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Exorcist warns parents of rise in ‘demonic’ websites

By on Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Anthony Hopkins plays Fr Gary Thomas in the film The Rite

Anthony Hopkins plays Fr Gary Thomas in the film The Rite

An American exorcist has blamed the internet for rising numbers of young people who say they are possessed by the Devil.

Websites dedicated to the occult, witchcraft, Tarot cards, psychics and séances were increasingly exposing young people to demonic influences, said Fr Gary Thomas.

The priest, whose story has just been made into a major Hollywood film starring Welsh actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, said that pornography and drug abuse were also “doorways” to harassment by evil spirits.

He said there were “no statistics” on how many people might be possessed but said there was a definite increase.

“What I can tell you is that there are more and more Catholics involved in idolatrous and pagan practices,” he said. “That’s really why there’s more demonic activity. There’s the absence of God in the lives of a lot of people.”

He added: “A lot of parents today have no critical eye of faith with which to even recognise the dangers their children are in. A lot of this is going on with the internet. There are lots and lots of demonic websites.”

Speaking to the Catholic World Report magazine he continued: “A demon doesn’t show up. He has to be invited in … The involvement in pagan, satanic, or occult practices are the classical ways.

“Pornography is a doorway. But addictions of any kind can be – not are, but can be – a doorway, but it’s coupled with other things. For instance, drug use alone isn’t going to invite the demonic in, but coupled with the occult it could.”

Fr Thomas, of San José diocese, California, is rapidly emerging as the most famous exorcist in America after the story of his ministry was turned into a film called The Rite, which will be released in Britain on February 25.

  • Monk2727

    This is not that surprising! With all the images of evil and violence we are all exposed to daily and the lack of a general moral compass we can expect things to only degrade further into a society where Demonic Activity is the norm and religious people will be the enemy, especially us Catholic Christians! There is a long history of the Catholic Church being named as Satan’s Enemy. He, all the fallen angels and all the damned souls want us destroyed so that they have nothing standing in their way. The way “Modern” Catholics pick and choose what to believe are almost worse than those who know not what the truth is! I have had personal experience with Demonic Oppression and Demonic Obsession (that is one step below possession and where Demonic influences take a person over for short periods of time) and I know how hard it is to keep faith when this happens but abandoning what the Bible and the Church teaches out of free will is worse than any other sin I can think of because that is grieving the Holy Spirit! This opens the door to all sorts of activity because Satan takes that as an open invitation to do what he wants with a person.

  • Ratbag

    Neither am I surprised, Monk2727, especially when vampires are portrayed as good guys and they’ve become the latest trend!!!!!

    Years ago, in the movies, Dracula was repelled by the sight of the cross. Good overcoming evil. A positive solution to diabolical adversity (which should be a no-brainer to us!). What the heck’s happening??!?!?!

    These demonic websites are like hard drugs… people don’t think addiction will happen to them, they laugh at you at the very suggestion that there is any such thing as demonic oppression or anything else… then the next thing you know, you are in too deep and it takes a priest to get rid of the evil vermin like a spiritual Rentokil!

    When will the world WAKE UP to the FACT that denial of the existence of satan and his fallen angels pleases satan and more souls fall into his lap like sweets from a broken jar?!?!?!?!?!

    If King David floored Goliath with stones from a slingshot, then the Holy Rosary should be our stones and slingshots against the devil. The names of Jesus and Mary are like fingernails on a blackboard to satan’s ears. How do I know? OUR LADY SAYS SO!

    It’s a no brainer!

  • Coaishdnr

    The media in the UK and the US should recognize that there’s a difference between tarot cards and tarot reading. Despite what most of us have been led to believe, there is really nothing occult about tarot cards themselves. They are simply a variant of standard playing cards created in Italy during the 1400s for a type of card game still played in European countries like France. It was only until the 1700s that tarot cards began to be used by occultists who promoted myths connecting them with ancient Egypt and Kabbalah. Whether you approve or disapprove of tarot reading, the English language media should stop accepting the occultist claims of tarot at face value. These cards were intended for game playing and not occultism or tarot reading. The way the tarot is often presented in our media is harmful to the interests of game players who are trying to educate people about the real history of tarot cards and of their use in games. We need a more balanced presentation of tarot cards in the English language media.

