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Breakaway group seeks unity with Rome

By on Friday, 17 August 2012

Bishop David Bell meets Pope Benedict

Bishop David Bell meets Pope Benedict

The English leader of a breakaway traditionalist group has said that he wishes to be reconciled with the Catholic Church.

Bishop David Bell, 41, is head of the Society of Pope Leo XIII, which upholds the pre-Vatican II teachings of the Church, particularly the older form of the Tridentine Mass. The society claims to have 73 bishops and 500 priests, and to be responsible for congregations totalling 8.5 million people.

In the eyes of the Church Bishop Bell’s ordination as a bishop is valid but illicit; he was ordained by bishops with the Apostolic Succession and has passed this on to other bishops he has ordained, but all of this is without the sanction of the Catholic Church.

A report in the Italian newspaper La Stampa last week said that Bishop Bell, who calls himself Archbishop of London, had prepared a “curse” against Bishop Mario Meini of the Diocese of Fiesole, Italy, but he said that this was incorrect.

“I issued a decree of anathema because he said I wasn’t a bishop. Only the Holy See can make such a declaration,” he said.

Bishop Bell met Pope Benedict XVI at a Wednesday audience in June 2011 and kissed his hand. “How did I meet the Holy Father? I asked,” he said, stressing that he applied to meet him as head of the Society of Pope Leo XIII.

He said that he accepts the infallibility of the Pope. “We don’t speak out against the Holy See,” he said, emphasising that doctrinally they are close to the Church. “As far as we are concerned there’s very little difference at all,” he said. The one important point is the Tridentine Mass, which Pope Benedict has brought to greater prominence in the Church.

Bishop Bell confirmed that the Society of Pope Leo XIII is “in talks” with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. “The Holy See has held private talks with illicit bishops for hundreds of years,” he said.

He accepted that if they were to come back into full communion they would have to accept the authority of the Church. “We intend to bend, to work more closely with Rome,” he said. He said that talks had already been held with officials at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

He said that if and when he would accepted back he will be a titular bishop only, without any episcopal power within the Church, and accepts that “my hands will be tied unless or until the Holy See decides otherwise”.
“It is a long journey and will take a long time,” he said.

  • Veuster

    Is it the Society of Pope Leo XII or the Society of Pope Leo XIII?

    In either case, I’d never heard of it before and I’ve only just found its website  and discovered that it is, indeed, under the patronage of Pope Leo XIII.  

    Am I alone in finding it difficult to take seriously a man who calls himself ‘His Eminence, The Archbishop of London’?

  • Richard Collins

    73 Bishops? Blow me down, 28 are bad enough I can’t be doing with 73, that’s 6.8 priests per Bishop!

  • AReluctantSinner



  • Parepidemos

    I find it incredulous that the Catholic Herald would devote any words to this ridiculous group with its outrageous claims regarding numbers let alone to declare their orders valid. This is one of the hundreds of groups which form the so-called Independent Catholic Movement. One of my long time friends was ordained a priest, then bishop, by the Society of Leo XIII – in the same week; all he needed was to collect 10 signatures requesting the ordination. He’s never been to a seminary and has never had a congregation.  Thankfully, he saw sense and left them about 2 years ago because of the constant infighting.

    As for the photo of David Bell with Pope Benedict; Bell has been to Rome dressed as a bishop when there are large gatherings (e.g. he went for the beatification of John Paul II) and simply walks amongst the hundreds of bishops who are dressed in the cassock and has even sat amongst them during the ceremonies. Hundreds of bishops; now who is going to suspect that one of them is a fake? Heck, I’m not a bishop but could easily do the same and the chances are no one would challenge me unless there was a Mass and I went to concelebrate.

    Members of this group even participate in multiple ‘conditional consecrations’ where bishops in different groups ‘conditionally ordain’ one another in order to gather different lines of apostolic succession!!!  They are an absolute joke, so please Catholic Herald, don’t give this lot any credence.

  • AReluctantSinner

    In last week’s paper version of the CH, they were called the Society of
    Pope Leo XII. They seem to have a new patron, now!

    I believe the movement has a fascinating history but shouldn’t be taken too
    seriously, mainly because there are so many groups like this, with so many interwoven
    histories and bizarre beliefs and factions.

