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Pop band release single in support of vocations drive

By on Monday, 28 May 2012

The band ooberfuse performed at World Youth Day last year

The band ooberfuse performed at World Youth Day last year

An electro-pop band have released a single in support of the English and Welsh Church’s new vocations drive.

Fr Christopher Jamison OSB, director of the National Office for Vocation, commissioned the band ooberfuse to write the soundtrack for the Church’s new vocations framework. Their song, Call my name, can be heard here and comes from their forthcoming album Seventh Wave, to be released in August.

Fr Jamison described the single as a “wonderful gift given to the Church. The words are poetic and inspired, worthy of the psalms.”

The song comes after their previous single, Heart’s Cry, which was the youth anthem for the papal visit to Britain in September 2010.

Hal St John from the band described the task as a “challenge” since the song had to capture “the essence of something as sacred and as intimate as being spoken to and summoned by God in the deepest recesses of our hearts”.

He said: “When God speaks to us he does so in a strange and other worldly language that it is sometimes hard if not altogether impossible to render into intelligible words. His gentle yet persistent call cuts through the clamour and roar of contemporary life treading as softly as dove’s footsteps. For some pop music is part of the noise that drowns out the sound of divinity, desensitising us to the transcendent. On the face of it, it seems incongruous that pop music, especially dub-step, should be used to heighten our awareness of God’s call to each one of us.” 

Cherrie Anderson, the band’s lead singer, said after writing the song she realised that Cheryl Cole also planned to release a single with the same name. “This is a weird and uncanny coincidence,” she said. “Whereas her song is about her lover calling out her name, our song is about God calling out our name, summoning us to a higher life in which we fulfil our holy and God-given destinies.”

  • henleng291
  • Peter Bevan

     Yuk! Why do we need gimmicks when we have the truth. Can it be because we have all abandoned the truth?

  • guest

    No Peter, you have the truth. There are millions in this country who don’t and have never heard it. This is not a bad song by any means in my opinion and im sure it will appeal to its intended (younger) audience. Its an attempt to reach out to others with the truth in a language which they understand, even if you dont. Thats something Christianity has always done, communicating God in a language others understand. A first point of contact for many with Catholicism to draw them eventually into a deeper love for God and His truth. We shouldnt stop being creative in how we get the message out there.

  • Ssas

    Are young people really that gullible?

  • Markdaviess23

    True Spirit Of Vatican II “What A Surprise”  Look at the traditional orders they are booming! When are they going to learn Novus Ordo does not work very well!
    What’s next dancing Clowns to support “Vocation Drive”

  • Arklows

    Ooberfuse composed the Anthem for WYD which was founded by Blessed JP II and supported by BXVI. WYD is one of the areas of youth ministry the church actually gets right (emphasis on the sacraments and catechesis). The ‘gimmicks’ like the song and headscarves they get in their backpacks are fine so long as the substance is good.

    Similarly, the Vocations Framework contains some good things, catechesis, evangelisation etc.Look at the Vocations Festival Invocation (which has emphasis on catechesis, the sacraments, the theology of the sacred priesthood, charisms of religious life and has had excellent speakers and preachers like Bp Mark Davies, the Papal Nuncio, and this year Sr Catherine Holum from the Franciscan sisters of the Renewal) which attracts 300+ young Catholics each year. I think it is clear that vocations is one area where the church is getting it right. This is evidenced in the increase over the last 10 years, both in men entering seminaries and people joining religious communities.

  • Ssas

    All this committee-speak may please the Bishops Conference but to say that we are “getting it right” seems bizarre to say the least. Traditionally vocations have come as a result of the example of good Catholic families (where are they now?) and good holy parish Priests (nowhere to be found as they are either dead or have been sidelined) Young people ask for bread and are given a stone. A vocation is not a career move, it is a desire to give one’s whole life to God and the movement of grace needed to produce a vocation cannot come from pop jingles and motivational buzz-talks. For youngsters the New Mass is the biggest turn-off since the M 32 exit off the M 4 at Bristol.

