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Irish ‘Catholic Voices’ is established

By on Friday, 17 February 2012

An Irish equivalent to the lay group Catholic Voices has been established.

Catholic Comment, like its British equivalent, has been formed to prepare a team of lay people to speak about the Catholic faith in the media. It is currently looking for potential speakers, and those selected will be offered media training and briefings on topical issues as they prepare for TV and radio appearances.

The project directors will include independent senator Rónán Mullen, former management consultant, Catríona Curran, theology student Maura Garrihy and barrister Lorcán Price.

Petra Conroy, the project co-ordinator, said: “Despite the challenges and crises of recent years, the Catholic faith matters to very many people in Ireland. There are thousands of people with a sincere commitment to the mission and teachings of the Church. Yet the media often has a hard job finding people who can speak confidently.”

Miss Conroy said that the group had received unofficial support already: “We are not an official body. But we aim to support the Church’s own communications efforts by offering a team of well-informed lay people. The Eucharistic Congress will be a time of heightened interest in Catholicism and we will assist journalists looking for people of faith who are ready and able to speak.”

Catholic Voices was established in the run-up to Pope Benedict’s visit in 2010, and Miss Conroy said: “Our style of communication will be very similar.”

Those interested in becoming speakers are invited to contact Petra Conroy before March 6 at

  • David Devinish

    Well, why do you not check out what he has written before making such rash statements. If you are an erudite scholar then you should find this easy to do. In psychodynamic terms because you used the word (Carleton) instead of Charlatan it makes clear that you are careless and undisciplined in your thinking and it is doubtful if you have any academic qualifications and perhaps you may be the Charlatan.If you break the Eight Commandment of God (thou shall not bear false witness) and make scurrilous and reckless allegations about someone’s character, when you cannot possibly know anything whatever about J P McFall. His writing style, syntax and prose are absolutely perfect and denotes evidence of him having a serious literary background. Your hostile retort is meaningless and says more about the deficits in your character, than those of the person that you have chosen to slander without good reason. If you are so clever and so learned then state your case, clearly and set out your main areas of concern. Why do you not present a cogent response pointing out where Mr McFall is mistaken, and confront the issue in a dignified and educated manner rather than making defamatory  ‘guttersnipe’  comments. I feel sure that he would be most delighted to read your rendition and he would gladly respond to your sort of “erudite” scholarship. However, I expect that my beard will have grown long and grey before I read anything knowledgeable or cultured, or anything of any importance from you..

  • Jane Brady

    I do not always subscribe to the views of Mr McFall, and they are sometimes frighteningly insensitive, abrupt and hurtful to some, but I doubt if he is a charlatan. He has stated elsewhere that he is elderly and at one time was an ordained priest. I suspect that he would not write anything without checking it out thoroughly before writing; because academics of his era were highly trained and were very particular. The point he continuously makes is that the church has made catastrophic mistakes in the past 50 years and that Vatican II has gone seriously wrong insofar that the sanctity, sacredness and holiness of the church has been replaced with stylish, chic and trendy modernity that has caused a big ‘dumb-down’ in the integrity of all clergy from the very top of The Catholic Church to the church mouse.

  • P J McFall

    You write a very strange post with an inexcusable spelling mistake that renders the whole message worthless. Then you enter into obscure senselessness with you reference to avatar, that is completely out of context. Because I spent many years in India as a missionary, I am familiar with the concept of avatar (incarnation) of a deity, particularly Vishnu. There are ten avatars as I recall, but what on earth have they got to do with the topic in question?I do not mind you denigrating me in the least, because that is what people with stagnant minds do, because they cannot think or reason, so they resort to pseudo, obscure, and incomprehensible linguistic ranting in the hope of being thought of as intellectual. If you disagree with me or any post, may I suggest that you respond with a reasoned discourse.

  • EditorCT

    Are you serious?  If he was that particular he’d have paid closer attention to Our Lord’s warning about putting your hand to the plough and then looking back.  Being ordained and having abandoned one’s ministry, does not entitle one to be regarded as an expert on anything at all. And as for your suspicioun that he would not write anything without checking it out thoroughly beforehand – well, take a peek at his sources for “no crucifixion”

    I have no idea if “Dr McFall” is a charlatan or not – but if he means it when he denies basic tenets of the Faith (such as Christ’s crucifixion) then he is not, by definition, a Catholic. End of.

