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Pope tells Queen: your example has inspired the world

By on Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Queen with Benedict XVI in Edinburgh (PA)

The Queen with Benedict XVI in Edinburgh (PA)

Pope Benedict XVI has said in a letter to the Queen that she has given the world an “inspiring example” of the role of a Christian monarch.

The letter, read out at a service of Thanksgiving in Rome, said: “I write to offer my warmest congratulations to Your Majesty on the happy occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of your reign. During the past 60 years you have offered to your subjects and to the whole world an inspiring example of dedication to duty and a commitment to maintaining the principles of freedom, justice and democracy, in keeping with a noble vision of the role of a Christian monarch.

“I retain warm memories of the gracious welcome accorded to me by Your Majesty at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh at the beginning of my Apostolic Visit to the United Kingdom in September 2010, and I renew my thanks for the hospitality that I received throughout those four days. Your personal commitment to cooperation and mutual respect between the followers of different religious traditions has contributed in no small measure to improving ecumenical and interreligious relations throughout your realms.

“Commending Your Majesty and all the Royal Family to the protection of Almighty God, I renew my heartfelt good wishes on this joyful occasion and I assure you of my prayers for your continuing health and prosperity.”

According to Vatican Radio, the service of Thanksgiving was attended by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, as well as Christian leaders from different denominations and ambassadors from around the world.

  • Ronishort


  • Herman U.

    good again.

  • Burt

    That’s nice :)

  • maideqi

  • maideqi

  • Sam Black

    What a cracking Pope!

  • pagnol

    So Father Ratzinger approves of an illegitimate “christian” monarch? I don’t think so. Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI, is trying to be charitable. But he never was, and is not actually now, a friend to Tradition, which Catholic Tradition was looted, suppressed, and persecuted in England. One prays that England will be converted back to the true Church as well as Pope Benedict back to Tradition, but somehow I still doubt that this pope is our latter days holy man. How much longer Lord?

    Instaurare Omnia in Christo

  • Alan

    Oh dear, another of those “error has no rights” people I presume.  If you don’t think the Pope is a “friend to Tradition”, you are totally blinkered, my friend.  And why “Christian” in quotes?  The Queen may not be a Catholic, but she is one of the most admirable Christians around today.

  • Los Leandros

    As an Irish Catholic, I was delighted and very impressed with the demeanour of the Queen, Prince Philip and indeed the majority of the British people during the Pope’s visit to the UK. Compare and contrast with my own country, where a crude/vulgar regime have consistently offended the Pope & the Catholic community in general. To such an extent, that the Pope will not be in Dublin for the forthcoming Eucharistic Congress. God bless the Queen and the Pope. 

  • pagnol

     Oh dear, another one of those historically ignorant “christians” I presume?

    Tolerance is the virtue of people
    who do not believe in anything.  –G.K. Chesterton

     Wrong is wrong even if everybody is
    doing it, and right is right even if nobody is doing it.  –St. Augustine

  • pagnol


  • pagnol


  • Alan

    Chesterton was referring to “indifferentism”, not the genuine virtue of tolerance.  I agree with Augustine’s statement, but what has that to do with the matter in question?

  • pagnol

     You think maybe Chesterton was referring to indifferentism misapplied or mistaken for tolerance, applicable to those liberals who seek to avoid the disciplines of the truth? Like those liberals at hand in the matter in question? That is to say who is a Christian and who is not?

    A brief history primer if the jews had accepted Christ. We would not be Catholics OR christians today, we would be jews who have synagogues with altars. Christ would still have been crucified by the sins of us ALL, jew, catholic, so called christian, or atheist alike, and we still would have a Pope opposed by the Henry VIII’s and Elizabeths of the world. Wrong (protestantism) opposes right (Catholicism) no matter who is doing it (even an English Monarch). And right is still right even if nobody is doing it. Got it?