  • Jammin_1981

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting vocations will come from jingles. Youth 2k are keen purveyors of ghastly jingles but a significant proportion of seminarians cite the movement as being instrumental in their faith and vocation. Young people are not helped by trendy initiatives or watering down of the faith but the suggestion that they are all yearning for a return to the Tridentine Mass is totally unsubstantiated.

  • James H

     Exactly! Mobs of youngsters are exposed to the truth by the efforts of Youth 2000 and WYD. Allen Hall has 3 times as many seminarians this year than the previous 10, thanks to them.

  • James H

     So, an explicitly Christian band, independent of any church initiative, is encouraging young people to consider a vocation, using words “poetic and inspired, worthy of the psalms”, and all you can do is whinge about the Novus Ordo?

    What is it about the TLM that sucks the joy and enthusiasm out of people?

  • Peter Bevan

     Who said anything about the Tridentine Mass? But since you mention it I believe it is this Mass which embodies the Faith and has been responsible for the overwhelming number of vocations to  the consecrated life. To deny it to youngsters is to deny them their Catholic birthright. But in the modern Catholic Church ideology replaces theology, always!

  • Peter Bevan

     Aren’t most of them anglican Priests doing the switchover?

  • Jammin_1981

    No the ex Anglicans are a small minority. It is true what Ssas says that vocations come from holy families but seminaries are also home to young (and young-ish) converts and people like me who come from families so lapsed they’re practically horizontal. He chooses who He chooses. I have been to a few Masses in Tridentine Rite and appreciated the liturgy but my own preference (and that of most of my peers) is for dignified liturgy (Novus Ordo) incorporating some elements of Latin as at solemn sung Mass in my local parish in S. London. Okay at 30 (nearly 31) I am not young any more but this has been the case since I returned to the Church when at university.

  • liulan991

  • Parasum

    The replacement for it, is what. The Mass does not belong to bishops, of any rank, however high. It belongs to the Church of all time and space. They have no right to monkey with it. For that is not how one treats the Liturgy. They wouldn’t (actually, they almost certainly would) ponce around with the Bible, so they should not ponce around messing up the Church’s Prayer.

    These people have the wrong idea about the Liturgy – which is why they have the wrong idea about Tradition. They think that both can be meddled with, without damaging them. This as sensible as trying to carrying out an operation on a fully conscious patient who is going about his daily life. No surgeon would be so stupid. But the bishops jump on a living thing like the Liturgy, & harm it by trying to – well, they alone know what they intend. Rome’s attitude is inexcusable. It can’t tell the difference between looking after the Liturgy, & meddling with it. It is supposed to serve the liturgy – instead, it acts as though it were entitled to lord it over the Liturgy. Will Rome ever see this ? Not likely :( None of these people can see what is this thing they are ruining, twisting, deforming & eviscerating. How can a Church led by the blind not fall into the ditch ?

  • Ssas

    OK I’ll rise to the bait! The “TLM” as you call it encourages a deep spiritual union with Christ, which is its aim. The alleged “joy and enthusiasm” of the Novus Ordo are worldly sentiments based on human emotion. Worldly joy and enthusiasm based on human feel-good emotion cannot last and people get bored with it, constantly seeking new gimmicks to keep the interest intact. Human emotion cannot and does not sustain a Priestly vocation and this is why most seminarians pack it in or, if they get ordained, leave the Priesthood.

  • Jammin_1981

    Drop out rate from seminary is currently 26% which is obviously not ‘most seminarians’ .  Since formation is also ongoing discernment this is not a failure. Departure rates after ordination are even lower at <5%. 

  • João

    I’m Brazilian and I think amazing that young Catholic music is increasing in England too. Here there’s many bands that play from metal to forró, a national rythm! Shalom :)