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Cardinal Burke withdraws from London conference at last minute

By on Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cardinal Burke is one of the highest-placed officials at the Vatican (CNS photo)

Cardinal Burke is one of the highest-placed officials at the Vatican (CNS photo)

Mystery surrounds the unexpected withdrawal of Cardinal Raymond Burke as the main speaker at a conference organised by Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice at Westminster Central Hall on June 18.

The Faith of our Fathers conferences, which began in 1996, have traditionally attracted high-profile speakers such as Mother Angela, founder of the Eternal Word Television Network. As prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Cardinal Burke oversees the administration of justice in the Church. He was to have spoken on “The Restoration of Church Discipline and Evangelisation”. He has long been seen as one of the most outspoken US bishops and, since his elevation to the College of Cardinals by Pope Benedict last November, is one of the highest-placed officials at the Vatican.

Daphne McLeod, chairman of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, said that Cardinal Burke had been informed by “several devout and faithful people” that his speaking at the conference would be divisive because Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice “are too outspoken and don’t have respect for the bishops”.

“We’re whistle-blowers, and we have enemies,” she said.

She would not say who she thought had issued this warning, but said the impression was given that if the cardinal speaks, “because he’s so close to the Pope it’ll look as if he’s speaking for the Pope and attacking the bishops – which is crazy”, she said.

Cardinal Burke came to prominence outside the Church during the 2004 American presidential elections, when he publicly stated that Democratic candidate John Kerry and other Catholic politicians who supported legalised abortion should not be allowed to receive the Eucharist.

  • Crossraguel

    ‘I have received several expressions of concern from devout and faithful Catholics of England about the meaning of the presentation’
    ‘The promotion of my presentation as, in some way, a direct criticism of the Bishops of England and Wales has made it wrong for me to keep the engagement.’ 
    I had seen Cardinal Burke as a truly remarkable booking on the part of Pro Ecclesia; too good to be true in retrospect. It inconceivable that the ‘several…devout and faithful Catholics of England’ are derived merely from the laity. Heck, if our serried ranks could change a Cardinal’s intent so readily, the heretical textbook cited by Daphne would have been long since consigned to historic infamy.
    One suspects that the English hierarchy will be ascending a glass tonight, however Cardinal Burke’s own correspondence concedes more Pilate than pontificating. Daphne extended an immediate apology for the offending flyer, which we can be certain is sincere (although many would disagree its necessity). It is however irrelevant – no scandal could have come from his attendance, indeed if he wanted to take the opportunity to publicly rebuke any prevailing anti-clerical sentiment, surely the headline speech itself would be better and more authoritative exposure than lamely withdrawing for reason of perception.
    I say this however, I defy anyone – of any ecclesiastic persuasion – to cast any semblance of doubt on Daphne McLeod’s honourable intent. Cardinal Burke could have asked any reasonable concession of her, in the full knowledge that she would faithfully accede to any reasonable accommodation. Which casts the toys out of the pram response in the least charitable light.   
    In striving to be as faithful as possible to my Bishop, the increasingly ludicrous inverted logic of embarrassed false ecumenical deference to protestantism contrasting traditionalist suppression, leaves one in a spiritual wilderness where certainties are tested and at serious risk of departing from the path to salvation. ‘The restoration of Church discipline’ is a forlorn hope, ironically exemplifying the perverse and diabolical disorientation infecting Church and soul at this time.
    Our Lady of Aberdeen, pray for Daphne McLeod & Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice;
    Blessed John Henry Newman, pray for Cardinal Burke & the English hierarchy.  


  • Ratbag

    Cardinal Burke should come over to speak. Period. Mother Angelica is one courageous, determined lady. She founded a global Roman Catholic TV channel from a shed which reaches millions via satellite – and some more if Virgin Media would pull its socks up – so, what was Cardinal Hume’s problem?

    Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman would have been delighted with a channel that seeks to inform Roman Catholics and enrich their faith.

    I’m wondering…were these so-called ‘devout and faithful Catholics’ actually ‘devout and faithful Catholics’ at all? Were they hiding behind such a falsehood to discourage Cardinal Burke from speaking because his no-nonsense approach threatened to poop on their liberal parade? There’s more than meets the eye here and I don’t like it. Not one bit. It stinks.

    Cardinal Burke, take courage from Christ’s Holy Cross, Our Blessed Lady and the martyrs who gave their lives and shed their blood for our faith… and PLEASE come over to the UK. We need you!

