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Charlie Sheen stepped in to save The Way, says father

By on Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Martin Sheen says his son Charlie is on a 'different Camino' (Photo: PA)

Martin Sheen says his son Charlie is on a 'different Camino' (Photo: PA)

The actor Martin Sheen has revealed in an interview with The Catholic Herald that the film The Way could not have been made without his troubled youngest son Charlie.

In an interview to be published on Friday, Mr Sheen said the film was a family project which was not funded by any major studio.

“At a critical point”, he said, when they did not have enough money to re-cut the film for the US market, Charlie “came through with the dough for it, and we’re deeply indebted to him for that. He’s one of our biggest supporters in this film, and we couldn’t have done it without him.”

He added: “I think that that should be known about him along with everything else.”

Charlie has been battling with drug and alcohol problems and was dismissed from the US sitcom Two and a Half Men earlier this year after criticising Warner Bros and series creator Chuck Lorre.

In the interview, his father Martin said that Charlie was “travelling a slightly different road from some of us – he’s on a different Camino, let’s say”, adding: “But we’re all pilgrims, after all, and his journey is not over yet.”

The Way, about a bereaved father who goes on pilgrimage along the Way of St James in northern Spain, starred Martin Sheen and was directed by his eldest son Emilio Estevez.

The interview is published in this week’s issue of The Catholic Herald. The issue includes a 16-page supplement, with contributions from Fr Aidan Nichols, Fr Robert Barron, Melanie McDonagh, Stephen Hough and Fr Gerald O’Collins.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Sheen seems like a good person who was driven insane by too much fame and money.

  • Kevinakoppmeier

    I was planning on watching this film until I learned about Charlie’s involvement. I have only seen one episode of Two and Half Men(this season’s premiere). I watched that just to support the decision to fire Sheen.

  • FrWest

    It’s a good movie. It would be stupid not to watch it because Charlie Sheen helped produce it. If the movie helps people find God it could cover a multitude of sins. 

  • Mwild63

    We are taught to judge not,only God sees into our hearts,I am looking forward to watching the film.

  • Bbshort

    response to kevin, Jesus said to love, everyone, regardless of their lifestyle.  To encourage those who are troubled, giving them sound virtuous advice and backing this advice with, real labor. Your labor of love, prayer, and watching out for them, giving assistance, listening to their souls pain, washing their stains. They are ill. They need the Doctor to Heal them. And your assistance is required, not your hate.  You judge as the heathens do and you do not show Christ Likeness in saying such things to sinners, whom Jesus came to save.  We all are born, in Sin, and thus, man is sinful even in the holiest one. We have not reached Heaven yet. This means, we are still in the wake of sin and struggle, and you just sinned by venting your hatred to Mr. Sheen, and thus we all read your comment, which is not becoming of Christ. Therefore I encourage you to seek the Lord and have Him form your heart and soul in love. For God is Love, not ‘hate.’  Every thought from God’s Heart which is formed perfectly in Love, does not hate. Not one spec is hate. Man is a fallen race. Each man needs assistance to rise up from the ashes. No one is perfect down below. The perfect have reached Heaven. Perfect in Love.  We all strive for this perfection so long as we commune with God, and talk with Him daily throughout each day. The Sacraments are a great medicine for all men. God bless.

  • Christopher J. Moore

    I watched this film yesterday and would thoroughly recommend it. I would suggest watching it in small groups and include the interviews with Martin Shee and Emilio Estevez too. It would be a good film to use in parishes for groups of returning Catholics or others interested in the Catholic faith.

  • Guest

    Dunno. Sounds more like a a validation of Shaw’s remark that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Mind you, Jesus can also be the last refuge of a scoundrel, when we look at such as Newton or Augustine or the soldier, Francis.

  • Christopher Huber

    God helps everyone who asks. Maybe Charlie needs just to shout a bit. God is listening or Charlie would haven’t helped his family. So maybe Charlie is just lost on the road without his flashlight, & if he finds the batteries God left him, he will find his way back.

  • Jdc1066

    What an amazing & perfect response to such a sad & unfortunate comment. Thank you Bbshort.