  • Alan

    Henry VIII opposed the Pope for his own personal reasons.  The Queen does NOT “oppose the Pope”, she probably admires him as a great Christian leader, she just doesn’t see him in quite the same way as Catholics do.  To see things as “right” (Catholicism) versus “wrong” (Protestantism) is overly simplistic.  What is “right” is the Christian faith, and the Queen is an admirable exemplar of that.  The fact that we see the Catholic Church as the best representative of that faith is beside the point.  Fighting the battles of 500 years ago is pointless; we are where we are.  Got it?

  • Vitto

    the super rich and powerful always suck up to each other and support each other

  • pagnol

     I long ago realized there was no way to convince anti- Catholics aka protestants, who refuse to recognize  much less accept Christ’s Church and Vicar on earth, AS CHRIST COMMANDED because there is always some rationale or denial whereby the rebellion MUST continue. You are a good example of that, though you evidently consider yourself Catholic, while you try to sugar coat and defend protestant “Christianity”. I know how you love your Queen. Even the great Michael Davies who recoiled from the errors of the English monarchy said he loved his country and his queen. Your defense of a protestant queen as “an admirable exemplar” of the Christian faith cannot ameliorate her refusal to accept all that Christ is, said, and commanded when she displaces the true Church with an English church and Christ’s Vicar with her own person as head of a false church which is therefore NOT Christian by definition.

    The 500 year old battle which the English monarchy  continues has not ended. I don’t fight the battle, I merely recognize it as is my Catholic duty.
    Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. I also recognize and accept that, which every monarch since and including Henry VIII does not. But if you are a Catholic you must, or else join the protestants as “exemplars of the Christian faith” nevertheless not being faithful to that faith. As the saying goes, you can’t be just “a little pregnant”. You either are or you are not. Christ said
    “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad”. That’s the quote in the King James bible version, which apparently the queen uses but sadly does not entirely adhere to.

    How much longer Lord?


     FYI the “guest” reply is mine (pagnol). It is listed as guest because I deleted the pagnol account because of possible hacking. You now see my new name TRADANDGLAD which I’m sure will be self explanatory to you especially.

  • Toronto AU Catholic

    Whom are you referring to?  The Queen is certainly not powerful, and the Pope is neither “powerful” (other than spiritually) nor “rich” (other than spiritually).

  • Alan

    To begin with, I don’t “love my queen”, I’m not particularly monarchist, I merely recognise that she is an admirable Christian (unlike some of her forbears).  Christ did not found the Roman Church, He founded the Christian Church, which split in two 1000 years later.

  • Alan

    Nor do I “defend protestant Christianity”, but I accept that the reformers made some legitimate criticisms (which they took to excess) of the Catholic Church at the time, and which the Catholic Church took on board in due course (eg the centrality of scripture).

  • human01

    Have you got any info/links on this fight with the monarchy? Thanks.

  • HapHarris

    Truly: I cannot fathom the mindset of this Pope.  At one moment he is embracing the Modernist / Marxist precepts of Vatican II…and…the next moment he is touting the Traditions of the SSPX…and then…he is schmoozing with Blue-Blooded sycophants of the Zionist-Rothschild-World-Banksters???!!!  Is this being what is called…Ecumenical-?

  • Mosesjesudian

    I  love this very much. i cant image even such a very very important people are meeting each others. His Holiness and the Mother of the world, as God said, those who strong they will live more then 80. the same people are meeting here. Thanks be to God

  • HapHarris

    With the possible exception of Paul VI…this Pope Benedict XVI is the most “Enigmatic Pope” in history.  At one moment he embraces the Modernist / Marxist precepts laid down by the hijackers of Vatican II.  In the next moment he touts the virtues of the Traditionalists…and then…he travels to Assisi to schmooze with all the false religions of the world [an act for which the Jews of old were preeminently punished by their Creator]…And now, he travels to England to praise none other than the Queen who is nothing more than a “Sycophant” to the Zionist Rothschild Criminal Banking Elites who wish to reduce the world’s population by 90% while enslaving the residual population to their liking.  Is this what is called Ecumenism-?   God help us-!!

  • hunhsa700

  • Michael Vyse

    ….And the hearing of the Word and the celebration of the Mass in a language those present can understand, and the Faithful as well as the Celebrant receiving the Holy Communion as our Lord instituted it – under both species. 

  • renming328