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Bishops urge faithful to mark Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

By on Friday, 18 November 2011

Queen Elizabeth II (Chris Jackson/PA)

Queen Elizabeth II (Chris Jackson/PA)

The bishops of England and Wales have urged parishes to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Masses on Trinity Sunday.

In a statement released at the end of their plenary meeting at Hinsley Hall in Leeds, the bishops said: “The Bishops’ Conference requests that on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Sunday June 3 2012, each parish will celebrate a Mass with prayers to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“During this Mass, the first reading is replaced by 1 Kings 3:11–14 and the Prayer for the Queen, which has been approved by the bishops, is used after the post-Communion prayer and before the final blessing.”

The Prayer for the Queen reads:

V. O Lord, save Elizabeth, our Queen.
R. And hear us on the day we call upon you.

V. O Lord, hear my prayer.
R. And let my cry come before you.

V. The Lord be with you.
R. And with your spirit.

Almighty God, we pray, that your servant Elizabeth, our Queen, who, by your providence has received the governance of this realm, may continue to grow in every virtue, that, imbued with your heavenly grace, she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil and, being blessed with your favour may, with her consort and the royal family, come at last into your presence, through Christ who is the way, the truth and the life and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen.

  • Mikethelionheart

    I will not be marking this meaningless occasion.
    Why am I being told by my country’s bishops to consider this something of any importance what so ever?
    Why is it that the only time I ever see our bishops or cardinals is at royal or government functions?
    I should be seeing them tending thier flocks.
    Unfortunately, there are many Catholic priests and bishops who love to hang around with the great and the good but would rather do anything than be with ‘lower’ Catholics.
    Far too much snobbery still going on.
    It is the jobs of our bishops to teach and tend to us, not to inform me that I should consider a bunch of parasite royals of any importance at all.

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem praying for the Queen. Bur really! The Bishops jobs are to lead and teach their flocks. Something most have no idea of how to put into practice. How typical of them to fuss about this when so many other issues need urgent attention.

  • HR

    Oh dear, this is very worrying; perhaps they’ll cancel the Jubilee, if you’re not going to be marking it.
    If you want to see your local bishop, then why not attend a church service at which you know he’ll be present?

  • Mikethelionheart

    “Oh dear, this is very worrying; perhaps they’ll cancel the Jubilee, if you’re not going to be marking it.”

    Oh dear, how sad you feel the need to post this. Can’t you just say what you have to say?

    “If you want to see your local bishop, then why not attend a church service at which you know he’ll be present?”

    Why is it that non-Catholic ‘great and good’ seem to be visited by our bishops more often than my church?

  • Mikethelionheart

    Too true teigitur.
    Good post.

  • Little Black Censored

    “How typical of them to fuss about this when so many other issues need urgent attention”
    I wonder how much “fuss” it actually took, and how much of a distraction from “other issues” it actually was. “This ought ye to have done, and not left the other undone.”

  • Parasum

    Typical episcopal creeping – do they think people are entirely blind ? They should long ago have included prayer for the Monarch and for the ministers of the Crown in the Intercessions at Mass. That is what the old liturgies do, and that is how Christians are bidden to pray in the NT.  The Book of Common Prayer is absolutely right to include such a prayer. The CC ought in the UK to adopt the same prayer, which is pre-Reformation in any case. The collect printed above is a pale shadow of the prayer in the BCP – like so much in English Catholic worship, which nicks stuff from other sources & mangles it in the process. That’s what comes of being forbidden to develop a vernacular liturgy and of kow-towing to Rome :( If Rome were in good faith, it would allow us to have our own English – not Anglicised – liturgy for English Catholics, drawing on an English past, & not on effete Roman fancies.  If the Orthodox can be de-Romanised, so can the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    @ Parasum…..Sounds like you do not like being a ROMAN Catholic. Whilst it would be great if the whole world were in the Church, there is no necessity to stay. Sounds like you like the jolly old C of E better anyway.

  • Alcuin the Outraged

    This has a note of treason to it.  Off to the Tower with this papist.

  • Lawrence Nyankwarara

    All of you who have responded negatively over the Bishop`s suggestion,you are ant-catholic church.Is it bad for sure the Church to pray for your Queen? Am an African from Uganda,but i have learnt a lot from the ant-catholic church.What you should know is that the catholic church does not segregate like you protestants do.So,the church will continue doing it`s job as it supposed.Those who are ant-catholic church should also look at what the church has put in place so that you can start commenting.It`s obvious that what the catholic church has put in place in the whole world,the protestant church will never do it.
    Lawrence,from Uganda East Africa,

  • Lawrence

    You are ant-catholic church.

