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Bishop urges faithful to face ‘the reality of hell’ in Lent

By on Friday, 24 February 2012

Bishop Mark Davies says the shortness of our lives should shape our priorities (Photo: Mazur/

Bishop Mark Davies says the shortness of our lives should shape our priorities (Photo: Mazur/

The Bishop of Shrewsbury will urge Catholics to confront the “terrifying reality” of hell in a Lenten pastoral letter this Sunday.

Quoting from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Bishop Mark Davies will remind his flock of the “terrifying reality of which the Gospel repeatedly speaks: ‘immediate and everlasting damnation’”.

“For ‘to die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love,’ the Catechism explains, ‘means remaining separated from him for ever by our own free choice.’ Yes, this is the real and everlasting choice of our lives,” he will say.

Bishop Davies will also encourage the faithful to regain their “perspective of eternity” during Lent.

He will say: “Being aware of this limited time on earth and all that is to follow – our judgment, our purgatory, heaven or hell forever – becomes an urgent invitation to conversion in our lives.”

The bishop will also note the observation of Blessed Pope John Paul II in his book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, that many have lost a sense of the “Last Things”, the body of teaching that deals with death, judgment, the destination of immortal souls and bodily resurrection.

“This is the urgency to which Lent and Easter now recalls us with the poignant mark of ashes,” he will say. “It is the realisation of what the Psalmist calls ‘the shortness of lives’ which helps shape our priorities and gives each day a new urgency in the light of all eternity before us.”

  • David B.McGinnity

    And, it was to closed minded persons like you that Phineas Taylor Barnum referred.

  • Mark Castilano

    This is the sort of semi-illiteracy and illogicality to which the Catholic Church has been reduced and is driving people away. He/she does no present one hint of moral philosophy or linguistic credence but only reference to trite and banal street talk. I cannot imagine this sort of person debating anything academic with authority and sophistication. He would tell people with whom he did not agree to grow up, shut up or belt up because of his edcational limitations.

  • Jane Brady

    Not a follower of romantic poets, or classic romantic literature. Your self disclosure is frightening, with your poor understanding of a romantic evening, of two young people displaying love and tenderness and probably swimming naked in the river for several hours. I am flabbergasted that anyone could refer to a romantic encounter as “A quick tumble in the mud and reeds”. Maybe they just held hands and did not do as your filthy mind suggested. Why do you just not keep marching backwards in time, and soon you will be back in the middle ages and you could burn such people at the stake.

  • Dave Corrigan

    Oh, Dear. This person is not an Ivy League or Oxbridge scholar. I suspect that he holds an high position in the Catholic Church and the effects of his work can be widely heard. Probably he resides in the belfry and rings the bell, I cannot imagine him doing much else. Soy sauce indeed, pure philosophy.

  • Claude Gavroche

    Do you mean dogma like the earth standing still and and the sun moving around he earth? The church taught this nonsense for centuries and they tortured and killed those who thought differently. Baloney is still baloney, no matter for how long it has been taught.

  • Jason Clifford

     When did the Catholic Church ever teach a dogma that the earth stands still and the sun move around it? Please be specific.

    Baloney, perhaps, is to claim that the Church has taught what she has not!

  • Anonymous

    Claude you appear to be a bright lad not given to rash statements.
    A little lenten reading I would suggest for you is ‘How
    the Catholic Church built Western Civilisation’ by Thomas E Woods and ‘Those
    Terrible Middle Ages’ by Regine Pernoud. 
    Pass them on to your chums when you have finished.

  • Mark Lambert

    At last! Thank God! A proper Bishop!

