We wish to apologise for the delays experienced by postal subscribers to the newspaper

Postal deliveries of the two most recent issues of The Catholic Herald: December 10th and 17th, have been severely disrupted by bad weather. The Catholic Herald has been in constant contact with postal account managers who have said Royal Mail services are making every effort to deliver while clearing existing back logs.

Problems vary around the country depending on which sorting offices are in areas particularly badly affected by weather conditions. Some regions have not been impeded at all. We can confirm, however, both issues left our Manchester printers on time.

If you have not received either or both of the last two issues of The Catholic Herald please email subscriptions@catholicherald.co.uk giving your surname, postcode and missing dates. We will extend your subscription, pro rata.

We endeavour to answer all telephone inquiries, but, due to the scale of the problem, we cannot guarantee to call back all those who left messages on the subscription department voicemail service. We are better able to respond to emails.

If you need to see the paper urgently, a temporary voucher subscription can be issued for our digital version. Email digital@catholicherald.co.uk and we will organise for a login and password to be sent to you.

Any parish deliveries that have not made it through should be reported to parishes@catholicherald.co.uk. Our circulation director, Dennis Charlick, will follow up all non-deliveries to parishes and wholesalers.

The Christmas double-issue – combining December 24th and 30th – has been printed to schedule. The Royal Mail has informed us deliveries will be made ‘as usual’ but also added a ‘weather conditions’ caveat. If this issue does not reach you by next Wednesday, please follow the instructions given above.

The Catholic Herald wishes to apologise for the chronic delays experienced by postal subscribers to the newspaper. We also would like to thank our clients for their forbearance during this difficult period.