for any God, and no theologian in the whole of history has been able to give a single proof for the existence of God.

    The truth is that God himself is a creation of man's imagination.

    God as a fiction is good for kindergarten school children.

    But very few human beings have gone beyond the kindergarten school.

    God is the greatest lie you can ever find, because on that lie thousands of other lies depend. Churches, religious organizations go on multiplying lies upon lies, just to protect one lie.

    God is simply the poverty of human consciousness.

    God exists because you are not aware of yourself.

    The moment you know yourself, there is no God and there is no need of any God.

    God is a consolation for sick minds,sick psychologies.

    If God created the world, and if he is behind nuclear weapons and the people who are creating them, then no effort on man's part can prevent the destruction of the whole planet.

    To give the creation of the world into the hands of a fictitious God is very dangerous.

    It makes us absolutely impotent.

    We cannot do anything.

    Truth is uncovering yourself from all lies.

    The man who has no belief system – no mind, but has encountered truth itself, suddenly finds himself changing into a new man, and he is the awakened one.

    There is no effort involved.

    The moment you know, change occurs.

    Up to man, evolution is an unconscious process.

    With man something absolutely new opens its wings: evolution is no longer dependent on the blind forces of nature, man has to take it into his own hands.

    When consciousness becomes awakened, you are enlightened.

    And all the people who have become fully conscious have all agreed on the point that consciousness is the stuff the universe is made of – different forms, different stages, but it is all consciousness.

    It is not just a philosophy or an imaginary idea, because thousands of people have become totally conscious.

    Those who have become totally conscious have been our highest flowering.

    In them is the argument for our evolution.

    But the West has not known the experience of enlightenment.

    It has created great artists, but unfortunately in the West there has been no atmosphere for enlightenment.

    To experience the whole is the only holy experience.

  • Ratbag

    They have nothing else better to do.

  • Spaceman

    There is no person as God; all personality is human projection.

    God simply is not there, so there is no question of atheism or theism.

    But the mind cannot conceive how contradictions can meet, how polarities can be one.

    Freedom from God will bring a strange thing.

    With the death of theism, atheism will die automatically.

    That means it was only a shadow, it was not a reality in itself.

    There will be no theist, there will be no atheist.

    It is one extreme to believe in God; it is another extreme not to believe in God, and you have to be just in the middle, absolutely balanced.

    Exactly in the middle, where two polarities dissolve and contradictions meet, mind simply goes out of function.

    Your balancing brings a new light to you, a new joy, a new blissfulness, a new intelligence which is not of the mind.

    You simply know – it is your experience.

    That is true wisdom.

  • mgardener

    The ability to plan my family and to enjoy the children we have is not a shameful or terrible thing.
    I will never agree with the Catholic church on this issue.

  • Ratbag


  • Spaceman

    Dialogue is possible between two blind men; they can discuss ad infinitum about light without coming to any conclusion.

    Dialogue is impossible between two persons who can see light: the dialogue is unnecessary; light is the experience of both.

    The third possibility is that one man may be able to see light, and the other may be blind.

    What kind of dialogue do you think is possible between these two?

    As the boat was sinking, the skipper called out, “Does anyone know how to pray?”

    “I do,” replied Ratbag, who was on board the ship.

    “Okay, go ahead and pray,” said the captain.

    “The rest of us will put on life jackets; we're one short.”

  • paul

    As a Catholic I reject that there is no God, but I also reject the 'blinkered' and unthinking compliance with the views of the papacy that Spaceman is highlighting.

    Spaceman if you want to change opinions of Catholics do challenge us on the official Church thinking, but in telling us we are wrong or deluded as to boost your own ego as it will not endear Catholics to your opinion. There are many very liberal denominations, therefore it is not belief in the supernatural you need to challenge but the poor interpretations of the text and idiotic conclusions from cultural references in the text.

  • Irenaeus


    You, mgardener, apparently are unaware that the Catholic Church not only endorses some forms of birth control but also encouraged their development. The Catholic Church approves of several methods known as Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. These are fertility awareness methods. While the Rhythm Method is an NFP Method, there are more effective NFP methods such as the Billings Ovulation Method, the Sympto-Thermal, and the Creighton Method. These methods allow identification of a woman's fertile phase. Intercourse can be timed to avoid or to achieve pregnancy. These do require the cooperation of husband and wife and do not slip monkey wrenches or poisons into either spouses reproductive works.

    What the Catholic Church disapproves of are methods that impair natural fertility.

    Peace out and in.

  • Irenaeus

    Hello again,

    While the Catholic Church has looked very favorably upon and encouraged large families, St. Thomas Aquinas, writing in the 13th century, and Pope Paul VI, writing in “Humanae Vitae” published in July 1968, for two examples, were clear that married couples are NOT obligated to produce as many children as they can, and that there may exist for couples praiseworthy reasons for not conceiving a child. These might be health or economic reasons, for example.

    Peace in and out.

  • cath

    Actually, I think the statement can be simplified to “The masses are asses” How do you like that classic?