  • bentley

    That could well be the right choice – God is in that love as well as in the Stations and rosary

  • Anonymous

    Brendan if you read to-day’s gospel[27/02/12] you will discover the goats are condemned to eternal damnation. 
    I’m no theologian but it doesn’t appear too bright to act the goat. Give the hugs and kisses a miss and be a sheep

  • David B McGinnity

    Yes, I have today’s gospel Matthew 25: 31_46 in Latin and in English It is a rather long gospel and it goes on to mention what later became the corporal works of mercy. Giving food to the hungry etc. It does not seem to forbid human beings giving loving warmth and tenderness. You seem to suggest that meeting a girl makes me a goat and reciting the stations of the cross makes me a sheep, well you might be correct with you allusion to being a sheep in the latter case. Of course, all of this depends on whether I believe in all this final day of judgement stuff, gladly I do not. Most sensible people faced with enduring one and a half hours of reciting the interminable rigmarole of the stations of the cross, or being in the arms of a lover for several hours, would be wise to choose the latter as I did. So, let the General Judgement stuff wait, and if I go to hell, then I shall have exciting company and not a bunch of sanctimonious bores. Incidentally, goats are much more intelligent and exciting than sheep who just graze in a field until someone kills them for mutton stew.

  • Claude Gavroche

    I have already got the book “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization Hardcover by Thomas E.Woods Publisher: Regnery Publishing Inc; ISBN-10: 0895260387 ISBN-13: 978-0895260383 I have eleven other books on my shelf about the History of the Catholic Church and I have read all of them. I will not pass them on because I have no wish to convert or influence anybody.I do not and never have detracted or belittled the church’s contribution to science and technology. I am very familiar with the most recent advances and I entirely agree with all the tangible efforts that the church has made. However, I completely reject the mythical nonsense that the church purports to be the truth. For example, the church teaches that Helena went to Jerusalem; went to Golgotha and found the true cross of Christ This is complete nonsense because crosses were used over and over again to execute people. Moreover, the Emperor Hadrian had Golgotha excavated two hundred years before the time of Helena. Twenty foot of earth was moved and scattered because Christians were causing a public nuisance and were selling the true cross as healing relics, much as they sell relics today. This is unadulterated nonsense and pure superstition.

  • Claude Gavroche

    You will have to read Galileo and Heliocentrism for yourself. In 1616 “The Congregation of the Index” stated that the ideas that the Sun stood still and that the Earth moved were “false” and contrary to Holy Scripture”, However, by your tone and text, I imagine that you will do no such thing.

  • Honeybadger

    What’s with the funny-as-a-diagnosis-of-piles personal profile? LOL! You’d fail the FBI and the Met like a chancer at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions!

    I don’t pretend to know everything, nor do I feel the need to puff-up an image to justify myself to ANYONE … including you!

    You are invalidating me because you are a stuck up, toffee nosed snob who thinks a pelvic floor is something you buy at B&Q!

    I am Honeybadger, not a bat nor Quazimodo.

    I adore bats, by the way.

    And I have PLENTY to do in my life. Shows how much you know about me… which is faff-all!

    My illustration of what real love is worth with foodstuffs – a clarification for the benefits of those who have never tasted gourmet food:

    To make unforgetable tasting food is a beautiful experience worth saving up for, worth waiting for and an appreciation of great taste where you feel that the effort to make it is much appreciated.

    Like. True. Love.

    Like the original and best – the Roman Catholic Church.

    Oh, and soy sauce. The best soy sauce is brewed with high quality, pure ingredients with no additives and is the high-end of the price scale.

    Cheap soy sauce has additives and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth after a few minutes – like Monosodium Glutamate.

  • Anonymous

    Galileo was repeating much of what a Polish minor cleric Copernicus had discovered some 80 years previously and which was accepted as good science by the Catholic Church. When Galileo stated much the same thing it coincided with times of Luther and the reformers who argued the literal truth of the biblical creation and whose followers still do to-day. The Catholic Church foolishly allowed itself to be put on the defensive by the reformers.
    Augustine of Hippo one of the Church Fathers formulated the doctrine of Accomodation to explain his findings about the haliocentric solar system circa 400AD. Again this was  accepted by the Catholic Church at the time.As regards Helena and bits of the true cross, I very much like the story. But it isn’t doctrine.
    ‘The observation of Petavius (XV, xiii, 1) should be noted here: that this cult must be considered as not belonging to the substance of religion, but as being one of the adiaphora, or things not absolutelynecessary to salvation. Indeed, while it is of faith that this cult is useful, lawful, even pious and worthy of praise and of encouragement, and while we are not permitted to speak against it as something pernicious, still it is one of those devotional practices which the church can encourage, or restrain, or stop, according to circumstances’ CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA 