    I believe, though may be wrong, that the group calling itself, rather
    mischievously, the ‘Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII’ is actually
    an off-shoot of the schismatic Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church,
    which seems orthodox in its liturgy (they use a translation of the older Rite —
    whether it is approved or not, I have no idea. If it is
    not, then I wonder what effect that would have on the validity of their
    orders?) but which is quite liberal in its discipline (married clergy,
    liber attitude to divorce etc).

    To undertsand more about these groups, I suggest reading Peter F Anson’s

    very informative and excellent book “Bishops at Large” — which I think
    is a few hunderd pages long.


  • David Lindsay

    We have been here before with these absurd, extravagant claims regarding numbers. That lot in Campos claimed to have a following at least as large as that of the regular Diocese. It was rubbish.

    he TAC Claims to be active in 66 countries. Which 66 countries, exactly? The English Ordinariate (for people who only used the Modern Roman Rite, anyway) has barely more than a thousand souls, with priests accounting for about one in 16 members; it says a lot that the Forward in Faith constituency, which receives so much media attention, is capable of being weakened by a loss of only that size.

    And now, this. I have no doubt that there really are 73 mitred, purple skullcapped figures. But I doubt that there is anyone very much else at all, frankly. Who are they? Where are they?

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    They seem to be descendants of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa, and therefore they lack credibility.
    Oh, and 73 bishops? Really? How many of those have a theological formation similar to a real bishop?

    I also doubt they have 8.5 million faithful.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    This group has very little credibility:

    They seem to trace their apostolic succession to Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa, founder of the “Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church”.

    Bishop Estevão Bettencourt (who is a faithful real bishop in communion with the Pope) has written about them:

    In particular:
    They seek “converts” at all costs; for example, they have announced in the phone book:
    “ICAB, Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira, Paróquia São Jorge: marriage with or without civil recognition, to singles and divorced; chrisms; consecrations; also in homes or the Realengo or Piraquara clubs”

    Also, due to several reasons, Bishop Bettencourt says:

    “Because of this, the Catholic Church does not recognize the ordinations from ICAB, let alone the authenticity of  their Masses and sacraments”

  • John Paul W

    Two things:

    First, this group seems to have taken cues from both the SSPX and Palmarian Church. In the Palmarian Church, the clergy consists mainly of bishops and cardinals with very few priests (because after all who wants to be a priest when you can be a bishop?). They also copy from the playbook of the SSPX by claiming to defend tradition (although their Masses appear to be said in Spanish and facing the people). Also, they seem to have a bit of Protestantism mixed into too because they have a “statement of belief”. In my opinion, this group is trying to steal some headlines from the SSPX and has no real intention of becoming Roman Catholic

    Second, this article is very flawed. Most of the fact seem to be coming from the leader of this strange group. There are no quotes from any Vatican officials to confirm anything he has to say. I learned this cornerstone of journalism while writing for my college newspaper. Unless you have verification, there is no story.

    P.S. Their website is ugly and unreadable. I guess that is one way to hide your true intentions, make your site impossible to read.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    Please bring my other post back. It is based on the opinions of the Brazilian Bishop Estêvão Bettencourt, who criticized the “Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church”.

    It is very unpleasant to have one’s post deleted :(

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    Also, the article says

    “In the eyes of the Church Bishop Bell’s ordination as a bishop is valid but illicit; he was ordained by bishops with the Apostolic Succession and has passed this on to other bishops he has ordained, but all of this is without the sanction of the Catholic Church.”

    Who has classified their ordinations as “valid”? The Holy See or the 73 “bishops” themselves? Since the “ordinations” take place in doubtful conditions, I am not sure these 73 men are really bishops.

  • Warren

    I agree with the concerns raised regarding the credentials of the priests and bishops of the movement.

    Let us hope that Rome’s well earned reputation for going slow in matters of discipline and polity may apply toward this latest group seeking reconciliation with Holy Mother Church.

  • Parasum

    Sounds good.

  • John Paul W

    If Parepidemos is right and all they have to do is gather 10 signatures to be ordained a bishop, I doubt there is a true bishop among them. All we can do is pray for them.

  • JTLiuzza

    “How many of those have the intellectual and pastoral formation of a real bishop?”

