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Pope names the next Archbishop of Glasgow

By on Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Archbishop Elect Tartaglia 5[1]

Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley was named new Archbishop of Glasgow this week, succeeding Archbishop Mario Joseph Conti, who has been archbishop since 2002.

After the announcement was made by the Church in Scotland Archbishop-elect Tartaglia, 61, said: “I am conscious of the historic place of the Archdiocese of Glasgow in the history of Christianity in Scotland and of its importance for the Catholic community in particular. It is a great honour for me to be appointed archbishop of my native city and diocese.”

Bishop Tartaglia was born in Glasgow in 1951, one of nine children, and was ordained priest in 1975. He said he had been “very happy and fulfilled” as Bishop of Paisley where he has served since late 2005. “I have loved my diocese. The priests and people of the Diocese of Paisley will always be in my heart,” he said. “And I would want to serve the Archdiocese of Glasgow with the same affection and devotion.”

He continued: “I know I can only be a good bishop with help from above, so I ask everyone to pray for me.”

With 95 parishes, 203 priests and an estimated Catholic population of 200,000 the Archdiocese of Glasgow is the largest of Scotland’s eight

Archbishop-elect Tartaglia will be the eighth man to hold the office of archbishop since the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in Scotland in 1878.

His predecessor, Archbishop Mario Conti, who Pope Benedict asked to stay on for three years past his 75th birthday, said: “I am delighted that the Holy Father has appointed Bishop Philip as my successor. I have known him for more than 30 years and I have the greatest admiration for his gifts of leadership, intelligence, pastoral sensitivity and holiness. The archdiocese will be in very good hands.”

  • teigitur

    Lets hope he is more accomodating to the traditional Mass than he was/is in Paisley Diocese.Where he has consistantly refused to allow even one to be celebrated.

  • Jeannine

    What make you think he will change? ——Unless the people, along with at least a few with money rise up to request it.

  • teigitur

    I live in hope!

  • nytor

    Despite having no right whatsoever to do so. Report report report, people, until Rome make him obey Church law! I see he is controversial in liberal circles today, too, something about a gay Catholic MP.

  • Burt

    I live in hope to the degree that +Bishop Fellay will one fine day be made a Cardinal.
    As the song goes got to have a dream…It’s captain sensible’s version in my head right now. I am only a traditionalist in religion.

  • Nat_ons

    That is about all any of us can do, apart from continued prayer – and increasingly forthright requests for what the Holy Father has set out.

    “Bishop Tartaglia’s motto, taken from the Latin hymn ‘O Salutaris Hostia’ by St Thomas Aquinas, is Da Robur, Fer Auxilium (‘Give strength, bring aid’).” From the Vatican Radio Website.

    Who knows, other than God .. and His Grace, of course .. but the rest of Aquinas’ sublime theology may once again resound in full orthodoxy for Catholic schools, churches, seminaries, presbyteries etc (in Latin and in English, neither being familiar to many Catholics today).

    Pange, lingua, gloriosiCorporis mysterium,Sanguinisque pretiosi,quem in mundi pretiumfructus ventris generosiRex effudit Gentium.Nobis datus, nobis natusex intacta Virgine,et in mundo conversatus,sparso verbi semine,sui moras incolatusmiro clausit ordine.In supremae nocte coenaerecumbens cum fratribusobservata lege plenecibis in legalibus,cibum turbae duodenaese dat suis manibus.Verbum caro, panem verumverbo carnem efficit:fitque sanguis Christi merum,et si sensus deficit,ad firmandum cor sincerumsola fides sufficit.Tantum ergo Sacramentumveneremur cernui:et antiquum documentumnovo cedat ritui:praestet fides supplementumsensuum defectui.Genitori, Genitoquelaus et jubilatio,salus, honor, virtus quoquesit et benedictio:Procedenti ab utroquecompar sit laudatio.Amen.

  • Ann Byrne

    Well all that Latin is double Dutch to the majority of people. Great that religion can exclude so many.

  • Oconnord

    One day in and already people are calling for him to resign!!!

  • JabbaPapa

    Lingua Hollandicorum ut scripturas Serum est mihi, excusa mi. Universalitas ex contrario Missae doctrinarumque Catholicarum remanet viriliter contra Errores Haeresesque Protestantorum.

    Educatio minima data hodie adulescentis maxime scandalizat omnem Christianitatem.

  • nytor

    I wouldn’t be sorry if he did. Clearly the wrong appointment from a traditionalist point of view,and how he’s upset the liberals too!