  • Anonymous

    ‘Bishop urges faithful to face ‘the reality of hell’ in Lent’.
    ‘So, let the General Judgement stuff wait, and if I go to hell’ 
    You have understood very well the bit about eternal damnation which is the bishop’s point and Church teaching for millennia

  • Claude Gavroche

    When you lift information from another source, as you have just done it is considered to be a courtesy and an academic requirement to reference the source.

  • Honeybadger

    Oh, for the love of All That Is Holy!!! Show me to the bargain bucket and pull me out a Mills and Boon!

    All this blubbing about ‘Love’ (or Leurve, in your case) began when some bloke on this message board made a choice between going to Church to honour God and His Holy Mother and spending time with a girl (whom this bloke – I wouldn’t call a gentleman because he revealed her name. What’s-her-name is well rid, in my view. I hope she found someone else who is more of a gentleman to her). As my wise relatives used to say: There is a time and a place for everything.

    A time and a place for loving God and His Holy Mother; a time and a place to express LOVE.

    Oh, and to accuse me of having a ‘filthy mind’ is beneath contempt and uncalled-for. And soooo untrue it stinks worse than an anal gas emission and rotten eggs put together!

    Unfortunately, in today’s society, ‘love’ is a quick tumble etc. etc. etc. and not anything else. There is a song called ‘Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love?’ which was not written by a filthy minded person but an American composer. The Irish King of Romance, Daniel O’Donnell, made it into a hit.

    The lyrics are so true.

    And I frighten you? Good.

    Like I said to Mr Corrigan above – you know woof-all about me.

  • Dave Corrigan

    Let people who wish to wear hair shirts of engage in self flagellation if they wish to do so. In a few weeks time on Good Friday there are people in the Philippines who will allow themselves to be crucified  without one word of condemnation from the Catholic Church. (I have witnessed this sickening spectacle).  This sadistic practice is sick and perverted as indeed is the Catholic Church.However, I take the view that it is far better to pay for indulgences by standing order to the Vatican; they do not object about this method of preparation for the next world. Money speaks very loud within the Catholic Church.

  • David B McGinnity

    Imagine, you are a philosopher and mind reader, because that is exactly what she said: “you are no gentleman” said she. I replied, “No, I am not”. She said: “That’s Good”

  • Honeybadger

    Good evening and welcome to the Half-Shut University…

    Let’s begin with a comment to our esteemed MC…

    In the words of Mrs Agnes Brown, a character created by one of the 2% MENSA members in the world who are above genius intelligence (which includes my beloved, by the way), Brendan O’Carroll: That’s nice!

    So, I’m responsible for driving people away from the Roman Catholic Church? WRONG!

    If people wish to go away, they go away and make excuses blaming everyone but themselves for their decision.

    And I’m semi-literate and illogical? WRONG AGAIN!

    If I’m semi-literate, then you are The Venerable Bede…not!

    This message board is not an exclusive club to the kind of people who like to flex their (supposed) cranial superiority in order to invalidate others and behave like snobs.

    We get enough of that carry-on from the likes of Richard Dawkins!

    Perhaps you don’t understand the depth of my posts or even bother to think about them because, instead, you and your like prefer to invalidate, put down and display the mucus that drips from your nose!

    All my life so far, I have come across/worked/even assisted research with people who are supposed to be cranial superior yet cannot even spell the simplest words or use basic grammar, use a knife and fork, use a pedestrian crossing, use a litter bin, answer general knowledge questions correctly on a common or garden quiz show because the questions posed to them involve a period of time before they were born (!), cook a basic meal or have an honours degree in commonsense.

    True intellectual, intelligent people don’t raise their noses nor their flags displaying their limitless educational (spelled for your reference: EDUCATIONAL) colours in their old school tie or uni scarf. They don’t invalidate others because of their advantage – they are enthusiastic, full of joy and love sharing their knowledge with anyone and everyone. I’m indebted to them.