  • Broce

    While I disagree with your position about tarot card reading (I’m not Catholic), I would also point out that you are correct in stating when they were created. I’d also note that my grandmother, born in the 1890s (and a good New England Methodist LOL) read cards all her life using the standard 52 card hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds deck. It’s not the cards, it’s what one chooses to use them for which determines whether or not they are a method of divination or a bridge game.

  • Areo

    Ah well, as usual everything not christian is from the devil.
    Have a look into your own house before you comment on the house of another.
    Morality is something the catholic church has lost a long time ago.

  • Guest

    Stop blaming the devil for your kid looking up porno sites and acting out. Its called puberty and a lack of parental supervision.

  • kat

    give me a break! maybe its because there are so many movies about it? if you make the movie, then they will be possesed!

  • Gremble

    This is completely absurd!! This “evil” is a creation of the Catholic Church itself. The church created and then fed it with all the horrific things it has done for over 1700 years and still continues to do today. It sooooo much easier to blame others for your own problems this evil will continue to plague the people and things that are in any way associated with the church until the complete demise of the church. Is it surprising that the Church is behind this film full of evil? It likes to scare people to make the sheep turn back to the church in fear. Come on people wake up the Catholic Church is the cradle of evil!!

  • Stop Preaching Hate

    Wait wait wait. Let me get this straight. A guy who just sold his story for a movie, IN HOLLYWOOD, warns everyone about the internet being, in essence, a demonic portal. And the Catholic church has never let anything bad happen. Am I getting this right so far? Because that sounds like a ridiculous load of bullshit. Now, is there a lack of moral compass in a lot of the youth today? Yep. Are their parents at fault? Yep. Parents need to focus more on their kids, or stop having them when they’re not prepared to lead a child’s life. There is NO EVIL in a lot of what you claim to be evil. I’d say the Catholic Church itself is wrought with evil! Please, do I really have to recycle the information that the Cardinal and others KNEW little boys were being raped and molested, and did nothing about it for, what, almost 30 years? That’s just what we, the public, KNOW! Who knows the other horrible secrets are held in a house of sin! But anything that stands a little to the left, sideways, or facing a different direction than you is evil? Riiiiight.

  • Nola_bokor

    If you follow Fr Gary Thomas’s logic to it ends, then he is also saying that being Catholic can lead one to rape little boys and girls. Exclusivly, those threads don’t mean anything with each other, but for some reason seem to cross each other quite often, so it’s clear they must be linked.

  • aurorawillow

    Good, I am glad. Maybe this will teach parents to either parent their kids (what a concept), or it will encourage children to look outside the faith they were raised with for wisdom and fulfillment. If the faith they were raised with was so amazing that nothing else can compare, then what is the harm in them learning about other things? Or, are you just afraid that people will find wisdom outside your religion?

    Here’s some advice: if your kid shows an interest in the occult, find a real witch and talk to them about it.

  • TheOwl

    The Christian God and the Christian devil seem to me to be in cahoots with each other… Read Amos ch.3, God says it himself He is the creator of evil and he allows it…. When one gives this Pantheon power through faith they THEN open the door to their self imagined/created Demons. One must feed a being power for it to manifest. As a self-proclaimed student of history I challenge you to this- The further you dig into history the closer you will get to the Truth, so “Pagans” who existed further back than written history, well I would look to them for the closest thing to the truth rather than power hungry absolutists. The ealist known artifacts dealing with religion are stone statues that show likeness to pregnant woman, “The Mother” that completely contradicts some things. If Genesis were true wouldn’t these early people have alters with “Fathers” on them? Anyways, these Christians have Karma coming their way any time now. I’m glad I’m not part of their cult.

