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Leading ex-Anglican scholar to be ordained a Catholic priest

By on Thursday, 10 May 2012

Members of the ordinariate on pilgrimage in Rome in February (Courtesy of the Personal Ordinariate)

Members of the ordinariate on pilgrimage in Rome in February (Courtesy of the Personal Ordinariate)

Former Anglo-Catholic blogger John Hunwicke is among 21 men to be ordained priests for the ordinariate this year.

Mr Hunwicke, a former Anglican priest and Senior Research Fellow at Pusey House, Oxford, stopped his influential blog last June, saying his ordination had been “deferred” because of a misunderstanding over the blog’s content.

The full list of candidates for the priesthood has been published on the website of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Their ordinations will bring the number of ordinariate priests to about 80.

  • franz

    John Hunwicke is a kind and brilliant man, and will make an excellent priest. That he has endured the last year with such grace, tact, and humility reflects extremely well on him.

  • JessicaHof

    How nice. I am not a Catholic, but I used to read his blog to help educate myself about Liturgy and to learn more about my faith (Protestantism has good points, but catechesis wasn’t one of them for me), and I found him very helpful, wonderfully dry in his sense of humour, and was sad when he ceased his blog. How marvellous is his example of obedience compared with someone like Fr. Corapi in the USA. I am pleased for him, and believe that it is a testament to the power of prayer; I, like many others, prayed for this good and holy man. He will be a great addition to your Church. Am I allowed to say that I think it shows bravery as well as integrity at a time when so many calumnies are being visited on your Church.  Good news for the Church I think.

  • teigitur

    I am so glad. Its long overdue. I wonder will a certain Mgr be apoplectic??

  • Neill

    Bless the Lord!

  • Lindi

    God bless him – and bring many more good men into the priesthood.

  • Lazarus

    Wonderful news. I had recently been looking rather ruefully at the remains of his old blog and was wondering what was happening.

  • Fr Ray Blake

    I am so so very pleased about JH’s ordination.
    I hope now he will be able to take up blogging again. For many cradle Catholics his work on the net helped to overcome prejudices and deepen an understanding of Anglican-Papalism/Catholicism’s heritage and convince many of the value of the Ordinariate when it was finally announced.
    His concise and erudite and witty posts enabled many of us to appreciate a side of Anglicanism that was hidden from Catholics.
    The resumption of his blog it will do the Ordinariate no end of good.

  • Adam

     And which Monsignor would this be?

  • teigitur

    One, who now lives at the very north of this island, and writes, mostly tosh in Catholic papers. If I say the name , the comment will no doubt be removed.

  • Ex SSC Aussie Seminarian

    God bless John! As a former member of SSC myself and now studying for Catholic Orders he will certainly be a welcome. I continue to marvel at the wonderful work God is doing in bringing Anglican Clergy into the fulness of the truth and Holy Orders. Thanks be to God! Its a fantastic time to be a Catholic and a Priest (God willing) regardless of what the naysayers and secular prophets of doom say!!

  • nytor

    Basil Loftus.

  • JessicaHof

    Quite agree, he has helped me understand more of the Anglican tradition, and whilst I am not following him whence he has gone, I think our loss is your gain, and it is wonderful for him. Can I also say, Fr. Ray, that I enjoy your blog which has helped me overcome inherited anti-Catholic prejudice – hope it continues in unabated vigour; thank you.

  • teigitur

    Well, quite.

  • buckle

    The delay was because JH is a high churchman of the Richard Ingrams school – go figure … Both men are now in complete communion. It’s a start but we have a long way to go yet. God bless England!

  • baige867

  • Caterina

    Dang and Darn. There I was hoping that J. Hunwicke would be the next Archbishop of Canterbury!!!!

  • kentgeordie

     Jessica, explain to us why with your evident sympathy with Romans, what it is that keeps you out of communion with Peter’s successor.

  • JessicaHof

    kentgeordie- a question I have often asked myself and prayed over. I think that being brought up as an Evangelical Anglican has created some kind of problem which only Grace can overcome.

  • kentgeordie

     But you are free to chose. The night before he died Our Lord enjoined us to unity. I just don’t get what argument you and the Archbishop of Canterbury think justifies disregarding this command.

  • JessicaHof

    As this is a Catholic home, so to say, I would think it wrong to abuse its hospitality by engaging in apologetics here. Something of my own view can be found here for anyone interested.

  • JARay

    I know exactly which Mgr this is. I was at school with him in Bradford.

  • teigitur

    Hopefully not too many of his Protestant views had effect on you.

  • Baahiaac

    is this Christianity? no it is not.

  • jiejie

  • Little Black Censored

    “go figure” Can you be more explicit?
    Fr H says himself that his blog was the reason for the delay in ordination. That should make independent-minded people think very hard before joining the Ordinariate, which failed to protect him from prelatical bullying from outside.

  • Apostolic

    Excellent news indeed! No mere liturgical archaeologist but a man of high learning and priestly character. A wonderful and timely gift to the Catholic Church.

  • buckle

    No – he’s had enough problems as it is. Do some research on Ingrams.

  • rjt1

    Congratulations to Fr Hunwicke and all the other ordinands.