    The same question can be asked of all the bishops and priests who enjoy full canonical status.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    The average Catholic bishop is learned and orthodox.
    Keep your pessimism for yourself.

  • JTLiuzza

     You’re living in a dream world.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    I bet that you are either a Modernist or a radical Traditionalist.

  • Sarto

    Their orders seem to be a mixture of Duarte Costa and others, but if you read his website (which, I admit, is not easy, since it reads like it was written by a eleven-year-old) it seems he had to have himself “re-ordained” priest and Bishop, by people I’ve never even heard of, who weren’t Duarte Costa descendents (Anglicans? Catholcs?) so who knows if that was even valid… Obviously if you’re not a valid priest to begin with, you can’t become a Bishop.

    What’s more, he’s described respectively as “His Excellency”, “His Eminence” (a title used by Cardinals), “Dom.” (is he a monastic??), “His Illustriosness”, “Archbishop of Cambridge”, “Archbishop of London” … if anyone is wondering why we’ve never heard of him before, I suspect it may be because his “Cathedral” consists of the spare room of his Mum’s flat. Stranger things have been known. And if his “Society” really has 8.5 million faithful worldwide I’ll eat my hat and my slippers too!

    The page of their website titled “Beliefs” shows them to be liberal “Old Catholic”/Anglican-esque… very vague and one-size-fits-all (I’ll spare you the details, you can go and read it for yourself.)

    Finally, am I alone in finding both the name and the timing more than a little suspicious?

    From what I can gather, this appears to be a 40-something year old man who likes dressing up, has probably heard about the SSPX/Rome stuff in the Catholic press in recent months, and wants to play at that. I have to say it does the Catholic Herald absolutely no credit whatsoever that they give this man, sorry this “Society”, so much seriousness and credibility when at the same time it treats the SSPX which (whatever you think of their position) IS a serious organisation with such obvious contempt. The headline at the top of this article is the same one, recycled from the last report on Bishop Fellay.

    I think David Barrett’s reputation as a journalist has also taken a hit today. Where did he get this “story” – from the man himself…?!? Surely the Catholic Herald wishes to be seen as being a bit more serious than that!

  • JTLiuzza


  • CatholicLeftwinger

    The ‘Bishop’ has more letters after his name than in front; I didn’t know you could pick up so many degrees in such a shore time. He only lacks the title of Grand Panjandram,

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    Moderators, please approve my last comment. It uses the words of a respect Brazilian theologian. It is not a gratuitous attack.
    And I had to edit the comment to solve the formatting bugs in Disqus.

  • P J Durward

    This is scandalously poor journalism. Mr Barret has clearly done no checking of any facts in relation to this story. Moreover he displays a complete lack of judgement in thinking that it is a tale worthy of note. It is worrying that no editor has prevented such a silly article being published by the Catholic Herald. Unfortunately such poor work renders it hard, if not impossible, to take any future writing by Mr Barret seriously. I hope that the Catholic Herald realise that they will look foolish if they use him as a writer again. Anyone who writes this sort of drivel does not deserve to be in employment as a journalist.

  • ellablue

    How many of those have the intellectual and pastoral formation of a real bishop? You might ask the same in regard to Anglican priests and bishops who have come to Rome.

    There is very little understanding of how important proper education and training is for clergy. In the Anglican tradition you can become a priest by attending summer school???? Or another method used is by being mentored by another clergy member???

  • Pastizzi56

    please not another ordinariate.