  • Parasum

     “they were anti-abuse of episcopal authority”

    The problem is, that one man’s abuse of episcopal authority can be another’s tactfulness or hospitality or whatever. Just as one man’s “making a stand for Catholic doctrine in its fullness” can be another’s “narrow-minded Catholic bigotry and trouble-making.”  

  • Parasum

    “Sooner or later co-religionists will  let the side down…”

    That’s normality LOL

  • Anonymous

    Parasum – that’s one reason why we have the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Papal encyclicals, etc, – and Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice never asked for, or expected, anything over and above the teachings found in these documents.

  • Gregory

    Agreed. Also, I suspect that if you follow the Cardinal’s global itinerary the last three weeks, really no need to go any further back than that, and consider where he’s been and who he may have met, that it will throw some light on this. For last-minute cancellations like this aren’t the result of persuasive documentary correspondence stretching back over months that somehow prompted an 11th hour epiphany moment for the Cardinal. No, last-minuters like this are usually triggered by direct persuasion, perhaps by telephone but more likely the result of face-to-face encounters. Things you can say with a wince, a weasel expression and touch of the Sir Humphrey tones. Far more economical.

    Like I say, check out the Cardinal’s very recent travels, consider who he may have met with, compare this with some of the very pointed “dogwhistle” signals that Daphne McLeod most definitely did not mention accidentally in her letter of regret to His Eminence and see if any dots can be joined. Especially considering that the Cardinal has prior form in matters like these and he may be ultra-cautious about what he says and where. And perhaps this was an easy vulnerability that certain savvy individuals exploited?

    I could be wrong, of course. But it seems far too convenient to blame the Soho lot (who are probably besides themselves with glee) as indeed many are, quite understandably. And far too convenient to blame the use of solid, plain English words like “obdurate” when they’re used to convey the sense of meaning when one wishes to say, erm, well…obdurate.

    But it’s always handy to have convenient distractions to lead people to look in the opposite direction from where they should be.

  • EditorCT

    The  good news is that Pro Ecclesia have now invited Father Paul Kramer, expert on Fatima, to replace Cardinal Burke.  Father Kramer is a superb speaker, learned and scholarly yet very easy to listen to – a terrific speaker.

    I’ve heard him speak a couple of times, and I’ve read some of his books - including the excellent The Devil’s Final Battle and I’m currently reading his latest book (just published a couple of weeks ago) entitled The Mystery of Iniquity.

    If you haven’t booked a ticket yet – you  really should.  This will be a fantastic conference.

  • Architrad2001

    The lot of you are idiots!  This guy Graciously agrees to speak and you all play it up and put him in an embarrassing position.  Suddenly he is a Traitor or the Puppet of Sodomites.  Stupid CHILDREN!  

  • Savonarola

    No, sensible is what I meant. Many Catholics think the same and they are just as much “the Church” as those who dictate official teaching.

  • Mary Wrenne

    “When you ask God for the impossible, you are blessed with the incredible”……Congratulations Daphne McLeod, chairman of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice!
    The Reverend Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph.,M.Div.,S.T.L. (Cand.) who has dedicated his life in humility and love to the service of OUR LADY OF FATIMA will fill the shoes of Cardinal Burke. God reward and bless  dear Father Kramer.
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  • Guest

    What a great indicator to let us know that the ProteMasonAtholic bishops inside Christ’s holy Church are well aware that Catholics WANT THEIR CHURCH BACK.

  • Anonymous

    Gregory, you make a very good point about checking out the Cardinal’s company in the past few weeks. In the very same edition of the Catholic Herald that carries a front page report on the Cardinal’s cowardly withdrawal from the PEEP conference, there is a report inside about the Cardinal’s address to the Canon Law Society, where he talks about the need for the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura to be “vigilant” in the administration of Justice in the Church. You truly couldn’t make this stuff up. Totally hilarious. 

  • crouchback

    I understand that the late Basil throtled the late poet Alfred Marnua  on the steps of Westminster Cathedral just after the very first Pro Eclesia  meeting back in 1982.  I was at the meeting , unfortunately I missed the “throtling”….but it was reported to us as we retreated to our Northern fastnest by Brittish Rail  the next day.

    If only we had Auberon Waugh with us in this hour, could you imagine what fun we would be having at the expense of these useless Bishops…..

    What a bunch of……Chancers…..???? 

