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Each human being is a miracle loved by God, says Pope

By on Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Benedict XVI greets a child at the general audience today (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Benedict XVI greets a child at the general audience today (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Addressing God as “Father” is an acknowledgement that God is the one who created, supports and guides humanity, Pope Benedict XVI has said.

“Maybe people today do not understand the beauty, greatness and deep consolation” that comes from recognising God as father, “because the paternal figure is not sufficiently present today,” the Pope said during his weekly general audience.

Addressing an estimated 20,000 people gathered in St Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict continued a series of audience talks about prayer in the letters of St Paul.

Focusing on St Paul’s assertion that it is the Holy Spirit that enables people to pray and to address God as “Abba, Father”, the Pope said, “the absence of one’s father or the lack of a father’s presence in a child’s life today is a big problem that always makes it difficult to understand fully what it means to say that God is our father”.

From the beginning of Christianity, believers adopted Jesus’s form of addressing God as father, especially in the Lord’s Prayer, the Pope said.

“Christianity is not a religion of fear, but of trust and love for the Father who loves us,” he said.

Pope Benedict acknowledged that “critics of religion have said that speaking of God as ‘father’ is simply a projection” of our own longings and desires, but the Gospel shows that the opposite is true, because “Christ shows us who the father is and what a true father is, so that we can understand and also learn what true fatherhood is”.

Jesus demonstrated that God is love, he said, and when people pray to God as father, they enter into “a cycle of love” that offers them support, but also correction and guidance.

The assertion that human beings are made in God’s image and likeness means that he is their father, the Pope said. “A line in the Psalms always touches me when I pray it: ‘Your hands made me and fashioned me.’”

“Every one of us, every man and woman, is a miracle of God, desired by God and personally known by him,” he said.

  • Sweetjae

    Thank you Holy Father B16 for this wonderful message and teaching us that every man and woman is a miracle of God by creating us in His own Image and Likeness.

    On the Dignity of Man. SSPX argue that CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) made a fatal mistake in saying that the dignity of man is derived from the very Likeness and Image of God and that ALL men have the same equal dignity afforded by God. To the SSPX,  dignity of man is only achieved through the sacrament of Baptism and that men don’t have equal dignity and gave an example of a saint is more than a criminal or a baptized man is more than the one who is not, etc.
    Right off the bat, one could easily see the flaw in SSPX’s exegesis. For one, CCC wasn’t talking about the dignity of man through and after the infusion of grace, rather in the very instant when  God created man, He gave him the attributes that characterized his dignity (self-respect, self-worth) as a human being according to His Image and Likeness. These attributes are capacity of rational thinking to know between right and wrong, free will, intellectual ability, conscience, emotion and  capabilities of affection, sadness  that are INHERENT IN MAN’S NATURE at the instant God created him., AT THE INSTANT GOD CREATED HIM! In other words, God made a car with built-in transmission, engine and braking system. If one strip a man of these qualities (dignity), then man becomes no more than an animal that crawl on earth.

    After the sacrament of Baptism, then man becomes worthy to be a son of God, where his true dignity transcence physical realities. 

    SSPX is so enamored by itself that it forgot the role and purpose of the Living Magisterium. It just lived in the past and didn’t consider that God is still revealing good stuffs only through His Church until the End of Days. (John 16:13). 

  • Jae

    Furthermore, God said in Jeremiah 5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

    God already has bestowed the gifts and graces to us of being prophet of God, before we were born, even more before the world and time begun! These are the gifts the Catechism is teaching us about the dignity that is inherent in man’s nature. (meaning regardless before one is baptized).

    SSPXs confusion is the principle behind Nature and Grace, but they didn’t realize is, Nature by itself is a grace from God!

  • aearon43

    Good point, and I suppose SSPX consider themselves pretty high up on that dignity ranking…

  • nanwang328
  • Caisake

    The crisis the world are now experiencing it’s a human made crisis and then only man can solve The greediness,selfishness and hunger for power cause the human to suffer. This is proven by the hunger, poverty, abuse and lead to people not to recognized the important and Holy of humankind. if only the world re- consider it’s stand and view on humankind the crisis we are experiencing will definitely be solve   

  • haoben405
  • guardian angel

    A magical short summary from the Professor Joseph Ratzinger. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IYKZFAKOQTTTV3DZOLV35LBC5M Sylvia

    Benedict is swiftly becoming a Great pope.

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