  • Philipgilligan

    Why is this trivia headlined and prioritized in a report from the bishops’ conference, when they have finally admitted on the 10th anniversary of their acceptance of the Nolan Report into sexual abuse of children by clergy both that “Survivors of abuse who come to the
    Church for pastoral help rightly expect to be welcomed and listened to,
    and to be understood and supported.” and that “As
    Bishops, we acknowledge this has not been adequately developed as an
    integral part of our safeguarding work.” (see, ?

  • Michelle Eves

    I dont have any problems with is as our Anglican church recently had to write to our clergy and tell him either to cite prayers for our Archibishops, Queen and Country before any he wishes to offer on behalf of the roman pontiff; or leave. He still here drawing his wages and seems to have amended his ways.

  • Michelle Eves

    No, we just worship Jesus Christ !

  • Anonymous

    Whatever else may be said about her, Elizabeth is and always has been a good, Christian woman. As monarch, she has done her fallible best to lead by good example. As Christians, even the republicans among us should rejoice that the throne has been held so long by such a person. What would you rather have as a head of state – somebody elected like Sarkozy or Putin?

    The bishops are right to lead English and Welsh Catholics in giving thanks for Elizabeth’s reign.

  • Marion_Upon_St_Blogs

    I am only an American, and so perhaps have no business writing about the question of British Catholics praying for their queen who is the Head of an ecclesial community which separated itself from the Church Our Lord Jesus Christ established. This separation came at the cost of much upheaval and bloodshed, and even after the violence abated, those who remained loyal to the Church were stigmatized as unpatriotic or even traitorous.

    Nevertheless, is not the example of Christians in Apostolic times applicable here? They were directed to pray for the civil authorities, some of whom would have been responsible for the arrest and crucifixion of the Master Himself, and would have been involved in the subsequent arrests and trials of His followers.

    Therefore, it would seem that to the extent that the sovereign is Head of Government, it is just and charitable for all his or her subjects to pray for the sovereign, as well as for the members of the Cabinet, for the members of Parliament, for civil servants, judges, local leaders and also for those who serve in your military, your police officers, and firefighters. All in government deserve our prayers. And that on a daily basis, along with our prayers for our own families, for our health, for the souls of the faithful departed, and for all our other affairs that we pray for daily . . . our civil leaders should be included in those prayers. And it seems to me that our intention for those leaders should be that the good God would guide, strengthen, and enlighten them to walk according to His will, and that He would teach them to walk in His ways, and would inspire them to seek to serve Him most faithfully as they perform their duties here on Earth.

    Maybe anniversaries, national holidays, and jubilees of any given sovereign come and go, and may or may not be especially marked by British Catholics. But should not British Catholics be praying for the sovereign and for all civil authorities at least every Sunday, as well as every day?

  • Dissenter

    So we have to pray for a family of parasites, living in rich oppulence whilst hundreds sleep on the streets of our capital. My guess is Jesus would rather we went out to feed the hungry and give shelter to the poor.

  • Skywalker

    I can’t believe there’s a chance I can hear this prayer in my church. I don’t wish any ill on the monarch but praying for the head of an establishment which currently does not accept Catholics (can a catholic become king or queen, prime minister etc never mind the govt agenda facing catholic education) is quite simply insulting. I’ll prayer for the individual gladly but not the establishment she represents. Let’s not even start talking about the historical context.

  • Flabellum

    Remarkably similar to the prayer we used to say (in Latin) after High Mass on Sundays

  • padelispol

    Firstly i would politely remind everyone that civilisations, nations and cultures have been changing, moving and altering continuously especially in this Europe of ours since we’ve been recording history. 

    On that note i will have to inform you that there are thousands (if not millions) of Catholics in London and UK in general of non British descent, but citizens non the less, who don’t give a rat’s ass about the Royals, the Anglicans and similar controversies and would demand more purely Catholic oriented writings, subjects and prayers than praying for their Queen. 


  • Tridentinus

    This prayer with the invocations were in the pre-vatican II Missal has been used to pray for Kings, Emperors and Princes for centuries. Anyone familiar with Gounod’s St Cecilia Mass will remember the tremendous finale “Domine, salvum fac Imperatorem nostrum Napoleonem’. Exactly the same invocation followed by the prayer was used when I was a child and a young man with the names of George and later Elizabeth replacing that of Napoleon every Sunday after the principal Mass. It appears to have fallen into disuse along with a whole host of other pious, Catholic practices after the liturgical reforms of Vatican II were imposed upon the Church.

  • archbish and nemesis

    What a joke. Even were one to accept monarchy as suitable system of government and one were to concede that god appointed them the house of saxe-coburg-gotha are not the legitimate monarchy. We have been living under pretenders since that traitor Henry Tudor and his heretic son