  • Mary Wrenne

    I absolutely agree with you, Editor CT.This conference will be amazing, for sure, D.V. For those of you who would love to listen to and meet The Rev. Father Kramer again very soon, you are cordially invited to a conference in Ireland, entitled, “What’s happening to the Catholic Church in Ireland?
    KEYNOTE SPEAKER IS The Rev. Father Paul Kramer whose presentation is entltled, “The Mystery of Iniquity in the Secret of Fatima”.
    Venue ; The Westlodge Hotel, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland. Tel; (00) 353 27 50360 and please ask for Eileen O’ Shea, for enquiries.
    Date; ALL DAY, Saturday 24 September, 2011.

    Three other speakers will address the conference. Joe O’ Connell from Cork will speak about “Fatima in Ireland”. Tommy Price from Belfast will address “The Money Question” and from Scotland, Patricia McKeever, editor of Catholic Truth will discuss “What can the laity do?”
    DISCOUNT FOR ALL GUESTS ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE. For more information please see the June edition of “Catholic Truth” or Telephone Mary @ (00) 353 21 4873676.




  • crouchback

    link these words…..

    Arse and  licker…….

    Bene Merenti to the first correct entrant. Bishops conference rules will apply, naturally.

  • crouchback

    Devout and Faithful Catholics…..

    Try repeating over and over…International Bankers…..International Bankers…Bankers…Bankers…..!!!!

    Devout has nothing to do with it…..Bankers.

  • crouchback

    The Bishops of Great Britain are a bunch of International…..Bankers….

    And not very good at their jobs.

    Ever thought of packing it in boys, before you do more harm…???

  • Mary Wrenne

    Are you quiet sure that he’ll turn up?

  • crouchback

    You….YOU……went to hear Basil Brush speaking….

    Have you no Shame….Basil, ranting on about what the late, great Auberon Waugh, called….”Basil Brush’s new kind of Church”….???

    Three tea’s and two wagon wheel’s for your penance.

    Basil Brush……indeed.  The Queen’s Cardinal.

    Same Queen who signed the Abortion Act….remember…???

  • crouchback

    Is …..”beside your self with glee”….the same as wetting your self in NOT anticipating something…??

    Only arsking…????

  • crouchback

    Count me in….work permitting.

  • Anonymous

    I seem to remember from the Gospels that a certain High Priest thought it sensible that Our Lord should die rather than that a whole nation should perish. We all know what transpired on the back of that piece of flawed logic. The sensible thing in the case of condom use, then, is to be guided by the official infallible moral teaching of the Papacy, not the personal musings of a single Pope, keeping in mind the admonition of St. Paul that it is never permissible to say “let us do evil that good may come of it.”

    As regards those “who dictate official teaching,” I assume you refer to the extraordinary and ordinary Magisterium of the Church established by Our Lord. In other words, I assume you reject the dogma of infallibility as exercised by the Pope and the bishops in union with him. If so, then those “many Catholics” you refer to as thinking the same as you are not Catholics at all. They are, in fact, Protestants, who also reject Papal teaching in favour of a-la-carte Christianity.   

  • Parasum

    Those are useful, but they can’t substitute for the bishops. PEEP wasn’t the problem – I’m talking about hecklers. Sorrry, but heckling bishops is rude, ungracious, & not terribly respectful, to put it mildly; especially since PEeP attracts sedevacantists & Palmarians – none of whom are exactly mad keen on the popes since 1963 or so.

    There is no place in the CC for “Catholic Congregationalism”  – bishops are either the legitimate shepherds of the flock committed to their care, or they are not. If to say that is “posing as a Catholic”, or “imitating Pilate”, then so be it.

  • Anonymous

    Straight to the heart of the matter, Martyjo.  Clear, unequivocal and correct. Would that our bishops had such an uncompromising grasp of their responsibilities.

    Let us pray for them that they come to their senses before the dragon’s tail begins its sweep!

    And let us all not forget the new call for 12 million Rosaries before Pentecost 2012 that Our Lady will sort out the diabolical disorientation in the Vatican.,

  • EditorCT

    Mary, just to emphaise that Eileen is the hotel manager and she is only taking calls relating to guest accommodation at the hotel. To book a seat or make any enquiries about the conference itself, ring Mary on the number given. 