    One great Doctor of the Church is St Therese of Lisieux, who didn’t go to University. Her writings are studied by academics all over the world.

    St Bernadette Soubirous had limited schooling but she was studied by academics and theologians who have scratched their heads raw over the definition of The Immaculate Conception.

    So, there you go. If I want to use ‘street talk’, I’ll use street talk – banal is a matter of taste and opinion.

    Oh, and speaking of philosophy – one Greek philosopher thought he could get rid of his painful condition called dropsy… by covering himself in steaming cow pats until he died of heat exhaustion!

    I’ve read non-fiction books

  • Anonymous

    Your point is well made but did you miss ‘CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA’ at the end of the comment?

  • Honeybadger

    Spot on, Warren! Spot on!

  • Honeybadger


    That’s nice!

  • Mark Castilano

    I genuinely regret if you feel hurt or devalued. But you cannot have it both ways, because you have been brusque and rude with your one word retorts e.g. And?, to another post. Your opinions are just as good as anybody else’s simply because the whole topic of faith is in itself only opinion without one iota of credibility. So nobody has the right to call your sort of nonsense, nonsense. I take the view that whatever a person writes should be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise they should not write it.  Finally if you wish to be rude and brusque with others; and your blogs show that you have a history rudeness and insensitive ‘put-downs’ to other peoples blog’s, then inevitably you must expect reciprocal rejoinders.

  • Claude Gavroche

    Yes I did notice Catholic Encyclopaedia. However that is not a bibliographical reference. An academic reference requires that you give all the information regarding the topic. This includes the name of the author, title of book or journal, date of publication, name of publisher, page reference for journals, ISBN reference etc. This is done so that a reader may check the veracity of what has been written.

  • Fr G T Walsh

     THERE IS NO HELL !!!——-THERE IS A NEW AGE OF REASON – - – - – -.It is only a matter of time, a short time, until the Catholic Church will need to review it’s attitude to Christine doctrine, because what is being taught can no longer be sustained and accepted as reasonable by rational human beings. Hopefully, the next Pope will issue rational and reasoned guidance to all Catholics concerning dogma, faith and morals. It would only require a short statement along the lines that Catholic dogma was formulated at a time when deities and devils were an accepted phenomena. However those practices must now be seen as unrealistic and unacceptable to logical and rational thinking. Obsolete practices such as sacrifices, relics, talismans, medals, rosaries, statues, holy water and other such paraphernalia are no longer acceptable in contemporary societies and Catholics are no longer obliged to believe in such anachronistic superstition. Again, we accept that several articles of faith were promulgated in the age of superstition and demonology, and the early doctors of the church believed that these concepts were true, and they did not intend to tell lies or deceive anyone. We now absolve all Catholics from the requirement to believe and accept outmoded articles of faith like: Life hereafter (heaven, hell purgatory), The Incarnation, The Virgin Birth, The Trinity, The New Testament account about the Birth, Crucifixion and death of Jesus, The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus into heaven because such beliefs are no longer acceptable as reasoned. Catholics do not need to accept obsolete concepts like: Transubstantiation, The Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary into heaven, Indulgences and Papal Infallibility. We will endeavour to regain dignity, sanity and reason within the Catholic Church.Of course Catholics must be free to believe these doctrines as they have always done, but they are not free to promulgate these phenomena as articles of faith or insist that Catholics must accept these as true. We advocate that Catholics should transfer their energy and religious zeal from talking about religious doctrine to taking positive action in terms of doing something tangible to alleviate the suffering of the poor. The history of the Catholic Church shows much to our shame that over the centuries there has been too much talk and not enough charitable action. Remember: Action speaks louder than words.