  • Claude Gavroche

    You should specify what you mean by “This is quite apparent from the lack of erudite knowledge in his posts”. I do not know what your understanding of erudite is, but the term is usually to used to mean that a person is well educated and very knowledgeable. It is clear from his writing that that Mr McFall is extremely well read and experienced in research methods. I say this because I have checked some of his understanding about Pius XII, and I can verify that the physical and mental health of Pope Pius XII after WWII gave serious rise for concern. Even for those who do not agree with his point of view, one can recognise that he has extremely accurate information about the inner workings of the Catholic Church. It would seem to me that if you are a committed Catholic then you are morally obliged to justify your assertion that Mr McFall is a Charlatan (a fraud) or else withdraw the insinuation that he has no academic qualifications. Anyhow let us all have the benefit of your intellectual, ecclesiastical and scholastic prowess on the error of his ways, and how he might return to the fold, after all is it not the chief objective of the Catholic Church to save souls for the greater glory of God and from the eternal fires of hell. I await to read your expert and erudite exposition on this issue.

  • Fear Ialtóg

    PJ McFall is the exact same persona as Dr PJ McFall when one clicks to view their Disqus Profile. Dr PJ is the persona he uses on the Irish Independent Newspaper website where his posts are anything but erudite. The confusion may be due to the same email address as PJ and Dr PJ. However as this is the internet one has to allow for the possibility that there can be another charlatan masquerading as PJ McFall. However if one were to click on the graphic of next to PJ McFall it reveals his profile and alter ego as Dr. PJ McFall. The persona of Dr. PJ as I have suggested is a charlatan. (a misspelling in my previous post but the point was made! And I blame the spell checker.) I have not sought to challenge any of your assertions only the claim to have a doctorate which is laughable.

  • Fear Ialtóg

    Click on the graphic next to his name and look for the posts on the Irish Independent website. You will notice that his persona there is Dr PJ. He comes across as quite ignorant there. It maybe that he is trying to geode people into certain reactions but most of all he comes across as quite ignorant on that particular website. I do admire your devotion and blind defence of a charlatan that masquerades with different personas and expresses opinions that are anti Catholic and are born of more of prejudice than erudition.

  • Fear Ialtóg

    On this website he may well be an ex-priest. On other websites where this/his profile appears, the persona is that of an anti-catholic bigot. Perhaps PJ’s greatest mistake is to use the same email address for both his personas. You will notice that I made no comment on the issues he raised. I only commented with regard to the bona fides of someone calling themselves “Doctor” thus claiming academic qualifications, falsely.

  • Fear Ialtóg

    A spelling error but your comments illustrate you know exactly what I meant. Sometimes I give too much trust to my spell checker. It can be very Anglo-centric. Your devotion is blind and your defence is laughable especially when I was not commenting on the validity of his arguments only on the claim to have a Doctorate which I now see he only makes on other websites. If I had attempted an erudite refutation of his arguments it would still go over the head fanatics.

  • Jane Brady

    You are a card! It is quite permissible for people to use different screen names. You are using a screen name and you have not declared your true identity. I have read Jack McFall’s blogs in the Irish Independent regarding the closure of the Vatican embassy, and he made sense to me. So what if he writes under different names that does not make him a charlatan, because many writers have pseudonyms and non de plumes. He has made no attempt to deceive anybody, otherwise he would not have used the same initials and same surname because any clown would be able to associate the two names, as you have done. It seems that you wish to embarrass him for whatever reason. Again, you resort to calumny and detraction without just reason. You do not know anything about this man and yet you wish to expose him in the same way as Herod tried to expose Jesus as a charlatan. This is a case of cognitive dissonance insofar that you hide behind a pseudonym, and accuse Mr McFall of doing the same thing. You claim to be a righteous Catholic, and in the same breath you rashly break the Eight Commandment of God, which exposes you to be very uncharitable and a little bit nasty. You say that he is not an erudite scholar, but it is clear that you have made no attempt to find out, because if you had you had searched university year books, (his goes back hundreds of years) you would have discovered his Alma Mater and prestigious academic record. Your motivation concerning Mr McFall is hostile and destructive and you resort to slander and defamation in order to denigrate and devalue another human being without one iota of evidence other than your own spurious supposition. Has it occurred that some people may know your real identity and expose your reasons for your hostile escapade. Cognitive Dissonance is a polite way of telling you that you are guilty of the very thing of which you accuse Mr McFall.  I am too polite and charitable to say what the colloquial idiom is for this sort of behaviour.Jane Brady AKA Mary Jane Brady, and Mary Brady. Do I have to go to Alcatraz?

  • Bill Wilkinsin

    Unlike you sir, I do not jump to conclusions or make rash accusations about anybody, but I can make an assumption because of your name that you are Irish or have Irish connections. The reason I mention this is because your behaviour reminds me of when I attended The Christian Brothers School in Dublin. They used the same tactic as you do to shame and humiliate children, especially those from poor backgrounds, and of the most pupils who attended James’s Street School were very poor indeed. So as well as hammering people to pulp, they insulted and mocked the children , but they then said the Angelus and taught Catechism. I am just wondering if you learned your double standards and hostility at the behest of the Irish Christian Brothers. Either way, it is ill thought out, defensive attitudes like yours that are bringing the Roman Catholic Church to it’s knees, because it’s ideals have become shallow and they can no longer trusted. Perhaps you are a catholic priest? If not you should be !!