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone would agree that bishops are the legitimate shepherds of the flock committed to their care, but that still doesn’t mean that one has to remain silent when they abuse their authority.  Heckling bishops – are you sure you actually went to any of these conferences?  The only member of the hierarchy to have ever spoken at the conferences to date was the late Cdl Basil Hume.  He was not heckled.  I have the full video of his talk here and at no point does anyone heckle him or disrupt his talk – so what can you be referring to?  I clearly remember a certain lay speaker getting heckled by one of the audience once . . . perhaps your memory is playing tricks.  It was quite a long time ago.  You say PEEP attracts sedevacantists and Palmarians – I’m afraid that whenever anyone holds public Catholic events, folk with strange views will always turn up.  I’ve met such types on the London Rosary Crusade and at A Day with Mary . . . it’s just not fair to imply that PEEP caters for people with those views – when it clearly doesn’t – any more than the other two organisations that I mentioned. 

  • Bellevuetarn

    These ‘bishops’ have ‘respect’ only for those who kiss their rings and keep uncritical silence. Being publically told they may be wrong is anathema to them, even if the teller is the Pope himself.

    ‘Divisive’ is code for telling the truth as your interlocutor does not wish to hear it.

    Such is the devotion to the truth of those people who are unable to oversee their own motives and actions and who suppress genuinely Catholic dissent from their neo-modernist and neo-protestant leanings.  

  • Michael O.Leary

    Cardinal Burke is very conservative and  Traditional.The Curia on down is overwelmingly Liberal.,VATICAN 2 WAS hatched to promote ane reform the Church.This movement was not diabolical it was well planed over a period of
    many years. starting the   1940 by the french hierarchy and had the helb of the german theologians led by HANS KUNE..DURING THE PAST 2000 YEARS THE CHURCH FOUGHT HERESY and reform WHICH WERE DIABOLICAL.MANY popes HAD TO FIGHT THE LEGIONS OF SATAN.The church of the Twenty First century needs the prayers and the grace of the HOLY SPIRIT.

  • Bellevuetarn

    And what does that mean? When you boil down what you write to a sort of theological or pietistic reductio ad absurdum it will not cover the rank shame and scandalous enormity of the situation and were it gravy it would not be enough to moisten an individual Yorkshire Pudding.

    If by ‘The church of the Twenty First century’ you mean those who are running the show from liberal and Modernist occupied Rome then save your prayers because it will not stand, It is not of God and it is not the One, True, Catholic and Apostilic Church. Pray for their wretched souls, of course, that they be not cast into the outer darkness on the day of their judgement. God alone knows the number of souls they have defrauded.

    All this talk of the ‘Legions of Satan’ is very fine and surely very laudable but pious words will not be enough to cleanse the Augean Stables. Does anyone seriously believe that the heretics who over almost one hundred years have worked to destroy the visible Church from within are going to be swayed from their abominable course by piety alone? 

    We need real Bishops who plainly, evidsently and indisdputably hold and teach the Catholic Faith that comes to us from the Apostles. We need Bishops and priests who are what they say they are viz. Catholic.

    The ‘eldest daughter of the Church’, France, has played the trollope for decades – where do you think all the corruption of discipline and doctrine comes from, if not from France? The French heirarchy is no more Catholic now than it was at the time it worked so hard to suppress the work of Archbishop Lefebvre, requiescat in pace. They failed, praise be to God.

    ‘Is the Pope a Catholic’ does not sound so funny any more, does it?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely superb post, Bellevuetarn – every word a goldmine!

    Oops. Almost forgot to say – I agree with you!

  • Bellevuetarn

    It is not private grief, Savonarola, and it really should be as much yours as that of the rest of us.

    This ‘disarray in the reactionary camp’ is in reality a mirror image of the scandalous disarray in the Church, as a whole.

    For my part, I remain almost unmoved and most certainly definitely uninspired by the Pope’s words on condoms, per se, but I do think it entirely positive for everyone of us that he dared think outside the box. When he did so during a very correct, academic musing on Islam he was roundly castigated by all the liberal and ‘right thinking’ people.

    Encore, Benedict, encore… you won’t turn me into a liberal protestant but you will have my ever-increasing respect for your intellectual honesty.

  • Bellevuetarn

    It is very kind of you to say so but the simple fact is that I defend only that which I – in common with countless millions of Catholics – received at my parents’ knees. I wish to offend none but I am truly tired of being told what to think by self-styled experts who, if not directly responsible for the mess, were and reman fellow travellers of those who have broken the visible Body of Christ just as well as the work of the crucifixion squad at Calvary.

    We can no longer tell by their actions who is Catholic and who is not. Honest Protestants did not use the Roman Missal because it was too sacrificial and Catholic. Their consciences were not so malleable as to allow that. Now, supposedly ordained catholic presbyters concelebrate with those who are, in reality, laymen – and laywomen.

