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A world without faith would be a disaster, says Tony Blair

By on Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tony Blair at the Houses of Parliament last month (PA photo)

Tony Blair at the Houses of Parliament last month (PA photo)

Tony Blair has said at a conference in the Royal Albert Hall that a world without faith would be a disaster.

In an interview in front of more than 4,300 people at an Anglican conference Mr Blair also revealed that he had once been rebuked by an official for proposing to end a speech with the words: “God bless Britain.”

Mr Blair, a former Anglican who became a Catholic in 2007 – less than a year after he stepped down as prime minister – said that faith was vital because it introduced the virtue of humility into societies.

“What is the essence of our faith besides all the things we believe, certainly as Christians, about Jesus Christ and his place in our lives?” he asked.

“It is also fundamentally a belief that there is something bigger and more important than you, that you are not the only thing that matters, that there is something that is greater and transcendent,” he told the leadership conference organised by the Holy Trinity Brompton, an influential Anglican parish.

“I think that essential obligation of humility for humanity is deeply important,” he said. “It is what allows us to make progress, it is what keeps us from ideology or thought processes that then treat human beings as if they were secondary to some political purpose.”

He said: “For a long period of time, what people thought was that as society became more developed and as we became more prosperous, that faith would be relegated, that it would become a kind of relic of the past – what kind of ignorant people do but not what civilised, educated people do.

“I think a world without faith would be a world on the path to tragedy and disaster, I really believe that,” he added.

The former Labour Party leader acknowledged that “God and religion can also be abused by politicians” and said it was important to be cautious of those who might be using religion for their own purposes.

But he said that when he proposed to finish a speech as prime minister simply with the words “God bless Britain,” an aide told him disapprovingly: “I just remind you Prime Minister, this is not America.”

He said he then abandoned the idea.

  • Benedict Carter

    Jae, I am delighted to recommend your post. 

  • Jae

    How sad and tragic isn’t it, just imagine of the good things he would have accomplished if he had done the opposite by saying publicly to the people how horrendous, satanic and barbaric the actions of abortion. Playing silent is bad enough in face of this modern holocaust but supporting and legalizing it, hmmmm, may God really have mercy on his soul.

  • Jae

    Your argument is baseless mr. Mac… Appeal to emotion without any thoughts, are you even a catholic? And don’t worry WE are all going to have a Day in the Court, spiritually naked!

  • Jae

    The real hypocrites are not us Mr. Mac we are just trying to show the right path to God according to the Teachings of the Bible and the Church. The real hypocrites that Jesus condemned are those people who sing praises and claim to believe in the goodness of God yet behind the curtains still OBSTINATELY cling to their sinful beliefs and act upon them!

  • Jae

    They are not just opinions brother, read the Bible and Catechism about the evils of abortion and the immorality of gay marriage, both cry vengeance to the Heavens…..2 of the 7 deadly sins.

  • Jae

    Rather abortion (murder) and sodomy are just 2 of 4 grave sins that cry out for Heavens for vengeance, the other two are oppression of widows and orphans, the last is cheating laborers of their just wages.

  • Benedict Carter

    Hear, hear, Parasum. He should be saying a world without the Catholic Faith would be a disaster. 

    It would be much, much worse: there would be no hope for one at all. Not much in this life and none on the next. 

    The priest who instructed him is another scandal of the Catholic Church in Britain though, isn’t he? One wonders if he taught him anything about Catholicism at all.

  • Benedict Carter

    All those here wittering on here about “not judging others” are guilty of the serious sin of indifferentism. Their view is basically, “let him say and do what he likes, what do we care?”

    Thank God there are still SOME CAtholics who do care. 

  • Grandadxxx

    I’ll stick with St Thomas More, thank you.

  • Parasum

    This is (fairly) basic Catholic morality: the more public an evil, the more public the apology and reparation needs to be.

  • Parasum

    That goes without saying.

  • Honeybadger

    You don’t say, Mr Blair!


  • Amkennedypayen

    Correct ……but how dare he !!!!!

  • anonymous

    Why do we give this warmonger a platform?

  • baoni779
  • Apostolic

    What a lot of dangerously sentimental garbage. It was a scandal that he was ever received while holding the opinions or “feelings” that he does. It is a scandal really.

  • labour party supporter

    Tony is not a beacon of truth. He lied to the Dr. Kelly enquiry. He lied about WMD saying that they were within 45minutes of British cities. He made a promise to give Gordon Brown the premiership after 5 years and then renegaed on that promise. Then it was Gordon not him who had to walk out of Downing Street defeated. This is a shameless man. He only converted to RC to please his formidable legal wife. He is hardly a beacon of truth and honesty in politics. I am ashamed to count him as a RC. When he wanted to convert the RC church should have refused and told him to stay an Anglican

  • labour party supporter

    Shows he really has and had no balls if he believed an aide and was swayed by an aide. Shows you that he deeply lacked leadership skills. Even a simple thing like that he couldn’t decide on his own?

  • nanwang328