  • EditorCT

    Please! “calumny and detraction” – defined under “old chestnuts.” 
    Give us a break.

    Nobody needs to know anything about McFall other than his denial of Christ’s crucifixion.  End of.  Doesn’t matter how many doctorates he claims to have, he’s not, by definition, a Catholic. End (again) of.

  • EditorCT

    Fear Ialtóg                     

    Don’t waste your time – this “Dr” is an eccentric, to say the least. He has decidedly anti-Catholic beliefs so any claim to academic qualifications is irrelevant. Notice how suddenly I was persona VERY gratis just because I told him I had a Master of Theology Degree. He’s in the same intellectual league as someone who thinks juries are infallible (I had someone argue with me recently that my claims that a convict might be innocent, rubbished with the non-argument “didn’t a jury hear the evidence and find him guilty?” as if that meant “Rome has spoken, the case is finished”!  I provided a list of rogue jury convictions beginning with the Birmingham since, but people who don’t want to see, remain blind. So save your energy and your “pearls”  We’re dealing with the Gospel “swine” here.

  • EditorCT

    “Birmingham since” should be “Birmingham Six.” Apologies for typo.

  • EditorCT

    A tad racist, Sir.  A tad racist.

  • Fear Ialtóg

    Yes many of us use “nom de plumes” including me! I make no claim to be a “righteous Catholic” where did you read that? I admit I know nothing of Dr/Mr McFall I work on the assumption that this is a “nom de plume”. My comments are hostile because of what he wrote on another site and I contend that his comments serve prejudice before reason. All will be explained in my new response.

  • Fear Ialtóg

     “The famine story was a Irish Catholic myth of anti-British propaganda”

    So the Catholic Church broke into a hostile protestant parliament,
    beguiled its members and rewrote British history. They invented the
    “Gregory clause” and inserted fictitious debates into the British
    parliamentary record. What is even more impressive is that it was
    achieved under the nose of the many Anglican Bishops sitting in the
    house of Lords and the heavily armed supreme governor of the Anglican

    You argue that starving people should have engaged in crop rotation, eat
    “delicious fish” and hunt rabbits. You take no account of the role of
    governmental economic policies, landlordism, repression,
    providentialism, navigation acts, taxes, rents, access to a cash income
    ad inf. Yet you feel justified to call these unfortunate people

    It was not possible to do crop rotation when people were only allowed to
    rent only one quarter of an acre. No other crop was available that was
    as productive per area as the potato or had even the same nutritional
    value. Also the landlords charged high rent would not rent another
    field. Farmers could not work to improve the land as landlords would not
    grant them fixture of tenure for fear of them gaining rights to the
    land. Like the Highland clearances in Scotland they wanted rid of their
    tenants replacing them with sheep. – A more valuable commodity than

    Fishing was not possible because the river and fish in it were owned by
    the landlords and heavily guarded by armed game keepers. Poachers got
    arrested or were shot, jailed or were transported. The landlords were
    not going to give their fish to anyone without money.

    Your opinions on the famine serve prejudice more than reason. I
    respectfully you don’t know your arse from your elbow on this subject
    and thus, this expression of incompetence undermines your overall

    Note the grammar error your sentence quoted and the following spelling
    errors in your posts “MagicIn”, “at it’s”, “Connamera”, “so that I cane
    be a better person”. Looks like we all make spelling errors thus people
    in Mushroom sheds should throw carrots.

    McFall’s original post is available here

  • Fear Ialtóg

    What a great collection of prejudices you have. “Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.”

  • Bill Wilkinsin

    I cannot see how I am racist because I am Irish. I was brought up in The Liberties (the slums of Dublin) and I made a rational assumption by deduction because of his name that his gentleman was also Irish and his uncharitable behaviour denotes similar characteristics to those of the Irish Christian Brothers. I have not belittled Ireland or the Irish of which I am proud to be. What I have stated about the Irish Christian Brothers can be substantiated thousands of times over, they were monsters, as indeed was the whole ethos of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. I do not think that Mr McFall requires all this attention; he is probably deeply amused by all of this. I estimate his age to be in the mid eighties from what has been stated, and what sort of person chooses to bully or intimidate an old man. Finally, there is growing evidence that the story of the Crucifixion and the Nicene Creed were fabricated by Constantine in a way that he could exonerate the Romans from their presecution of Christians and transfer the blame to the Jewish race. The people were made to accept this edict under pain of death, much in the same way that Sharia law is enforced within some Muslim communities. There is no proof whatsoever that Jesus Christ ever existed. It is a bit like asking if “John Smith” had ever committed a crime in the past 500 years in the US or the UK. That is how nebulous the story of the crucifixion is, and that is why more and more people do not believe in it anymore.