    So, who knows any more what is what?. How do we sort the sheep from the goats? The only way to be sure of anything is to hold fast to what was always certain – the true Mass and Sacraments. If that displeases Mr Oddie and his liberal, Modernist pals, so be it. I ask only to be allowed to live and die in the peace and Faith of my fathers and my teachers. 

  • Wee Jock

    I suspect that these “devout and faithful” Catholics are none other than Opus Dei.

  • Bellevuetarn

    I would really be interested to know why you say that….do you have reasons?

  • Bellevuetarn

    ‘anti-episcopal’ = NewChurch speak for not liking to listen to the truth

  • Anonymous

    Could be.  Ruth Kelly, the MP/Opus Dei member who said she wouldn’t let her Catholic faith interfere with her work in providing sex education in schools makes her a very typical “devout and faithful” Catholic of the modern hue. Just BEING a (nominal) Catholic in high places is sufficient for the purposes of Opus Dei.

    The key thing is, whoever the puppets were, I have no doubt that it was Archbishop Nichols pulling the strings.

  • Anonymous

    I had to laugh when I came accross this news item.  I have just received my May edition of Christian Order with a flyer insert advertising the conference.  I have thought for some time that there is a tendency for some Catholics to latch onto high ranking prelates who make the right noises and gestures.  You know…they can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.  There are no prelates that I know of, apart from those of the SSPX, who uncompromisingly defend the Catholic Faith.  It is sad but undeniable.

  • Anonymous

    I have just said exactly the same thing in the letter I’m enclosing with Cardinal Burke’s June edition of Catholic Truth.  The laity are having to look to the SSPX bishops for leadership – something which fills us, not just with sadness, but with righteous anger as well. 

    So, Newtemplar, this is clearly  a case of great minds thinking alike…

  • Dolan157

    Cardinal Burke is known as bully Burke according to some “faithful and devout” catholics in his previous diocese in the United States. Common sense says that he cannot be traditional as he is part of a RAGING MODERNIST regime in Rome. The evidence for this RAGING MODERNISM is overwhelming for those who seek it, so why has  Cardinal Burke been elevated into some kind of champion of Tradition when Tradition is despised by
    Rome,including by Pope Benedict.   Christian Order has recently pulled the veil of deceit away and exposed the toxic actions of recent Popes particularly those highlighted by a true Catholic hero, 93 year old Fr. Luigi Villa who received a mandate off both Pius X11 and St.Padre Pio 50 years ago to “tear away the mask” of ecclesiastical masonry.  The evidence shows the current regime to be no less toxic,just more sutble.                                                                                                                                               
    If PEEP could invite him to speak, he could enlighten English Catholics and those afflicted by the curse of papalotry of the real causes of the Church’s demise, that it came not just from bad Bishops but, as the 3rd secret of Fatima (as yet unreleased) said , the apostasy will start at the top.

    Fr. Villa has risked his life to defend the Tradition of the Church over many years, and his contribution would be far better than a talk off a modernist prelate who is helping to destroy it. What do they say, when you sup with the devil use a long spoon. Perhaps PEEP won’t make the same mistake again!

  • Jamesmaherne

    research over the last few days seems to show that Cardinal Burke is in fact a member of the royal
    Christian Masonic order of the Red Cross of be a member of that order one has had to be a craft mason for some years and a member of a lodge,so perhaps the local members of the big eye
    did not want the cardinal addressing a group called PeeP! Food for thought or should that be meditation?

  • Savonarola

    With the magisterium to keep you straight you clearly have no need of God. He could only get in the way and subvert your religious self-assurance – as Jesus did. If the current unedifying spat demonstrates anything, it is the unreliability of the authority of the Church. You admirer below writes of “diabolical disorientation in the Vatican.” Oh dear, not even the magisterium can be trusted.

  • Wee Jock

    My experience of Opus Dei is that although they are in many ways orthodox, they tend to have a distorted notion of obedience that accepts every decision of a bishop as somehow god-given. For them any criticism of a bishop is un-Catholic even when that bishop is acting in a way that undermines the Catholic faith. 

    As Daphne McLeod points out in her letter to Cardinal Burke, she lost the support of the Opus Dei priest in question when she started to raise the alarm about false catechesis in Catholic schools. 

  • Bellevuetarn

    I understand. Sounds like the usual sort of ‘bishop worship’ we are almost daily encouraged to show to the heirarchy, especially when they are not showing themselves to be exactly Catholic in their teaching or behaviour. 

