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Pope offers blessing for opening of shrine church

By on Monday, 19 March 2012

The shrine church of Ss Peter and Paul and St Philomena in New Brighton, Wirral (Photo courtesy of Anthony Keegan)

The shrine church of Ss Peter and Paul and St Philomena in New Brighton, Wirral (Photo courtesy of Anthony Keegan)

Benedict XVI is offering a papal blessing with an attached plenary indulgence to those who attend the opening of the first shrine church in England dedicated to the Extraordinary Form.

The shrine church of Ss Peter and Paul and St Philomena in New Brighton, Wirral will open on March 24 following the closure of the parish church in 2008.

The church will become the first in Britain to be entrusted to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, a society of Apostolic life of Pontifical Right.

The Mass to mark the Church’s reopening will be celebrated on Sunday by Mgr Giles Wach, the founder of the institute, and Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury will preach the homily.

People are expected to travel from different parts of the country and some from overseas to the shrine church.

Bishop Davies said: “It is a source of great joy that we have received the blessing of the Holy Father and a plenary indulgence to mark the new mission of this historic church of the Shrewsbury diocese.”

The Vatican, which has taken an interest in the establishment of the shrine church, has issued the following decree announcing the papal blessing and plenary indulgence to all the faithful who attend the Mass: “The Apostolic Penitentiary, empowered by a faculty granted to it in a special way by our Holy Father Benedict XVI, by Divine Providence Pope, happily grants his Lordship the Most Reverend Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, that, on the 24th March next, on which the pastoral care of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul and St Philomena is solemnly entrusted to the members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, after the offering of the Divine Sacrifice, he may impart to all the faithful present, who, their souls entirely separated from attachment to sin, take part in the sacred mysteries, a Papal Blessing with an attached Plenary Indulgence, which may be gained under the usual conditions (sacramental Confession, Eucharistic Communion and Prayer for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff).

“Those faithful unable for a reasonable cause to be present at the sacred rites may devoutly receive this papal blessing and the plenary indulgence, according to the norms, if they follow the rites with a pious intention of mind by means of radio or television broadcast. Nothing to the contrary withstanding.”

  • Anonymous

    This is very good news fot the Church in England.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a plenary indulgence! Can anyone tell me if I will be able to receive it if I follow the rites on my iPad? I would not like to have a thousand years in purgatory just because I used a medium not covered by the indulgence. 

  • chiaramonti

    Don’t be such a prat!

  • Anonymous

    I don t think he can help it.

  • Honeybadger


  • Honeybadger

    Your remark is as welcome as broken wind in a spacesuit!

  • Honeybadger

    FAB! FAB! FAB! Thank you, Holy Father and thank you, Bishop Mark!

    And what a day to announce it – the Feast of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church!


  • Phil

    I have even better news…..look what I found:

    Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012?* Posted by UnSlaveMeon March 8, 2012 at 8:24pm in World NewsAccording to Italian daily newspaper “Libero”, Pope Benedict XVI is thinking about leaving the papacy next April, when he will turn 85ANdrea TornielliVatican CityThere is one front page news story that will certainly not go unnoticed: that is, that the Pope is thinking about resigning during the Spring of 2012. Journalist Antonio Socci has confirmed the same in the Italian daily, Libero.”For now,” Socci writes, “he is saying that this may be true (Joseph Ratzinger’s
    personal assumption), but I hope the story does not reach the news. But this rumor is circulating high up in the Vatican and therefore deserves close attention. The Pope has not rejected the possibility of his resignation when he turns 85 in April next year.”Socci recalls that the assumption he will resign, without any hitches, was the same thing Ratzinger talked about in an interview in the book “Luce del mondo” (Light of the World), when, in response to a question by interviewer Peter Seewald, he said: “When a Pope arrives at a clear awareness that he no longer has the physical, mental, or psychological capacity to carry out the task that has been entrusted to him, then he has the right, and in some cases, even the duty to resign.” Furthermore, in another passage, Benedict XVI wondered if he would be able to “withstand it all, just from the physical point of view.”Next Up is Peter the Roman.
    This will be the Last Pope and a Sign of The Endtimes..!
    Perhaps: The Vatican, should liquidate their wealth and “WEAR THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN AND HELP THE POOR…!

  • Anonymous

    I hope he does not retire. He is doing great work, if you cannot see that……well there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • Kennyinliverpool

    I was baptised in that church …. might pop over and check it out. 