  • Treymont

    Wait a sec..wasn’t it the catholic church who tried to convert the pagans to christianity and found ways to incorporate the pagan rites into the christian church in order to gain the pagans acceptance? Was it not the catholic church that started the the inquisition using forms of torture to make someone who was innocent say they were a witch? I’m sorry you can’t convince me thatthe catholic church mightier than thou when history speaks for itself…who is the real evil?

  • Susan

    Um, so why are you bothering to check out this article?

  • Justin

    That is abou the best comment I’ve seen so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Ok first of all you have got it way wrong! While you think your being alll bad ass and talking crap about the Catholic Church, for which on probably started your church, the apparent rape and molestation that happend, HAPPENS more in protestant churchs way more that in the catholic church. Also I think you need a reminder that we are all human and no one is perfect. Just because you become a preist, cardinal, pope, ect. doesn’t mean it cuts you off from the devils temptation!

  • Christopher Blackwell

    You have to understand that when the Catholic Church is training these new exorcists, they then have to go out and drum up business. Similar to our anti computer virus companies creating virus to sell their new anti-virus programs. [Grin]

    The Church has always been business minded from the days it got the Roman government let it trash the Pagan temples and use its wealth to bribe kings into converting and then go to war on the rest of the non Christian Pagan kings. Money is power so the Church has always found ways to increase its income. Now that they are back training exorcists, they now have to create a greater need for them, so we will hear endless claims about demon procession. Soon every problem in the world will be blamed on demons of one kind or another, and the money will come pouring in to the Church.

  • Gremble

    Susan, the reason I “checked this article out” was because it was posted on another website and I was amazed at the ridiculous assertions being made in it and felt the need to speak out. I know that this may not be what the Catholic Church teaches the sheep but I am not a Catholic.

  • Gremble

    Jay are you kidding!!!! Firstly the Catholic Church has been committing atrocities for 1700 years the horrible child molestation is just the tip of the preferable ice berg. Are you really that brain washed that you do not see the truth. Come now the Catholic Church created the art of the cover up, it has nothing to do with being human. There is no humanity in the Catholic Church.

  • Gremble

    Justin it easy to say why are you reading this. Why is the Catholic looking at websites about Witchcraft or Tarot, if they think they are “evil”. You obviously do not understand the point. Maybe you should read a little before you comment on something you are not sure about.

  • kim

    That’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard! Without the Church you would not be where you are today. You would still be an illiterate peasant. The article did not say that the internet is a demonic portal. It said that the internet makes it easier. Last time I checked, a portal is a doorway…
    You’re saying that just because we uncovered bad things about the Catholic church, which by the way happens everywhere else, including in public schools (where teachers are supposed to be protecting their children), Protestant churches, homes…that somehow there must be much more going on? We can’t see it. We can’t prove it. But surely something’s there because, of course, they’re Catholic. Okay…

  • kim

    Uh no…it wasn’t. That would be the Puritans. But the Catholic church did convert pagans. That’s its goal. because what’s the point of believing in something if you think the opposite beliefs are also acceptable? That’s the trouble with Christianity nowaday. We don’t take a stand. And I have no idea what pagan rites you’re talking about. Why don’t you name some of your sources?

  • kim

    That’s not what the article says…

  • Gremble

    Kim, you need to read your history girlfirend. The Church actually stoped the flow of learning when it took power and created more of a “peasant” society. Most Pagan cultures promoted learning and culture. Were as the Catholic Church has always been agaisnt it, beacuse this is how they have controlled people. I know that you are most likely brain washed by the church so that is why you do not understand this. However , if you do a little reading of your history (outside of your church) you will understand.

  • Gremble

    Kim….. you really need to read a history book or two.

  • AgingPapist

    “I’d say the Catholic Church itself is wrought with evil!” Many a Catholic website which purports to reflect the will of the “magisterium” is itself a doorway to evil. Beware of the self-proclaimed “orthodox Catholic” and the growing body of crypto fascists who claim to speak with the Holy Spirit inspiring them. Then, in the same breath, are anathematizing girls serving as acolytes, demonize women, gays, and offer excuses and apologies for child molesting clergy, and their prelatical protectors.

