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New ambassador to the Holy See appointed

By on Friday, 15 April 2011

Nigel Baker is to be the Queen's new Ambassador to the Holy See

Nigel Baker is to be the Queen's new Ambassador to the Holy See

The Government has announced the appointment of the new British ambassador to the Holy See.

Nigel Baker OBE is to be the Queen’s Ambassador to the Holy See and will take up the appointment in August. The career diplomat follows in the footsteps of Francis Campbell, the first Catholic ambassador to the Holy See.

Having joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1989, Mr Baker served in Central Europe and Latin America, most recently as ambassador to Bolivia. The diplomat also worked for the Prince of Wales for three years and took an academic sabbatical living in Italy in the late 1990s.

Mr Baker said: “I am delighted and honoured to be taking up this posting. The last few years have seen the development of a strong and fruitful global partnership between the United Kingdom and the Holy See. The historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI in September 2010 reinforced that relationship and opened new avenues for bilateral and multilateral collaboration. I look forward to the challenge of deepening our engagement across the many issues on which we work together”.

  • Anthony Murphy

    Well thats just dandy! How about as we talk about letting women overcome the male progenitor rule, we could also think about having (dare I say it) even Catholics in the line of succession?

  • Tom

    Disgraceful Sir, why are you calling the Pope the ‘Holy See’ ?

    Jesus is Holy as is the Holy Spirit but the office of Pope is most certainly not so can we please refer to it’s incumbents by a title befitting of their position such as the ‘Pope’ or perhaps by his original title as the ‘Vicar of Caesar’.

  • paul

    vicar of caesar? you are a disgrace,you do not know what you are talking about,your hatred blinds you,shame on you!!!!! if you do not know the meaning of Holy See ask,you are something else!!

  • Ratbag

    Shut your face!

  • Ratbag

    You know, I thought about this Royal thingumy re Catholics in the line of succession. William of Orange and his Queen, Mary, put paid to any Catholic sitting on the throne. He was Dutch. No surprises there!

    Can you imagine a British Catholic monarch being put in the awkward position of putting their signature to laws which contravene Church teaching, as has happened in Spain with King Juan Carlos I?

    The late King Baudouin of Belgium temporarily vacated his throne as he refused to put his signature to abortion laws.

    Personally, I thought it was ‘strange’ that Autumn Kelly (Peter Phillip’s wife) gave up her Catholic faith to become an Anglican enabling her husband to keep his name in the line of succession.

    Peter Phillips is relegated further down the table when new arrivals are born into the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – er, sorry, Windsor.

    When William and Catherine have a family, there will not be a snowflake-in-hell’s chance of him acceeding the throne.

    Unless a huge catastrophe happens…

  • Phillip Turnbull

    Why not pray for the Queen’s conversion? What a singular grace that would be.