  • DomineAdsum

    I agree with much of what is posted below.  Basically, these people and others like them either did not have the basic intellectual ability and moral character to become accepted for seminary training in the first place or were accepted but left the seminary at some point in the training period because of a failure to maintainn standards – whether scholarly or moral.  Others were oradined, either to the diaconate or indeed the priesthood or indeed the episcopate but, for one reason or another, ‘went off the rails’.  In many cases, the regularly consecrated Catholic bishops who have either retired or have had to leave due to scandal have been manipulated and ‘duped’ by extremelt shady, often criminal characters into laying hands upon them.  And when that has happened, the giving of orders goes ‘viral’.  There have been many souces of the lines of succession which can currently be described.  The Brazilian line has been mentioned below and there are notable others.  In the UK and North America, many of these wandering priests and bishops derive from the so called Mathew Line.  Mathew was renegade X-Anglican who essentially tricked the newly formed Old Catholics schismatics in Utrecht (following the Declaration of Pastor Aeternus and papal infallibility) into laying hands upon him, claiming that if that were to be done he could bring large numbers of Anglicans in particular to the newly formed Old Catholic Church – those that were Catholic by instinct but who could not stomach the entire Deposit of Faith.  Needless to say, it didn’t happen.  What did happen was the spawning (and I use the term advisedly) of thousand and thousands of so-called bishops. Many, as one commentator has said, have no ministry or indeed capacity for ministry, but instead spend their time dressing up in the finest possible vestments where gold, lace and especially the maniple are much prized.  Many are barely literate in English let alone Latin and where they attempt the latter language as ‘traditionalists’ (this becing, in their own ‘argument’, the reason for the existence outside the Church) the results are often highly embarrassing and would be laughable if the act of dressing up and uttering the most sacred of words in any lkanguage that are contained in the Canon were not as shocking as it is.

    Any reader who wishes to learn more should Google keywords such as ‘Old Roman Catholics’, ‘Arnold Harris Mathew’ and especially ‘Episcopus Vagans’ or ‘Episcopi Vaganti’. The book ‘Bishops at Large’ mentioned by one commentator is highly informative in terms of the early history of the wandering bishops, but it now very out of date and almost impossible to source a copy of.

    The idea of ‘valid but illicit/irregular’ is constantly re-iterated by these people.  They imagine it gives them legitimacy, because if you are ‘valid’, then you are the ‘real thing’.  However, celebration of the Holy Sacrifice outside canonical regularity is a grave sin.  Another formuls beloved of these people is that contention that is the ordaining bishop is in valid orders, then the person ordained must ipso facto be ordained successfully.  Such is not the case.  You will hear them talk about ‘matter’, ‘form’ and ‘intention’ and they will say that the ordaining cleric was a valid bishop (because he himself had been ordained by a valid bishop – and so on ad nauseam) and that the Roman form of ordination was faithfully adhered to and that because the Roman form of ordination was strictly adhered to then that demonstrates correct intention.  But the ordination or consecration occurs in a state of canonical censure and cannot therefore equate to something that the Church wishes to be done.  That can nver therefore represent correct intention.  Indeed, it is defective attentioon at the very best.  Of course, one way to escape for this reality is to claim that the Church is in a State of Emergency (as shown by the post-Vatican II traumas) and that, therefore, ‘anything goes’.  This is of course the central argument of SSPX to justify their existence and to claim legitimacy.  But as the talks go on with SSPX, it becomes ever clearer that they simply want to do their own thing and it is that ‘won thing’ which they could simply not carry on doing iof they submitted to proper Authority.  It is clear that reconciliation will not happen here without a major schism within the Society and recent talk of having recovered a profound sense of unity tells us clearly that reconciliation is not about to happen.

    One could write at even greater length about these schismatics.  At then end of the day the only safe state in this fractured world of ours is in communion with Peter himself.  Yes, there have been infections of Moderism which have wreaked havoc over the last 40 years, the Devil acvts in this way and has added to such actions the recent temptations of clergy a la the sex scandals.   But there is every sign that recovery is taking place in the Liturgy, in Spirituality and in Discipline under the present Successor of Peter.  Let us support him and pary for him in this salvific work.

  • Alexander VI

    Yet another bunch of loons…….


    Perhaps one should no judge without the facts. I am a congregation member of the society, I have known the superior general for almost 10 years when he was a priest. He is the most kindest person in the church I have known , by this statement I mean he is humble and not pompous like most bishops that I have met.

    He works long hours and travels regualr to all his churches in many countrys. The numbers that he claims to have is exact,, but not all of those will travel with him as we was informed in a news letter to return to Rome, It is only those who meet the grade.

    Churches, Yes. he has hundreds of churches filled to the hills with congregation. He is able to fill any church with his charisma alone.

    Ah, the website remarks I have read by those who I presume are jealous. Anyone can see by checking as I did that the website is currently maintained by a company in India so English is not there first language and I am understood that this will be changing web masters soon.
    To see so many comments here by so many people raises one question are you all Christians as it does not sound like so to me. It sounds like Jealousy. Any group wishing to return in full communion with Rome should be blessed and not taunted. 
    I wish all the Bishops and priests of the society well and good fortune as they have worked so hard to achieve so much, It not as if the walked in to a ready made church with faithful, they started to build brick by brick.