  • AgingPapist

    The end of the Church as supreme magisterium started with the invention of the printing press, the education of the laity at the university level, the Church’s long history of siding with the forces of reaction and the organs of thought control in Europe, and today–the greatest threat of all– the Internet and its expansion beyond what our wildest imaginings.

  • Anonymous

    Practice what you preach.
    An extreme few priests have ever been convicted of anything, thousands have been investigated and exonerated completely. Even so, all people seem capable of mentioning is those extreme few.
    Heaven forbid that any faithful clergy should dare to tell true stories of evil!

    If you wish to see the amount of hate in the world decrease, you might start with your own attitude.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. So we’re brainwashed by the Church eh? I think you might need to re-examine history a bit too. After Rome finished decaying morally, the Church kept Europe some degree of “civilized” for centuries. Even in spite of various raids by some of your favorite pagans. You are aware of the marauding of the Vikings, Germanic tribes, and others?
    Rather difficult to promote learning when you’re burning someone’s village and murdering the populace.
    But I suppose that’s simly some fiction that the Church made up, right?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Just can’t ignore a chance to promote one more conspiracy theory, can you?
    Good grief!

  • Catholicsrock


  • Catholicsrock

    Really Dumb.

  • Catholicsrock

    The entire Catholic Church is made up of human beings, you fool. That is what the church is: people. There are over 1 billion Catholics in the world and we are all participating in this massive cover-up? Interesting. Exactly how is the “cover-up” information communicated, because I have not received my copy. Also, the Catholic Church teaches the Truth, there is only one Truth and that is GOD. The Catholic Church (meaning human being) gives more money and time to serve the poor and oppressed, the forgotten and unloved throughout the world than any other “Humanitarian” group. If I am wrong, prove it.

  • Wiestolat

    in all this I LOVE JESUS WITH ALL MY HEARY:)))))))that is the most importent!!!!!!!

  • James H

    1700 years? Oh, I see, you’re one of those ‘Catholicism started with Constantine’ types. Atrocities? Uh-huh: like free hospitals for the poor, the first universities, ‘unscientific’ notions such as the equal dignity of all human beings (including the unborn), and so on. All of which caused _such_ suffering!

  • James H

    And if you did a little reading of real history, you’d realise what a heap of tripe you’re speaking.
    Would you rather be a peasant on a lord’s estate in feudal Europe, with entitlement and protection under the law, or a slave on a Roman villa, with no rights at all?
    The church was the only organisation that actually tried to preserve Roman learning. It was the barbarian invasions which ruined classical civilisation, you bigot.

  • James H

    ‘organs of thought control in Europe’ – funny that real thought control was practiced by atheist regimes, then?

    If by thought control you mean education in a culture, then it’s a definite improvement on no education at all, which is what modern (secular) Britain provides in its state schools.

    Case in point: the internet is also the source of the worst misinformation and non-thought around, as I can see by your post.

  • James H


  • James H

    “being Catholic can lead one to rape little boys and girls”
    Yeah, well if so, it’s massively ineffective – what, 2-3% success rate?

    Oh, but wait – that’s the same proportion of gays in society! Who’d have thunk it??

  • Cmatt

    Was it not the catholic church that started the the inquisition using forms of torture to make someone who was innocent say they were a witch?

    You are confusing two different periods. The “witch” hunting occurred much later, and the inquisitions were started as a secular initiative to remove Moslems after they conquered parts of Europe (moslty Spain, hence the “Spanish Inquisition” which was run by the Spanish governement, not the Church). There were two parallel court systems in which inquisitions occurred – the secular state courts and the ecclesiastical (church) courts, similar to the state and federal courts we now have in the US. While abuses occurred in both systems, most of the accused heretics preferred the ecclesiastical courts because they were less prone to the local politics (not immune, of course, but less prone), as they answered to Rome. Again, similar to the state/federal system with respect to civil rights cases in the post-bellum south – hard to get a fair trial for a black person in 1960′s Mississippi state court, so you would want to go to federal court if at all possible.