  • Dr PJ McFall

    At last!!, there is a semblance of sanity. No sensible person accepts the well-meaning and sincere prognostications of those ancient theologians. The story of Constantine and Helena’s conversion to Christianity is a bit like “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone”. Who in their right mind would accept that the body and blood of Christ is contained in a piece of bread (not even bread, but a pinch of cornflower and a few drop of water). Every aspect of religious faith and religious dogma can be explained in terms of the functions of the Limbic System and the concomitant neurochemistry and neurotransmissions within the brain. Some simpletons have tried to explain religious philosophy in terms of goats and sheep and soy sauce. It is time to knock all this outrageous religious superstition and nonsensical idiocy on the head and expose the architects of religious and superstitious swindles that the Catholic Church has perpetrated since 325 AD. That is, 687 years of “the religious three card trick”. Sadly for the Catholic Church, once you know how the “three card trick” works, it’s magic and fascination is gone forever.

  • Jane Brady

    Catholic dogma makes David Icke sound more like Bertrand Russell and Jedward sound more like Simon and Garfunkel.   The Catholic Church is not just off-key or out of tune, but they are completely out of time. The rhythm and the theme of life has changed and they have not noticed. They are the ‘Big Band’ in a lost era. The tunes and lyrics may still appeal to some doddery, dizzy, doting, daft, dissenters, but essentially it is “The Singer not the Song” that matters. Quote from the book “The Singer, Wonderful; The Song, Worthless”Ref : “The Singer not the Song” by Audrey Erskine Lindop Publisher: Macmillan Education (1 Dec 1986) Language English ISBN-10: 0435277642 ISBN-13: 978-0435277642 Ref : “The Singer not the Song” by Audrey Erskine Lindop Publisher: Macmillan Education (1 Dec 1986) Language English ISBN-10: 0435277642 ISBN-13: 978-0435277642

  • Dave Corrigan

    We need a new Pope who lives in the real world. Someone who has experienced the social transformation of the 1960’s. We need a Pope who has not been hidden in an ecclesiastical cocoon and is living a delusion. Give us someone who has been a parish priest in Harlem, Liverpool, Manila, or San Paulo who understands and has lived among the poor and the wretched. No one else will do !!! Dave Corrigan Liverpool, England

  • Fergus Strathdee

    CRACKS IN THE WALLS- – - – - -David Icke’s concept of the earth and the moon is bizarre in my view, but it is less bizarre than the idea of human beings (Jesus and Mary) ascending into the heavenly stratosphere where there is no oxygen or atmosphere and where life could not be sustained. The Virgin Birth is not a mystery because a virgin (in Aramaic) is a young girl whether or not she has had sexual experience, so this story has become ‘a bit thin’ in terms of Catholic doctrine. The story of the ‘Son of God’ is only a misinterpretation of terminology when in effect that Jesus was referred to the ‘Sun of God’ and the light of the world to come. The walls and the foundations of the Catholic Church are tumbling down just like the walls of Jericho.

  • Macker

      I agree with those who advocate the need for a recontextualisation of
    the Christian Message. This would distinguish essential religious truths
    from the historical language and symbols in which they have been
    dressed and distinguish content from historical pacakaging. I think that much of the confusion and scepticism, that is around today, stems from thinking that literal interpretations of language and symbols, that may have been appropriate to earlier generations, are the only ones that count – this ise simply confusing  in today’s world of scientific knowledge.
    It is many years since I studied theology in any structured way – however when I did there was excitement around theological debate and new ways of understanding  many of the issues raised by G T Walsh. Sadly, such openended study and debate is now frowned upon by the Church’s Hierarchy and many of the best theologians have been marginalised or even silenced.
    The laity is being treated as the “poor simple people” -  the “sheep”.  Why has this happened; have our leaders lost their nerve? Do they fear schism on the part of fundamentalists – it has already  happened, in any event, despite all their  attempts at pacification. In the meantime, mainstream Catholics continue to vote with their feet – the fundamentalists say “let them go” but their attitude has little to do with the Gospel – yet again “too much talk and not enough charitable action” or none at all.

  • Honeybadger

    You are not a priest at all, are you?

  • Honeybadger

    Big Band never went away.

    The Roman Catholic Church has given us the greatest composers, songwriters, film makers, writers, scientists and SINGERS.

    Did you buy your tuning fork from a car boot sale, after it had been used as a spanner or a safebreaker?