    If the superior general did not have churches and faithful, he would not have hit the Italian Newspapers or any others. I would recommend to all to take two steps back and think twice are you replying as a Christian or as a failed jealous person? 


    This was a interesting statement made by some one in a rush. The word DOM as I am a Brazilian is used for all Bishops whether Roman Catholic or Catholic it is DOMINUS translates to Lord. It is a title used for all bishops as the word DON is used for priests.

    He does not dress up he actually does the part and he is a 42 year old well educated Irish Man.
    It is clear that this blog reader does  not understand Ecclesiactical Custom ? I have received a letter from this bishop and it clearly states HIS EXCELLENCY, but I presume as the chief prelate of all the society His Eminence would be OK after all during the crusades all Bishops whether Diocesan, Coadjutor, Auxiliary or Titular Bishop was all known as Patriarchs!
    Did Sarto realise this?  Perhaps not as it is above his belt….

  • Andrew

     Has someone in CH  gone and done an early April fool joke? If you believe this  this lot better join the 8.5 million lunatics.


    Whether we agree or not on many matters. One thing is sure. This bishop is a bishop whether he be Valid and Illicit or anything else, this can not be changed.
    Apostolic Succession is an important part of the Catholic Church even Pope Paschal and Pope Leo XIII and many others have made this extremely clear, this is what seperates the Catholic Church from the Anglican Church.

    Any bishop consecrated without the authority of the Holy See does not make them loonies but strong defenders as to fight for what they believe in I am sure s not easy. If this society was loonies because they was consecrated outside the Holy See authority then what does it make SSPX bishops ? who are the great heralds of the Tridentine Mass and a world leader in size and numbers of faithful!

    It is far best for such societys like this to be one with time under the See of Peter than growing on their own in size. I could write all day on the words of past Saints, Popes etc and many theologians on the facts of Schismatics, heretics etc but they all remain valid bishops.
    However this blog sounds like a blog from a disgruntled deacon fof the society who has been excardinated they do seem to come out of the wood work from time to time, but we have to remember discipline is important in the Catjolic Church or any Society.
    In a later blog I read about the number of bishops the society has. Simple the leader of the society needs assistants to assist him in his work load so i would presume that he has 7 assisting bishops and each bishop of the dioceses in their respective country will also have assisting bishops. After all hasn’t the local Roman Catholic Bishops got more than one bishop in their diocese assiting their Diocesan Bishop or even Archbishop. so really the answer is simple and logical.

    As Christians our duty is to help all wishing to return to the full communion of St Peter and not to condem anyone for there actions. Atleast this society has taken the step of doing some corrections and others do nothing.
    There theological back ground is perfect as 90% of there priests and bishops are former Roman Catholic Priests trained in Roman Seminary whether in Philippines, England, Ireland or were ever, those who have not are trained and educated in Seminary to a high level .  


    Dear blogger?

    I would understand theology before one writes such comments on Validity. You seem not to understand Apostolic Succession. May I  remind you that it is clear that one two people can denie this lineage ,1, the Ordinary being the consecrator normally and the bishp elect receiving the consecration. Perhaps this blogger was present and saw a valid defect and if so please let us know what was missed in this wonderful ceremony that I was there and saw for myself as a former secretary to Patriarch Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez who was my late Uncle. 

    My Uncle was consecrated by Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa and also Bishop Ferraz who himself was consecrated by Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa and returned as a valid bishop to work on all 4 vatican councils as a valid bishop of Rome in the 1960′s including one other Bishop. Conditions have no right of issue here other than the fact the correct Form, Intent and strict aherence was paied throughout with the Consecration and Rite. Rubrics.

  • DomineAdsum

    LOL.  I am not a disgruntled ”Deacon’, but rather an internationally eminent university professor in my field.  My argument was based on sacramential (dogmatic) Theology, on what is yours based?  The Greeks said; ‘If he hadn’d spoken, we might have thought he was clever’.  Be careful, Veritas, you have said nothing of intellectual substance…  go and read and study and then come back to make a valuable comment.    I suspect that you are ‘one of them’, one of the EVs, that hateful and detestable nest of queens who pretend to be in clerical orders but who are, in fact, broken down gay actresses dressed in liturgical vesture..

