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Screening breakthrough could lead to eugenics, says pro-life group

By on Friday, 8 June 2012

A new breakthrough in foetal screening could lead “down the path of eugenics”, a pro-life group said today.

The charity Life said that a “real danger exists” that such genetic testing could lead to wide-scale abortion for disability.

The prenatal test, which is able to predict a foetus’s genetic code as early as 18 weeks, will allow unborn babies to be screened for 3,500 genetic disorders.

Scientists from the University of Washington believe the test, which raises many ethical questions, will become widely available in the future.

Currently more than 2,000 disabled unborn children are aborted every year in Britain, a figure that Life said could increase.

Life spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said: “How can it be that in this modern age of equality and non-discrimination thousands of babies are being screened and aborted because they are genetically defective?”

Down’s syndrome is currently the only genetic disorder routinely tested for on the NHS. The American scientists say the tests will be a considerable improvement on the existing invasive method of screening.

While recognising “the positive potential that these new tests may bring”, Life said they could be misused.

But the tool of genetic screening itself is not a detrimental factor, “it is how it is wielded”, said Mr Bhagwandin.

Mr Bhagwandin also said that genetics were not the whole picture.

He said: “Human beings are greater than the sum of their genes and science cannot yet measure what makes us truly human – courage, compassion, creativity.”

  • Bob Hayes

    It is no surprise that a US university is researching in this area. In the 1920s the US led the way in eugenic social engineering, including forced sterilisation. It was only following the emergence of Nazi eugenics that elite opinion in the US swung against eugenics. The pro-life group is right to raise awareness of the potential for evil outcomes of such research.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    Yes, there are some scary things awaiting us in the future. We need to pray and evangelize hard.

  • hunhsa700

  • renming328

  • sifnot

    i beg the opinion of those who said that homosexuality was completely genetic, likewise obesity

  • beimabao