    Yes, please do read some history.

  • MissWitch

    Shock! Horror! A Catholic is blaming Paganism for everything! Wait, I think this has happened before…

  • Gremble

    As my statements have solicited such a wonderful response I will finalize by saying that it is a Catholic priest that (as usual) is pointing fingers at other religions for being evil. These other religions are not promoting evil and are not making movies about the devil. It is the Catholic Church that promotes this devil that you like to satan. The Catholic Church is founded on murdered, lies, corruption and atrocities that I understand are hard for people you STILL follow to except. However if you read any history book (outside of the church) it is painfully obvious what the truth is. So you can call me a fool and I imagine if this was 1200’s – 1500’s you would be tiring to have me burned at the stake or worse but the truth is the truth and the world is waking up to the complete corruption of the brain washing organization that you like to call a church! Have a blessed day!

  • Ratbag

    It was under the auspices of those faithful to the the Roman Catholic Church that founded Eton College, Oxford and Cambridge Universities and other ancient and prestigious seats of learning – not pagans! They were originally seats of learning for the poor… education provided by Roman Catholic orders.

    If anyone is brainwashed, look in the mirror!!!

  • Ratbag

    Gremble, follow your own advice!

  • Ratbag

    The reality of evil in the form of the devil is also in the holy books of Judaism and Islam and others. The concept of evil is older than Christianity itself. It was NOT an invention of the Roman Catholic Church, you idiot! Evil attacks the Roman Catholic Church more than others because of our belief in the Real Presence – that’s why brain dead atheist extremists (most who think like you) and satanists think it is funny to desecrate stolen hosts from Catholic Churches and not from any other denomination who also breaks bread at their services.

    If you, Gremble darling, have never witnessed the sight of schoolgirls who messed with the occult in the playground. Something happened to them which was so shocking and scary afterwards that the headmistress had to call in a doctor and a priest to see to them (and, for the record, they learned their lesson the hard way; they were never the same since). I saw it happen before my eyes and I have never forgotten it nor will I forget it.

    Put it this way, Gremble. Before this happened, I thought things like that were the fertile imaginations of those who made the Amityville Horror and The Exorcist.

    I doubted no more.

    So, with all respect to you, Gremble, SHUT THE ++++ UP!!!!

    If you don’t like the Catholic Church and what it stands for, that’s your problem.

    I’m proud to be a sheep because I know my shepherd and I’d be lost without him!!

  • Kat

    The first Universities were NOT created by the “church”. Thanks for playing, try again. After you educate yourself.

  • Guest

    The Catholic Church needs to apologize and make good for its *own* evils before trying to take on the supposed ‘evils’ they see in others,

  • Cesar

    Who do you think created the institution of the university? Atheists? Muslims? It was the Catholic Church and her monks the last I checked.

  • Michael

    Why are people so rude to each other in these comments? I’m all for a lively debate. But this is so depressing.

  • Ratbag

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Good gracious! I thought I read it all… until I read your post!

    Jesus Christ cast out devils and gave the authority to his apostles and future clergy to do the same in His name. The Church has never stopped training exorcists. It’s not a business opportunity for financial gain. Using a ‘business’ term – in this case – demand is outstripping supply. As any organisation does, you have to meet demand. The Church is no different. It is Holy Mother Church providing for her children who need specialist help. Exorcism is a huge responsibility and a burden on the priest who undertakes it.

    You will find a stole, holy water, a crucifix, a rosary beads and special prayers in the exorcist’s kit bag… not a credit card reader or wipe-clean tarif.

    Oh, and if you are expecting the Church to drum up business from this new wheeze, Christopher Blackwell, I have news for you: Roman Catholic exorcists will not be competing for TV or radio ad space alongside car ads, ambulance chasing lawyers and wrinkle cream any time now or in the future!