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Readers offered 50 free tickets for Romano Prodi lecture

By on Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi (PA photo)

Former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi (PA photo)

Fifty free tickets are to be given away for this year’s John Henry Newman lecture.

The talk, sponsored by The Catholic Herald, will be given by former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi.

The former president of the European Commission will speak about “Christianity and Globalisation: Two Sets of Challenges” at the Garden Quadrangle auditorium in St John’s College, Oxford, on Tuesday May 15 at 5pm.

Established in 2008 with a talk by Cardinal Walter Kasper, the event is hosted by the three Catholic Halls of Oxford University. Tickets can be applied for by emailing pa–

  • Katrina

    This is part of of Romano Prodi’s project to get himself elected President of Italy next year with the help of the Germans etc. The President, unlike the Prime Ministeris selected, not elected. Romano has been propagating Leftist Catholicism (he describes himself as an ‘adult’ catholic which means that you make up your own mind about things) for lo these many years and has been one of the most anti-Benedict Catholic politicians in Italy. Can you please explain why the Catholic Herald is paying the  Tony Blair of Italy? To associate him with Newman is nothing less than insulting.  

  • baige867

  • Knight

    Just as slippery as Blair, the war criminal and, like Blair, committed to the marxist EU and its anti-Christian, pro-islamic agenda.

  • Thomas

    If you don’t make up your own mind you are guilty of moral abdication.