    Get yourself a new one!

  • Honeybadger

    Pope Benedict XVI has never lived in an ecclesiastical cocoon or in delusion.

    Shows how much you know – and I’ve read lots about Pope Benedcit XVI that would open your eyes … if you haven’t already got a collie for a guide dog!

  • Honeybadger

    You are a heretic!

  • Honeybadger

    You are so right, Maria, so right!

    Reading through some of the posts on this blog are cases in point. I laugh with incredulity at these unfortunates because they hide behind their education and superiority complexes to prove their own delusion.

    They are poor souls who seek to go off-subject by talking about such banal randomness as music, riverbank assignations for hugs and kisses (there is a time and place for everything – a time for prayer, a time for hugs and kisses etc. etc. etc.) and are invalidating/insulting/ condescending towards those of us who believe hell exists and who support Bishop Mark who is doing what God wants him to do – to be an excellent priest and an excellent bishop who, God Willing, will go far in His good time.

    In the New Testament, Jesus tells Satan where to go in no uncertain terms; he said to St Peter ‘Get behind me, Satan!’ and Jesus also mentions that he saw Satan fall from the sky like lightning. 

    Jesus also cast out devils – a job that specially trained priests do today at an alarming rate around the world.

    Now, who is right and who is wrong? Who is telling the truth and who is seeking to deceive?

    I’m so glad that what was called ‘The Sacrament of Reconciliation’ is now restored to its proper name – Confession. It has to be said that this sacrament should be top priority of the New Evangelisation because if we, the common-or-garden Roman Catholic, are made more aware of the beauty of this sacrament (and that the priests refresh their knowledge and approach), then we would no longer use confessionals as broom cupboards! One saint called it the ‘Medicine Box’. I would call it a launderette for the soul and conscience.

    The devil loves it when people don’t believes he exists or that hell exists. That way, people are so deluded that they find out that they do when it is too late.

  • Honeybadger

    And Ms Brady had the audacity, the brass neck and the bare faced cheek to accuse me of having a ‘filthy mind’?!?!!!!

    He he! You and your squeeze deserve each other, then!

    Buy Ms Brady a tin of Brasso and a cloth … to polish that brass neck to a gleaming shine!

  • Honeybadger

    Bet you look fetching in a hairshirt!

  • Honeybadger

    ‘Genuinely regret’ ???


  • Honeybadger


    Goats are more intelligent. Indeed they are, sir! They eat everything in their path, including washing!


    Which is why goats make a tasty West Indian stews and their skins are turned into bodhrans!

    No old goat’s tales about the ones that got away, then!

    The Stations of the Cross is the true love story of heartache, pain, consolation, suffering, sacrifice, commitment, obedience, consideration for others - I won’t tell you what happens at the end of the story because you won’t believe me!

    If you actually concentrated on each station, you would find it not so boring… but which/whom would I have better hope of getting through to? You or a concrete wall.

    The concrete wall wins!

    Go ahead and enjoy yourself in Hell, bro - with the criminals, abusers, murderers, psychopaths, tyrants and those who ignored the loving grace of God. Not to mention the numerous thickies who thought Hell didn’t exist and that purgatory was for wimps… but found out when it was too late!

    Let’s hope you come to your senses sooner rather than later.

  • Dave Corrigan

    Of course! We are so lucky to have Dana, Susan Boyle, Daniel O’Donnell, This is Real Catholic music which must be applauded.

  • Adam

     OMGoodness. Do you really believe that heaven is some place in space. And you think orthodox Catholics are unsophisticated.

