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Man vows to fast on beer during Lent

By on Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blogger and home brewer J Wilson says he is drawn to the 'rich history' of beer

Blogger and home brewer J Wilson says he is drawn to the 'rich history' of beer

An American blogger has pledged to live only off beer during Lent.

Following the ancient tradition of Bavarian monks who brewed stronger beer during the Lenten fast in order to subsist on an almost entirely liquid diet, J Wilson will spend the 46 days of the Lenten period drinking only beer. The young man, who writes about beer on the internet and claims never to have done a Lenten fast in his life, will drink bockbier, which was originally brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich.

The beer is a strong, dark, malty lager and is known as liquid bread. Traditionally, it was brewed by the monks for the periods of fasting in Lent and Advent. Mr Wilson has brewed his own bock-bier for the project.

He wrote: “I have a genuine love for beer, and am very drawn to the rich history it carries. Forty-six days is a long time without food. But if the the Paulaner brothers could do it under the guidance of God, I should be able to as well. A spiritual journey of this nature is no laughing matter, and I very much look forward to sharing it with you.”

  • Robthydrum

    He wants to be careful of his health. His journey is a worthy one, but he’s not going about this sensibly.

  • LJ
  • Lionfish5

    hmmm,… maybe I’m Catholic

  • PatrickJ

    Non-pasteurized (especially non-filtered) beer is actually loaded with nutrients. It was viewed as a life-or-death staple of our diet only a couple of centuries ago. Going back to the Middle Ages shows an even greater reliance upon beer as a major source of protein and the whole range of B vitamins.

  • Bern

    You might put on alot of weght that you will need to shed later.

  • Twitteroverflow

    Anyone know where this guys blog is at?

  • Jeannine

    “An American blogger has pledged to live only off beer during Lent.”
    “I have a genuine love for beer,…”

    This numbnut from Iowa doesn’t quite understand the meaning of Lent! He has now spent his “15 minutes of fame.” Let’s forget about him.

  • Tom

    The magic google box brought me to:

  • Jorgsacul

    nonsense. He is forgoing all other food. Bock beer is under 200 calories a pint, so to maintain a 2000 calorie a day diet he’s going to have to drink 10 pints… NO. He’ll lose weight.

  • cr08ber

    loads of guys try and live off beer only most weekends

  • Boatblder

    Great way to get closer to God. As in, meeting face-to-face.

  • Boatblder

    He’ll end up working with an undertaker.

  • Eric Conway

    As someone who likes the odd ale myself, this is a nice story in ways. My only reservation is that having known someone who suffered liver damage & seen the effects of it ( not very pleasant at all ), is there a danger of same in this case ?.

  • Anonymous

    An excellent idea – but one recalls a lenten sermon at the London Oratory;

    1. it is far better to cut-down than give up completely – to avoid the sin of pride and

    2. Quoting Mgr, Gilbey “wine is such a virtuous drink that it should never be given up completely.”

    Please, via your “Morning Catholic Must Reads” keep us informed of young Wilson’s progress.

    There is the same danger of most lenten pledges that it won’t last the week – my thoughts and prayers will be with him.

  • Dr. John

    The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer. Nobody drank water at that time, it was rancid and full of disease. Beer wrote our history.

  • Blauesblut

    As a recovering alcoholic I’d implore him not to be so foolish

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you teach us all how to make this beer? Please post it in writing to the following e-mail: THANKS – T.P.J.

  • Anonymous

    very interesting. THANKS – T.P.J

  • Pmdole

    Are you still following the beer fast on April 2?

  • Ancilla Indigna

    That makes absolutely no sense. If he loves beer, then that is what he should offer up, not everything else that is so-so for him. Also, the fact that he wants to share this so called “spiritual journey” to show to others is just another indication that he is not doing it with the spirit of humility, as Christ commands us. God asks us to do our mortifications and offerings in secret as much as possible, but this is clearly not the case with this misdirected, however, well-intended young man. I understand that beer has a lot of properties that make it good for the health, but that’s not something on which to fast if it is something one particularly enjoys.

  • Lynea Bernhard

    Venerable Matt Talbot, pray for this man and all those who might become alcoholics by this type of example.

  • Lynea Bernhard

    I don’t know Monsignor, but there are many saints who gave up wine completely because it is a good drink (in moderation only, otherwise it is sinful because it obscures the ability to think rationally at a point), and they were mortifying their senses by living more simply. People can have virtues, strictly speaking, but no an inanimate object.

  • Sister

    So I watched an interview and he seems totally sober. What is the blood alcohol level of someone who does this?