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Don’t abandon God because of ‘attacks of evil’ in Church, says Pope

By on Monday, 4 April 2011

Benedict XVI receives the official WYD 2011 backpack from Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela of Madrid: each one will contain a copy of "YouCat" (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

Benedict XVI receives the official WYD 2011 backpack from Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela of Madrid: each one will contain a copy of "YouCat" (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

Pope Benedict XVI has urged young people not to abandon their faith in God because of the “attacks of evil” within the Church.

In a foreword to a new catechism edited specifically for young people, he said: “Carry intact the fire of your love in this Church every time that men have obscured her face.”

The new Youth Catechism, also called “YouCat”, will be included in each pilgrim backpack for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid.

The Pope said he wanted to supplement the Catechism of the Catholic Church by translating it “into the language of young people and make its words penetrate their world”.

In the foreword, the Pope urged everyone to study the catechism “with passion and perseverance” either alone, in study groups or in exchanges with others online.

Today’s Christians really need to understand their faith more than ever before in order to resist modern day challenges and temptations, he wrote.

“You have need of divine help if you do not want your faith to dry up as a dewdrop in the sun, if you do not want to succumb to the temptations of consumerism, if you do not want your love to be drowned in pornography, if you do not want to betray the weak and the victims of abuse and violence,” he wrote.

“You must know what you believe; you must know your faith with the same precision with which a specialist in information technology knows the [operating] system of a computer; you must know it as a musician knows his piece,” the foreword said.

While not specifically mentioning the clerical sex abuse crisis, the Pope acknowledged the effect it has had on the faithful and said “the community of believers has been wounded in recent times by the attacks of evil” and sin in the heart of the church.

“Do not take this as a pretext to flee from God’s presence; you yourselves are the body of Christ, the Church!” he told young people.

  • Neville DeVilliers

    “Do not take this as a pretext to flee from God’s presence; you yourselves are the body of Christ, the Church!”

    You are the Church? That should come as a big surprise to the Bavarian bureacrat’s principle apologists who are forever reminding Catholics that it is the bishops, the pope, and “the infallible magisterium” which constitute “the Church”.

    The smoke of Satan is still pungent in the Vatican since Paul VI’s reign, and the fact that the issue of child abuse is given scant recognition by Vatican spokesmen is a sign of it. The same old pontifical buggerers are still in office, still hoping the world will have a long bout of amnesia and forget their continuing malfeasance.

  • Bony

    On the issue of pessimism and confusion over God, may I suggest the real Vicar of Ceasar, quickly bring an end to the blasphemous claim that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, infallible and is by divine authority given power to mediate between God and man and to hold the keys of heaven and hell. Because, the holy father ( no, not the vicar of Ceasar) but God himself commands; have no other God before me.

  • Anonymous

    “You yourselves are the body of Christ, the Church!” what encouraging words for our YOUTH from the REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST THE LORD ON EARTH!

    So young people, Speak up as Prophets, as sons and daughters of God, FUTURE IS YOURS.

  • Dcruz

    Evil attacks can hapen in every institution not just the church. The devil makes it a point to tempt peoplel within the chruch or any institution but this does not mean we should abondon God.We should find comfort in God instead.

  • Dcruz

    The Pope is the defender of faith and morals and therefore the chruch refers to the Pope infallable in faith and morals.He is the successor of St. Peter whom Christ appointed as head of the apostles to lead his church till the present day Pope and future ones.

  • Ratbag

    Take a chill pill!

  • Ratbag

    What our Holy Father has said to young people should also apply to older generations of Roman Catholics, too.

  • Semper Fidelis

    You are seriously in error. To correct same, read – ” Rome Sweet Home “, by Scott Hahn. God bless the Pope.

  • Monique Cameron

    To cause scandal that causes someone to leave the faith is spiritual homicide. To leave because of scandal is spiritual suicide. Don’t recall where I read this.

  • AgingPapist

    However, Dcruz it is a time to abandon and eject if necessary the buggering bishops and their apologists who still remain in office.

  • AgingPapist

    DCruz, Enough of the pious mantras making the pope into an emperor. He must accede to the wishes of the universal church as expressed through a reunited Christian hierarchy who together produce the Depost of Faith. The idea of the pope alone as infallible is as fallacious as it is without historical foundation. It borders on being blasphemous.

  • Atanasio

    AgingPapist, please go to Protestant Herald, it sounds more appropriate to you.

  • Anonymous

    ‘attacks of evil’ gives the impression that the abuse scandal in the Church was entirely separate from the institution itself.

    Sexual abuse of Children is bad enough, but admittedly exists in society. However, its widespread cover-up, denial and indifference to the child-victims can only be a product of the Church, in trying to save face.

    I do not doubt the sincerity to clean-up the Church, but using terms of phrase such as this that do not acknowledge responsibility of the Church I feel is deceptive of the nature of the Church’s response to the crimes and is unfair to the victims.

  • Sarahjanedayrit

    God save the Church!