  • Anonymous

    One must first understand Catholic teaching on the function of the Magisterium, especially the infallible Magisterium, before one can enter into debate about it. But in order to understand and accept it, one must first have the supernatural gift of the Catholic Faith.
    This line says everything that needs saying in respect to your position. “With the Magisterium to keep you straight you clearly have no need of God. He could only get in the way and subvert your religious self-assurance – as Jesus did.”

    It is first worthy of mention that Jesus declared that He had come to confirm and fulfill the law, not to abolish it. It was not the law Jesus was opposed to, God forbid, as St. Paul says, but rather the pride of its administrators, who strained on a gnat but swallowed a camel. It’s a bit like those today who speak of human dignity, yet promote anti-life agendas.
    As for self assurance, it is precisely God who operates through the infallible Magisterium, guaranteeing the faithful that they are on the straight path. Remember the words of Our Lord to St. Peter: To thee I give the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” And again: whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth shall be bound also in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth shall be loosed also in heaven.” Condoms are forbidden by the infallible Magisterium, this makes the law binding in heaven.
    To reject infallible teaching, therefore, is to rebel not against man but against God Himself. If you and other condom promoters want to rebel in this way, then there is nothing I or anyone can say to deter you. One either holds the Catholic Faith in its entirely, faith being a supernatural gift from God, or one does not, in which case one is no longer a Catholic. It’s really very simple.

  • Wee Jock

    I also think Daphne McLeod may suggesting that this is the group in question in her letter to Cardinal Burke.

  • Joan

    It is terrible to think that the stuff in your comments, which is basic Catholic teaching, nothing more, needs to be spelt out to people like Savonarola  and is regarded as high scholarship by others. It is basic teaching, what we used to know before we were given our school RI certificate, not so long ago. How these people got to be so ignorant of such basic stuff, is a real mystery to me.

  • Joan

    “When you ask God for the impossible, you are blessed with the incredible”.  That’s great!  I will remember that, Mary Wrenne. Thank you  for posting that.

  • Anonymous

    Joan, you are absolutely right! One of the worst products of Vatican II has been precisely what Daphne McLeod has been talking about for years, namely the death of Catholic education. How can they know about the Magisterium when they can’t even recite the Hail Mary! Many of the older ones, however, do know Church teaching, but have rejected it.

  • GFFM

    There is much in these posts I agree with, but I cannot agree with Burke being called cowardly. I know personally that this isn’t the case and I have personally been present when he has spoken and acted in defense of the Church when no other bishop or priest could be bothered. There is a great deal of disappointment in these posts and many give him too much credit for being cagey, politically savvy, and concerned about how his visit to England would have played with the high-ups in the Vatican and on and on. Let me say categorically he has little in common with the likes of Fisichella, Sodano or Re. He does not belong to the “insider” club in the VAtican and he does not participate in what can be called “insider thinking.” Rightly or wrongly, I have no doubt he acted in good conscience after being given some worldly advice. Within the American bishops conference, it is reasonably safe to say he is somewhat marginalized or at the very least seen as “divisive” because of his canonical opinion on the duties of Catholic politicians, his abiding defense of the unborn and the elderly, and his staunch defense of the liturgical patrimony of the Church. In his last diocese, just about everything he put in place to revivify the Church has been undone by many who worked for him–who, by the way, were embarrassed by his orthodoxy. His fault with regard to Pro Ecclesia is that he took advice which was woefully short-sighted. That said, Pro Ecclesia would do well to quit the excoriation and keep the lines of communication open. The Cardinal needs loyalty amongst the faithful in order to play to his major strength: his unshakable faith in the Church in all that she teaches. Prudential disagreement over certain decisions he has made and will make are to be expected.

  • EditorCT

    The bottom line is this:  Cardinal Burke has withdrawn from a Conference at the last minute and by his own admission, he is responding to complaints from allegedly devout and faithful Catholics – a calculated insult to Pro Ecclesia -are they not “devout and faithful Catholics”? 

    Nobody questions his previous stance on pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion but that’s a bit like praising your local butcher for not selling poisoned meat. Basic. And, anyway, like so many ambitious priests, now that he’s got into high office, he’s playing along with the establishment. Pope Benedict ignored all the data he’d long known about when he praised the UK bishops and said that the Church here is strong. Baloney.  And now, Cardinal Burke prefers to appease the liberals than do what he has a reputation for doing, speaking out without compromise. Apart from pro-life issues (very basic stuff) he’s not done that regarding the crisis in the Church, as far as I know. This was his golden opportunity to do so and he backed out. Cowardly is the only word that keeps coming to my mind.