  • DomineAdsum

    Dear, dear, dear….  I’ve just seen this.  Well, I did think you were an EV or an EV-spawn…  but now I see that you are.  You wouold have more respectability if you were an Anglican!  Repent, Veritas, and stop pretending that these people are anything other than broken down queen-actresses, pretending to be clergy because they either couldn’t get into seminary in the first place or were chucked out later when they were seen to be what they are – UNSUITABLE FOR THE CLERICAL STATE..

  • DomineAdsum

    and where are the objective statistics?  These so-called ‘congregations’ are usually tiny and constituted by disgruntled queens and by ‘fag hags’.  Honestly!

  • Alban

    I find it incredible how nastiness surfaces when it’s reported that a group seeks reconciliation with the Church.

  • Jamesjsbeatty

    You mean incredible

  • Jamesjsbeatty

    You mean incredible


    Oh dear a Professor really ? from the animal farm or the film Nutty Professor !

    You have no idea of validity, please lets not insult people you do not know, not every person who is a Episcopi Vagantes or what ever title they use are Gay and you comments would mount to Slander and Defamation and we all do not want to go down this road. So lets keep the arguments theologically above board otherwise the comments will have to be deleted and we all do not want this and for your record PROFESSOR I am a WOMAN born as a WOMAN.

    You sound so angry and full of hatred you could never be a CHRISTIAN as they do not talk the way you are writing! Perhaps their is a question of your own sexuality ?

    There is three requirements for validity as a Bishop that is all ? So I would check it out, I have done so with my local Roman Catholic Bishop… Domine ADSUM


    Domine Adsum,

    I think I will email the editor in charge and have your comments removed. I personally find them offensive and if you was a true professor, you would never write such comments.

    Professor I do not think think so. I think you are a weird person who may be confused in life.


    You are offensive to the present nature to be called a human being. I have asked in writing the editor to remove your best Homopohobic and religious hatred comments oh yes evern a person of the same religion can be found guilty of such. And for your record I am a Canon Lawyer of Lateran University…….Beat that Nutty Professor

  • Safely Guarded

    Well this is interesting. By the sound of this blogger it seems that anyone can walk amongst the Roman Bishops and be introduced to the Holy Father ?

    The Pope of Rome is more guarded than the President of the USA and the Queen of England put together. There is Secret service all over the Vatican. It is impossible just to walk amongst the Roman Bishop or even get within 100 yards of the Pope.

    Obviously this person has never been to Rome who wrote this blog, What about Bishop Bell co-celebrating Mass at St St Peters in Mitre etc it is all stated with photographs on his website !

    There is no question he was consecrated a bishop according to Canon one for consecrations and there was 3 bishops present at his consecration only as his consecration is on You Tube !! so again a bad blogger with ni research or anything…what a waste of time.

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    This does not seem to be a group of faithful Christians; we have reasons to suspect that they have little respect for Catholic Tradition and Discipline.
    They have bishop Duarte Costa in their lineage. bishop Duarte Costa founded a “church” that seeks converts at any cost. They announce in the phone book that they perform marriages with or without legal effect, for single or married people, and they “minister” in houses and private clubs. They seem to be little more than sellers of fake sacraments.

  • David Lindsay

    Oh, it’s like that, is it? Another Ordinariate, indeed…

  • Fides_et_Ratio

    What does this have to do with the Ordinariate, and what do you have against the Ordinariate?

  • David Lindsay

    Oh, where to begin?

    See the chapter entitled Out of the Ordinariate, and which now reads (though I say so myself) as distinctly prescient, in

    Ignore the loony comments on the book’s webpage. They are all by a mentally ill former student of mine.

  • teigitur

    If only this were the case.

  • Martin

     For those who may be interested – “Veritas” couldn’t be further from the truth if he tried, as this is just one of “His Eminence Archbishop of London David Bell’s” many Blog personae – as is also “Safely Guarded”.  This can easily be worked out by the standard of incorrect and ungrammatical English plus the constant harping on the Duarte Costa lineage.