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Vatican: girls are not permitted to serve at old Mass

By on Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Altar servers kneel during Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Basilica of St John Lateran in Rome (CNS photo)

Altar servers kneel during Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Basilica of St John Lateran in Rome (CNS photo)

The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei has clarified that girls are not allowed to serve at the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

It made clear that the Instruction on Summorum Pontificum, Universae Ecclesiae, does not permit female altar servers at the older Mass.

Universae Ecclesiae states “the Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum derogates from those provisions of law, connected with the Sacred Rites, promulgated from 1962 onwards and incompatible with the rubrics of the liturgical books in effect in 1962″. Permission for female altar servers came with the Circular Letter of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments of 1994. However, the rubrics of the 1962 Missal did not allow for females on the sanctuary during Mass.

The letter, signed by Mgr Guido Pozzo, Secretary of Ecclesia Dei, said that “permitting female altar servers does not apply to the Extraordinary Form”.

Fr Alban McCoy, university chaplain at Cambridge, has celebrated the Extraordinary Form with female altar servers. He said he did not seek to include women in his team of servers but “decided not to refuse the request of two young women to serve in the old form”.

His team includes six boys and four girls. “We have one team of servers for all Masses – Ordinary and Extraordinary; one rite of liturgy, one set of servers.”

A spokesman for the Latin Mass Society said the clarification was “significant” and that all bishops should practice in accordance with what has been stated in the letter.

  • Fraida

    You forget that Our Lord gave the power to the Church when He gave the Keys to Peter – and he gave the power to bind and loose on earth – if you care to read the bible.  The Church has stated that it is theologically impossible to ordain women because Christ was a man and the subject is closed – and so that is bound in heaven “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”.  I’m sure you’re quite capable of looking up the passage and reading it for yourself.

  • Fraida

    Well you do nothing for womenhood, Jackie, by saying you feel “hurt”.  All you are doing is swallling the drivvel that has been fed to you by feminists over the years – wanna-be men – with all the problems in the world, perhaps it’s time they grew up and feel “hurt” about the abortions and the starving people in this world. 

  • Fraida

    Grow up – you make women seem silly – like all feminists!

  • Guest

    Do you think you are going to see Him face to face?

  • filipino catholics

    1 Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

  • kenya catholic

    I will not tell you.

  • Gerardodonnell8

    Neoliberalism, social engineering, and feminist militants aligned to the LBGT agenda is destroying our society’s   Men no longer understand their role in modern society.  Militant feminism is breaking our family units, and if woman listened to the message from ‘Our Lady’ they would understand that they play a ”definitive role”.  Surely they are not blind to the destruction of our once socially cohesive society’s. Feminise your menfolk and we are doomed!