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New nuncio to Britain seeks dialogue with non-believers

By on Thursday, 24 March 2011

Archbishop Mennini speaks at the Mass of Welcome in his honour at Westminster Cathedral (Mazur/

Archbishop Mennini speaks at the Mass of Welcome in his honour at Westminster Cathedral (Mazur/

The new Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain has said he wants to further dialogue between Catholics and non-believers.

In an interview with The Catholic Herald, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Holy See’s new Ambassador to the Court of St James, said he hoped “not only to continue the sincere dialogue with the Anglican community but also dialogue with other religions and also non-believers in Great Britain”.

Speaking about the Pope’s message on faith in the public sphere, the nuncio said he believed “Christianity has already a role to play in British society, in dialogue with all sides, all the parties, with the believers and the non-believers”.

He said he would try to reach out to British society by visiting cultural institutions such as university groups “in order to establish a friendly dialogue about many of the issues which represent crucial questions and problems for many people”.

Archbishop Mennini, who was the Apostolic Nuncio to Russia and Uzbekistan before being assigned to London, presented his letter of credentials to the Queen at the beginning of the month and is due to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, at the beginning of next month.

He is credited with improving the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

His comments came as Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, launched the Courtyard of the Gentiles project to foster dialogue between believers and non-believers. Cardinal Ravasi said that believers and non-believers might “stand on different ground, but they must not close themselves in a sacral or secular isolationism”.

  • ms catholic state

    Great,………that’s just what we need! The Church is taking the initiative instead of retreating into a defensive corner. The West needs the Church again……and the Church needs to gently point this out to a people that have lost the capacity to think…….

    Secularism has failed…..and is leading to the death of all developed nations…..literally. Look at their suicidal birthrates. It’s a crime really.

  • Bob768

    Yes, because what the world needs more than anything is more people.

  • Gshort

    All you ‘masons’ will be crushed and burnt to ash, this is your ‘One Life to Live.’ Hell is your resting place for all eternity.

    Peace in Christ

  • Anonymous

    Very pleasing to hear this news! The Archbishop is clearly building on the visit of Pope Benedict who made a massive personal impression. When we have permission to engage in dialogue we carry the argument, and where better to start than with the next generation of leaders in universities.

  • AgingPapist

    Secularism has failed…..and is leading to the death of all developed nations…..literally. Look at their suicidal birthrates. It’s a crime really.
    “Secularism has failed”?The Church itself is a textbook example of secularism. It is a tribute to the success of secularism.

    The Church of Constantine has had 1700 years in teaching us exactly how successful secularism can be, especially the power of Caesaro-papism, the ability to manipulate kings, emperors, and peasants. With a use of money to buy off and mesmerize the masses with superstition and the hope of keeping them ignorant forever. while successfully masking systemic perversion.

    For the first time since the Reformation, the world is seeing through the veil of deceit on a vast, world-wide basis. Long live rationalism, the principles of the Enlightenment and the rule of freedom of conscience and freedom of thought without pressure and duress from any institution–the very conditions antithetical to the traditions of the Church.

    Let all peoples throw off the yoke of medieval superstition and the impious priest craft which perpetuates it.

  • ms catholic state

    It’s a pity the blind can’t see through the veil of deceit at the destruction secular democracy has visited upon their nations…….but if people are selfish and mindless…..then so will secular democracy has a selfish and mindless base. A nation needs to be actively pro-Christ if it is not to succumb to the destructive forces of evil.

    The West is falling apart and literally disappearing…….all thanks to the absurd demonic inverted so-called principles of secularism ie that a nation has no need of reference to God in its running. For this….Islam will soon have the weakened stupified West. Watch it as it happens and is allowed to happen. So much for the ‘enlightenment’ eh?!!

  • Anonymous

    If there is no common ground, there is no ground at all.

  • Anonymous

    To AgingPapist: Don’t worry sir. The Pope is not God. He does’t say that he is. He is just human as I and you are. Is he the Church? I am sure he will not say that he is. Then what or where is the problem? If there is any problem, you and me (parts of The Church) are also part of the problem. So let us all “repent and belive in the Good News”, for “Kingdom of God is at hand” as long as we are open to Life.

  • Tony in PA

    Papist, one of your countrymen once wrote, and I might be paraphrasing, ” Abolish the Church and the State becomes the church “.

  • Reno Liegghio

    He could start by wearing UNDER his chasuble the pectoral cross on green and gold cord – and NOT wearing abito piano dress including his cross and chain!

  • Little Black Censored

    Well, that certainly goes to the heart of the matter.

  • Rowancarstairs

    Probably be a wise move to talk to the few Catholics that are left first, what planet do these curia officials and the bishops live on?

  • Dcruz

    You can never dialogue with muslims because they have an ego that they the best of humen beings, follow a pure and perfect religion and ther is nothing like them.For anyone who want to dialogue with them one must submit to them.