  • cath

    Funny. Every Christian I know is enjoying life more than any atheist I know.

  • AlienJesus

    When you have found a happiness which is not caused by anything, you are simply happy.

    Just to be is to be happy.

    Then you don't destroy anybody's dignity as a human being.

    You don't possess anybody.

    You don't create any prisons for anybody or enslave them.

    You love, you share, just because of your abundance, not that you want anything in return.

    Without your asking, much comes to you.

    The moment you start asking, you have lost the very ground of being happy.

    Jesus says, “Ask, and ye shall be answered.”

    But don't ask, and you are the answer.

    Jesus says, “Seek and ye shall find.”

    But don't seek and ye shall find.

    Jesus says, “Knock, and the doors shall be opened unto you.”

    But there is no need to knock, the doors are already open.

    There is no effort involved.

    They have always been open, just open your eyes!

    So it is very much a con game.

    Religion is a con game.

    It is all a psychological sickness.

    And God is not the cure.

    The priest first destroys your happiness in every possible way, forces your mind to be against your own nature.

    And once you have become miserable the priest has his shop open, you can come for advice.

  • AlienJesus

    A belief system can help you to forget your ignorance, but it does not destroy it.

    You don't know what authentic religiousness is.

    You are living with borrowed ideas.

    All that your mind knows has come either from the parents, or from the priest, or from the teachers, or from the society.

    Just watch, and you will not be able to find a single thought that is original to you.

    All is borrowed; mind lives on borrowed knowledge.

    And remember that truth cannot be borrowed.

    Either it is yours, or it is not there.

    We have hypnotized ourselves into all kinds of bondages and then we wonder how to be liberated?

    Questions arise out of the mind, and answers are also from the same mind.

    Neither the questions lead you towards the truth, nor the answers.

    The real medicine is not a belief system; the real medicine is meditation.

    Do you know that both the words come from the same root: medicine and meditation?

    Medicine heals the body, meditation heals your soul.

    But their function is the same, healing.

    Go deeper into meditation.

    Open all your wounds so they can be healed.

    That is the only religiousness possible.

    True religiousness is your own interiority, your own inner space.

    The moment you enter to the center of your being, you are no more an outsider.

    Your belief in God was keeping you outside the truth, outside existence.

    Now for the first time you are the insider.

    But people are clinging to God for a certain reason.

    They are throwing all the responsibility on God.

    He will take care, all that we have to do is to go to the church every Sunday – that's enough – and God will take care.

    But you don't know.

    The moment you give your responsibility to God, you have also given your freedom into his hands, you have become a puppet.

    Truth can only arise within you.

    Nobody else can give it to you

    Don't bother about any commandments, don't bother about any disciplines, don't bother about any morality.

    Just live according to your own consciousness, and go on growing your consciousness.

    Soon you will see the spring and all the flowers will bring a clarity of vision, and a certainty of action, a totality to every response.

    And your every response will be beautiful, because it will be coming out of a growing consciousness.

    Conscience is borrowed.

    Consciousness is your nature.

    The difference is vast.

  • louella

    Wrong again…….if there wasn't a personal God…..we wouldn't have personalities. We didn't get our human attrubutes from bugs and bacteria…..but from God in Whose image and likeness we are made. Lesser does not give rise to greater. God is a person too….though not a human person……and that is why we humans are persons too.

    The greatest good logic and achievements come from those who ally themselves with God. Nothing substantial or longlasting can come from atheism……because it is a lie!

  • louella

    So what happens when people are too mean to choose to have enough children?! They kill their future……that's what happens. The Catholic Church was right……and the dissenters were wrong.

  • AlienJesus




    Jesus says, just move spontaneously in life, “take no thought from the morning until the evening.”

    Be responsive to life, but don't bring any falseness between you and the flow of life.

    Live moment to moment without thinking, because thinking is the deepest mask.

    One who is spontaneous will need only one thing, nothing else – that is being alert, aware, awake.

    Then he will respond out of his awareness.

    Jesus says: “Don't think about what you shall put on.”

    That is the only possible way to grow: to live without doubt and without faith; just to live simply, spontaneously, with awareness.

    And this is really what trust is – not trusting somebody else.

    This is trusting life: wheresoever it leads, without doubt, without faith, you simply move, you move innocently.

    Truth is not hidden: you are closed.

    Truth is revealed everywhere, every moment.

    Truth by its very nature cannot be hidden.

    Only lies try to hide themselves, not truth; only lies are secretive.

    Truth is always like an open hand, it is never like a fist.

    How do we miss recognizing a Jesus?

    We have our eyes closed.

    Why are you closed?

    You don't accept life within you, how can you accept life without?

    Accept! Start from the center of your being.

    Accept yourself as you are and then you will accept everything as it is.

    And with acceptance comes transformation.

    The transformation happens by itself, it comes of its own accord, but it always comes in a let-go.

    This is what Jesus says: Be naked so that you can be in a let-go.

    Accept yourself, and there will be no fear.

    But how will the darkness recognize the light?

