Ahmed Kelly, who was born with underdeveloped arms and legs, will compete in the 50m breaststroke

An orphan raised by the Missionaries of Charity in Baghdad is to compete in a sprint swimming event at the London Paralympics.

Ahmed Kelly, who grew up in Australia after being adopted aged nine, will race in the 50m breaststroke. He has already broken a world record twice at 100m.

Kelly, who was born with severely underdeveloped arms and legs, was left outside the Sisters’ orphanage in Baghdad and raised there until he was adopted, along with his brother, by Moira Kelly, an Australian humanitarian worker.

In Australia he had surgery on his legs and, fitted with prosthetic limbs, played Aussie rules football for his school and club before taking up swimming.

Moira Kelly, who founded the Children First Foundation, was herself inspired by Mother Teresa to become an aid worker. Ahmed’s brother, Emmanuel, starred in the US version of The X Factor.