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Bishop defers plans to cut number of Masses thanks to ordinariate

By on Friday, 4 February 2011

Bishop McMahon, left, at the ordination Mass of Fr Keith Newton, Fr Andrew Burnham and Fr John Broadhurst (Photo: Mazur)

Bishop McMahon, left, at the ordination Mass of Fr Keith Newton, Fr Andrew Burnham and Fr John Broadhurst (Photo: Mazur)

Bishop Thomas McMahon of Brentwood is putting on hold plans to cut the number of Masses in his diocese because of an influx of Anglican priests entering the ordinariate.

The bishop said he expected around seven new priests and up to 300 parishioners to join the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in his diocese.

He told BBC Radio Essex that out of all the Catholic dioceses Brentwood would have the largest number of parishes entering the ordinariate – three in Essex and three in east London.

Bishop McMahon said today: “Rationalisation of Masses for a number of parishes has been put on hold for the time being, as we wait to see what effect the priests coming into the ordinariate will have in the diocese in the months to come.”

Anglican priests and laity are to be received into the Catholic Church in Holy Week. Priests will then be ordained into the ordinariate at Pentecost, on Sunday, June 12.

  • Thoresbymanvers24

    so the future will be Mass one week celebrated in Latin by an ENGLISH male priest with a distinctive Public School Latin pronunciation and an English MALE priest with altar boy Latin pronunciation another?

    utdinyificiamor promisioni busChristi!

  • Fr Stephen

    Other Catholic Bishop would do well to consider following this spiritual and sensitive approach… for the sake of the faithful and the good of the Church.

  • PhilipH

    I think it would be wonderful if the new Ordinariate priests could help out generally, given the shortage of priests in some dioceses. It would help existing RC congregations to get to know them and vice versa. I do hope that this means the number of masses will not have to be cut and it will be a turning point in the revitalization of the RC Church in this country.

  • LeFloch

    Why the emphasis on ENGLISH and MALE? This is England and priests are exclusively male, and always will be. As for pronunciation, I hope the correct Church Latin will be taught to new converts.

  • Kennyinliverpool

    Priestly celibacy needs to go — I understand the reasons why it is in place but it is undermining the church, because men do not connect their vocation to priesthood with abstaining from sex…
    The issue of a few priests entering the diocese is not going to alter the issue – in the next 10 or 20 years the Church is going to face a serious issue.

  • Kennyinliverpool

    What do you mean? Not closing down churches or allowing married men to be ordained?

  • Kennyinliverpool

    I went to a latin Mass in Liverpool and the priest was SCOTTISH – it was also the worst church service I have ever gone to. He mumbled so no one could understand – which made it impossible to follow and his sermon was the most angry and hate filled I have ever heard… it completely missed the point of the passage he was preaching on…. and I was led to believe that Latin was the way forward and got bums on seats???

  • LeFloch

    Nonsense. If celibacy is such a problem why has the priest shortage only happened in the last 40 years? The decline in vocations is one of the poisonous fruits of the Council. The New Mass priesthood has little to offer a man in return for the sacrifice of choosing celibacy. Today’s modern priests are glorified social workers, presiding at Protestantised liturgies and surrounded by busybody layfolk. Restore the True Mass and the priest’s true role as an alter Christus and vocations will return.

  • Sean9 Saunders

    As a parishioner of the Brentwood Diocese, I warmly welcome these converts to the Faith. I wish Bishop Thomas a happy retirement and thank him for the work his done. He wasn’t my cup of tea to be honest (I had the impression he was a bit liberal). I hope there will be more Latin Masses in the Diocese and I hope the new liturgy will improve the standard of the services in general. I think we are still coming out of the abuses from Vatican II

  • simon clunie

    So by being more traditional in today’s world vocations will return . I wish you were right , but the world has moved on in the last 40 years ! Yes , let’s have more Latin masses and a return to some traditions , but we need to do something about the manpower crisis in the clergy .The abuse scandles of the past continue to overshadow the good work that the church does . Most priests are good and holy men , but you wouldn’t know it from media coverage .Let priests marry and have normal sexual relations .Other denominations that let their clergy marry don’t seem to have suffered from the disproportionate sexual abuse that took place in our church.