    There are millions of Christians, but I have never come across a single Christ.

    A Christian is only a conditioning; you were not born as a Christian.

    Howsoever old the conditioning is, it does not matter.

    Christianity is two thousand years old, Judaism is four thousand years old, Hinduism is ten thousand years old, Jainism is twelve thousand years old.

    The older a conditioning is, the more rotten it is.

    It is not your own face, it is a mask.

    You will pull it off; nobody can prevent you.

    Everybody has the right to have his original face, and your original face is just of a human being.

    You need not be a part of a crowd: Catholic, Protestant, Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Buddhist.

    All these crowds have destroyed the possibility of man attaining truth, because they have given a fallacious idea that you need not search:

    “Jesus knows – you simply believe in Jesus. You don't have to do anything.”

    They have made truth so cheap that the whole world believes, and lives in darkness, and lives in a thousand and one lies.

    Belief in the very beginning is a lie.

    Your belief is just a strategy to deceive yourself.

    You don't want to take the arduous path of seeking, searching, discovering.

    It is arduous, because you will have to drop many superstitions, and you will have to deprogram yourself from many conditions of the past which are preventing you from knowing the truth, from knowing yourself.

    A divided humanity, in religions, in nations is going to destroy itself.

    We need an undivided, one humanity.

    Anything that divides has to be dropped; it is against our survival.

    If man is conscious and aware, he can see that the essential religion is one.

    All Authentic Religiousness Is Intuitive.

    This may sound funny louella, but I am not talking to you???

  • James H

    “there is no beginning to this universe, and there is no end.”

    That is patently false. Not only modern cosmology (Big Bang) but simple logic indicates that creation can not have been infinite, or all space would be full of whatever-space-is-made-of. These things were thought of by medieval philosophers. How long will it take secularism to catch up?

  • AlienJesus

    Wow there trigger, James Hang on a bit mate, make a cup of tea, sit down.

    Wait and see what science is realizing now? those nasty secularists!!!

    Who is a bit behind the times heh? a little reading material for you.


    It is not a creation by anybody, there is no need for anybody to begin it, because there is no beginning to this universe, and there is no end…

    “There Was No Big Bang!” Say Several Leading Cosmologists.

  • Spaceman

    Only the present is existential.

    Consciousness is always of the present.

    Albert Einstein, especially, was the first scientist to come to the conclusion that time is the fourth dimension of matter.

    Matter has three dimensions, the fourth dimension is invisible and that is time, but it is not separate from matter.

    From here to here is the journey; from now to now is the pilgrimage.

    The understanding should be clear that you have only one moment in your hands, the real moment.

    Either you live it or you leave it unlived.

    Truth is always alive, eternally alive. It cannot be confined in words; the message is wordless.

    Life is all there is.

    And whenever you find it, it will be always here and always now.

    It is the mysterious experience of the unity of time and space. SpaceTime.


  • Ratbag

    You can always tell a happy atheist…by the smug, self satisfied expressions on their faces.

  • Ratbag

    You need your head examining – you and your Godless crew. You are so short sighted you need to go to a famous High Street optician and so way off the mark no-one would employ you to shoot ducks at a fun fair, let alone join a crack regiment in the army.

    I do dialogue – indeed I do – but it is difficult to dialogue with those who are too proud, supercilious, rude and arrogant to respect our human right to express our faith in peace without your bullying.

    Deal with it, atheists like yourself! You are smarting pretty badly, aren't you. You are in the minority and you lost your laughably stupid, ignorant and agressive campaign against the Pope hands down. Deal with it. Live with it.

    Besides, I am a strong swimmer who was picked up by a passing dinghy, after praying to God and His Holy Mother for help. Their light picked up my shining cross and they followed it to where it was coming from. I was not too proud to ask for help, they told me, because the atheists told them they didn't need any help because of their all-singing, all-dancing life jackets would carry them ashore and they ended up drowning in their own smugness. There will be no memorial service because not only do they not believe in a higher being but they thought they could save themselves so the fault lay with them … and God was not to blame in the inquest!

  • Ratbag

    Sloppy bull droppings!

  • Ratbag

    I thought you didn't believe in the notion of 'holy' – that belongs to God alone!

  • Ratbag

    You are not a Roman Catholic, I take it.

    Why does what the Roman Catholic Church teaches irk you? It must do, or you wouldn't be involved in this discussion.

  • Ratbag

    Yes, louella, you are so spot on. The world IS killing its future. Just look what's happening now with pensions, retirement age rising and a total lack of morals concerning money and lack of consideration for other people. The Church is not to blame for that because they have warned the world about the consequences in 1968 in … Humanitae Vitae!

  • Ratbag

    Again, spot on, Irenaeus!

    How come we are so accustomed to the aroma of coffee when we wake up every morning… and the rest of the world has a peg on its nose, refusing to take it off because it does not smell of roses???

  • Ratbag

    Talk all you want. Keep going….

    I'm struggling to keep my poker face. Good game, this!

  • Ratbag

    Einstein also believed in God!