  • Fergus Strathdee

    I believe that Orthodox Catholics are very sincere, and no one has the right to question the probity of The Catholic Church without good reason. It is understandable within the zeitgeist of the time when the Ascension of Jesus into heaven (body and soul) was promulgated that this doctrine would be found acceptable because the idea of the heavens was thought to be high up in the clouds. There is no excuse within the zeitgeist of November 1950 for making the Feast of the Assumption an article of faith, that Our Lady was assumed into heaven (body and soul). The understanding of outer space was very well understood (actually and theoretically) in 1950, yet Pope Pius XII announced something that was physically impossible. If the doctrine had been. “Our Lady was Assumed into Heaven”, that would have been fine and the doctrine would not have been questioned. If a human body emits heat and energy, which it does, then the most modern and up to date space probes would have detected the bodies of Jesus and Mary by now if they existed. Roman Catholics are not at all in error, nor are they unsophisticated, because they have the right to believe as they see fit, in the same way that some people believe in David Icke, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, fortune tellers, tarot card readers and all other such phenomena. It is a puzzle to many that the Catholic Church allowed the ailing Pope Pius XII to make this doctrine an article of faith and then continued to reinforce this doctrine.It is neither here of there in the great scheme of things what I think or believe, but it does matter how the Catholic Church approaches the next fifty years. People like me who were altar boys serving the Latin Mass in the 1950’s have seen an enormous transformation, (almost beyond recognition) within the whole ethos of Catholicism. I anticipate that human beings will not tolerate incomprehensible and illogical doctrine for the next fifty years.

  • Jane Brady

    Was this great heavenly revelation divulged to you in a heavenly dream, together with the recipe for soy sauce. You do us all proud with your gift of mind reading, and hopefully the Catholic Church will find a way to recognise your insightful perceptions. Perhaps you can be awarded the Order of Saint Sebastian. Have you published a treatise on divine revelation, or any other topic. Just give the ISBN reference.

  • Honeybadger

    The very thought!

  • Honeybadger

    Oh, and you think that’s all there is to us, do you?

    Real Catholic music..
    Mozart, Beethoven, Gregorian Chant, Vivaldi, Liszt, Elgar, James McMillan, Lully, Berlioz, Palestrina, Wagner, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jnr, Bing Crosby, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Gene Kelly, John McCormack, Caruso, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Mario Lanza, The Cranberries, Bono, Andrea Bocelli, Jedward, Bernadette Peters, The Bachelors, Sean O’Riada…

    Etc. etc. etc. etc.

    For your information, Dana was the first to win Eurovision for Ireland. She is unashamedly Roman Catholic. She is also a down-to-earth, straight-talking woman.

    Daniel O’Donnell has achieved far more in the music business than you have won chess. He is the unsung hero of Anglo-Irish relations because several fans - who would not have even dreamed of setting foot in Ireland – have contributed to the goodwill between the two countries BEFORE the Good Friday Agreement. He was also personal favourite singer of the late Queen Mother. He has been described as a ‘walking Bord Failte’ because he promoted Ireland everywhere.

    Susan Boyle is now one of the fastest selling solo female artistes in the world. She turned attitudes towards age and image firmly on its axis. She broke records on YouTube with millions of hits.  She never hid her devout Roman Catholic faith.
    Now, what have Dana, Daniel and Susan got in common?

    Give up?

    They successfully cracked the most difficult music market – The United States of America.

    So, when you have achieved what these diverse music people have achieved then sneer away, pal!

    Otherwise, when the wind changes, your phizzog will stay that way.

  • Helen Damnation

    Bishop Mark was addressing all… not just a target audience.

  • Dave Corrigan

    I think that there is new European legislation in the early stages of preparation that will forbid all ministers of religious groups, sect, cult or faction from issuing threats of pain and suffering, in this world and in the next. This act will apply in particular to the Abrahamic creeds who advocate the concept of eternal life and eternal damnation in Hell… The act will, as I understand it forbid the idea of preaching redemption under the threat of pain and suffering, and burning in the fire of Hell. The law will propose that children, vulnerable, impressionable and innocent people must be protected from sharp tongued pastors and mullahs who teach made-up nonsense to children to attain control and power… What is contained in the Christian catechism will have to be strictly reviewed. Within a few years it will be illegal for people like Bishop Mark Davies to publicly preach merciless, cruel sadistic and vindictive doctrine that there is a place of eternal damnation called Hell.

  • Adam

     If you’d met Bishop Mark then you’d know he’s none of those things. I suggest you go and read Dr Faustaus and look at Mephistopheles’ description of hell to properly understand what it means.