  • Louis

    According to the reformed Caeremoniale Episcoporum of John Paul II (1984/85), every diocesan bishop is entitled to impart the Apostolic Benediction, with the customary plenary indulgence attached,  on three occasions each year, at his discretion. If only bishops used this faculty more often. They don’t even need to ask for permission as it goes with the “job”.

  • Honeybadger

    HM The Queen addressed both the House of Lords and the House of Commons today in her Diamond Jubilee address.

    At 86 years of age and in possession of all her marbles, she stated that – to paraphrase – she ain’t going nowhere!

    Bad news for Prince Charles but good news to Kingdom and Commonwealth!

    Pope Benedict XVI is roughly the same age and he ain’t going nowhere either!

    News of the demise of the RCC is to be taken with as much salt as is under Northwich!

  • Honeybadger

    What bloody wealth, you loonypot!

    I bet you would be the sort of person who would turn up at a funeral wearing a chicken costume!

    The RCC has only just been able to get back in the black, which was down to sacrifice and economic prudence, not euros raining down on St Peter’s Basilica at the bang of a trusty ferula! 

    Parish priests are living hand to mouth and one old parish church near me had to be condemned because no money was available to renovate it.

    Would you say that to the Saudis, Sultan of Brunei etc., who have greater wealth and resources in a Muslim country to help the world poor?


  • John-Martir

    Obviously you have hate in your heart. Love Jesus first and you will find the good in even those you hate the most.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent news! The Institute of Christ the King has done wonderful work in Chicago – great blessings will come to the Wirral through this initiative. Deo Gratias!

  • Amani S

    Does anyone know how it will be broadcast?  Where online?  On what radio stations?

  • daclamat

    Sounds daft to me. I’ll try to get a pious intention of mind. To what is the plenary indulgency attached?Will broad band be OK? Where do I cash it in? I note that in 1961 the Holy See ordered that all mention  of Philomena should be removed from the liturgical calendar.  This is all very confusing. Are we really living in 2012? Nothing to the contrary withstanding.

  • Nat_ons

    From the spirit of your response, as with some above, it sounds as if you (and they) are in very great need of ‘indulgence’ on the part of the church catholic, Christ’s body, toward your sins, forgiven as they may be in Sacrament.

    The penalty on the wrong done in pouring out on us all the acidic destructiveness of your opinions – humorous as you may believe them to be – is clearly far too light .. for it seems like no penalty at all to you.

    If you do not see why you (and others) need us all – in the one body with one Spirit – to show indulgence to you and your wrongdoing and its dire consequences, now is the time to begin considering it. 

    If your Father Confessor – a spiritual counsellor whom I would not envy – does not see your aching need for prompt treatment of the ailment ‘cynicism’ then you, in all honesty, should.

    Levity has its place even in the most solemn of human affairs, it lightens the weight that truths seems to lay on us; but God is not mocked, he knows what you sow, and you will reap it – here or hereafter (a fiery test indeed, liked it or not).

    Note well: this is not an assault on you personally, the fact that it still seems to be a prevailing ‘relevant-to-today’ sic Catholic attitude is the issue – your response is only a symptom, not the disease standing in such need of spiritually healing treatment .. (like humbling yourself, mentally, before God in accepting this undue, unearned, unappreciated indulgence shown toward you: by his church).

  • Phil

    He is doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is he, is he, and what great job is he doing, by hiding priests who are sexually abusing children and much, much more so, good riddens to him I say and roll on 15th April and Happy Birthday dear Pops, more like take a hike mate.

    Thank you

  • Phil

    I have news for you, the Pope resigns on 15th April 2012…..hurray!

  • Phil

    I think this message should be to loonpot Hadley not me…..idiot!

  • Phil

    Jesus is not the problem, this Pope is why do you think there has been a high call for his resignation which takes place on 15th April 2012!

  • teigitur

    You are more to be pitied than laughed at. Clearly needing help. As a matter of interest who would you like in his place?

  • Bob Hayes

    I attended the Mass today. It was, I am sure, a joy to all who were present.

  • Cjkeeffe

    What on Earth does this have to do with the story above?
    Or are you just interested peddling your own version of reality.

  • Mcginley Martin

    Godd call Honey Badger

  • Mcginley Martin

    Jesus loves you Patrick