  • Billy

    No one goes to the LM in Glasgow. I think Conti could have been legitimately criticised (and he can for other reasons) is if the few incidences of LM available in Glasgow had been well attended. I’ve been, lots, and they were not. For whatever reason it is legitimate to conclude that there is no appetite for LM in Glasgow. So why, prithee, should 
    Tartaglia make excessive provision too? 

  • nytor

    Were they properly publicised or were they so cloak and dagger that no one knew they were happening?

  • Parasum

    His spokesman has done Mgr. Tartaglia *no* favours :(

  • gabriel_syme

    Hi Billy

    Buts that a circular argument.  I am interested in traditional Catholicism, but have never attended a TLM.  Why?  Because the official Church (in Glasgow anyway)

    - does not talk about or promote the tridentine rite whatsoever
    - does not tell anyone of the few instances of the latin mass being available
    - does not educate or equip Catholics to understand or participate in the TLM

    Through my own research, (God bless the “inter-web”), I found out that there is a periodic TLM provision in a Bridgeton parish.  But I dont know a thing about it, and am retiscent to just turn up and be an obvious fish out of water.

    So I would argue there IS interest – especially among the younger people (I am 34) – but this negated by ignorance of provision (fed by the Church “dont talk about latin” policy) and alienation (as we are all from our genuine Catholic heritage).

    Look at Shrewsbury, when +Williams gave over a defunct parish to Institute of Christ the KIng Soveriegn Prest, to hold latin masses.  There expected 400 to show up for the first mass, and they got about 1,100 and were bowled over by the interest it generated.

    I strongly feel its wrong that provision is so poor, and the Church – through wilful inaction – essentially maintains the status quo. And for no other reason than the fact that some novus ordo Bishops/priests see the TLM as a “hassle” for themselves.

    There is a small SSPX chapel close to my parish in Glasgow.  I am always tempted to go around there and ask to talk or have a look.   But again, in my ignorance of the traditional expression of my faith, I am very reticent just to turn up like some bungling modernist fool (which could very well cause offense to regular worshippers there).

  • gabriel_syme

    Hi Nytor

    I didnt see your post until after I had replied to Billy above, but “cloak and dagger” sums it right up.

    Other than the SSPX, the nearest TLM provision to me is apparently a Bridgeton Parish (run or visited by FSSP).  However, you would never hear about this formally from the Church itself, only if you go poking about of your own accord.

    Worse, the masses are only allowed to be carried out in darkness at 3am, in foul weather, with all present needing to have their faces “blacked out” (like commandos), to reduce the risk of a passer-by noticing them through the window and asking whats going on.

  • gabriel_syme

    Hi Ann

    I “liked” your post by accident, I was meaning to hit reply – am raging.

    If people find Latin is double dutch, they can simply learn it – or at least learn the prayers and their meaning, if not a working grasp of the language. 

    I have been enjoying doing this sporadically for a few years now, with you-tube a notable good resource.

    I would never say I could “speak latin”, but I can now understand (and sing) the latin of Pater Noster, Credo III (Mode V), Salve Regina, Gloria in Excelsis Deo (“the gloria”) etc as well as bits of the Angelus, Panis Angelicus and Dies Irae.

    (My pronunciation is probably average at best, but its better than my singing voice haha!)

    This has been a very much fun, enlightening and rewarding activity.  I commend it to everyone.

    Imagine how good it would be to walk into any Catholic Church in the world, and be able to participate in the mass, instead of having to scratch around for a tourist mass in english.

  • chiaramonti

    Time to re- introduce fast days. Overweight bishops give the wrong impression to the heretics

  • teigitur

    I would not call one Mass “Excessive provision”. There were many interested in Paisley Diocese. No one goes , because its a a bad time, in an inaccesssable place, at the same time as the (well attended) SSPX, also is is never advertised, anywhere, ever. You need to get your facts a little more up to Date.

  • EditorCT

    It is not true to say that “no-one goes to the TLM in Glasgow” .  A heck of a lot more people attend the TLM in Glasgow than attend any of the daft ecumenical services. 

  • EditorCT

    Please feel free to contact the Editor of Catholic Truth – my unworthy self – for information and more details about the TLM in Glasgow.  I’d be happy to introduce you to Catholics who attend, so you needn’t feel like a fish out of water. There are details of the Masses available around Scotland on our website, Mass page or email

  • EditorCT

    Nasty personal remarks speak volumes about the person making them.

  • lanqiu332