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Two women and a man enter a civil partnership in Brazil

By on Thursday, 30 August 2012

Newlyweds pose for a photo (Photo: AP)

Newlyweds pose for a photo (Photo: AP)

Two women and a man have entered into a civil partnership in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Legal recognition of the three-way relationship follows a decision by the Latin American country to extend civil partnerships to same-sex couples.

Previously, the law regulating “stable unions” existed solely for heterosexual couples who were cohabiting.

It meant that they had rights of inheritance if one of them died and that there were rules on the division of property and estate if a relationship broke down.

But the relaxation of the rules has led to the three people being registered as a stable union in Brazil for the first time after the notary said she could find no objections.

She told local media that she “went to investigate if there was some legal impediment, and I verified that there wasn’t. I couldn’t recuse myself from notarising the declaration.”

The Brazilian Family Institute, which openly supports both polygamous and same-sex unions, welcomed the decision.

“We have to respect the private nature of relationships and learn to live in this pluralistic society recognising different desires,” said the group’s vice-president.

British sociologist Patricia Morgan, who specialises in family policy and criminology, said she was not surprised by the ruling, adding that similar attempts have been made in the Netherlands.

She that the proliferation of a range of relationships that will be legally considered equal to marriage was inevitable once the institution had been redefined.

“In the Netherlands to be equal they opened up civil partnerships to heterosexuals as well as to gays but then found that there were these three-in-a-bed relationships that were seeking legal recognition,” she said.

“I think it is all part of the cause,” she said. “Once you break away from one man and one woman, what do you expect?

“This is the traditional regenerative relationship. Once you allow two men [to wed], where are your boundaries?

“People say this won’t happen but where does it stop? You are going to get polygamy from Muslims, aren’t you?

“People are simply shutting their eyes if they think that this is not going to happen,” she said.

Part of the problem, she added, was the modern view of marriage as a “couple relationship” based on subjective definitions of “love”.

This was to the exclusion of its wider purpose as a public contract serving the common good by supporting the procreation and education of future generations.

In Britain, the Scottish Parliament last month announced that it intended to legalise gay marriage, with the first ceremonies expected to be held in 2015.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said he is “absolutely determined” to bring forward gay marriage laws for England and Wales “in this Parliament”.

The issue of gay marriage has prompted many Conservative Party activists to leave the party or refusing to renew their membership, according to press reports, with membership down by 60 per cent since 2005.

The mainstream Christian churches as well as Muslim, Jewish and Sikh leaders are opposed to the proposals.

  • L1ndakay

    I think u r right Marco….and it won’t be long man can marry dogs, sheep, etc!! Society is so sick!! I really do understand why
    God took out Sodom and Gomorah!!

  • Lee Porter

    The number of times I have seen denied the fact that this was bound to happen is staggering.

  • fedup

    Controversial (read: SICK-O) Peter Singer, an Australian mad man was given one of the highest honours by the Queen for his work on animal rights etc. Here is a man who says that a chimp has more value than a down-syndrome child and has no qualm propogating animal-human sex.I am so embarrased to be Australian. We have so many good and decent people to whom the award could have gone to. Alas, it went to a deranged evil thing under current PM, Gillard’s watch (who is not far from being of similar mental stock as Singer). and and

  • fedup

    Parasum says: “In a democracy, the idea that the subject and the ruler have or must have the same beliefs does not apply.”
    On Parasum’s (and unfortunately, other spineless individuals who stand for nothing but easy and dumb) logic – if X believes that he should walk into a grocery store and take what X believes X is entitled to …then so be it. It is within X’s power (how heroic) and he does not have to be subject to a ruler who has a different belief that X should pay for the goods.
    THis is the kind of dumbed down society Parasum would like to advocate for because it is probably the only society such morons have a chance.

  • Mark Larkins

    Why do all the liberal thinking people think it is all about love , what about the day when they die and go before god and the celestial court , gods laws are one man and one women to become one and become chaste with each other for life . This is a blessed marriage from god himself and not of humans . Ate people forgetting true morals and the gift of children being brought up in the faith .

    Remember once u die u are judged and the choice is heaven or hell and that is for eternity. Pray to the lord for this abomination to end .

  • JessicaHof

    Yes, every time people like us referred to this we were told we were exaggerating and it would not happen and we were being insulting. Well, here it is. What next?

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Even if women outnumber men, still unacceptable. Why formalize the union by entering into marriage? Can’t they just live and die privately? 

  • Mouse

    This is exactly what we supporters of true marriage said was coming, and everyone called us hate-filled paranoid nutcases…and now here it is.
    We are in for a very rough time ahead. Those of you who support so-called gay marriage and thought it wouldn’t really change much…well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • guest

    Well said, Marco—don’t worry, The Lord will be sending a warning to each one of us, to show us what is right and wrong, and then we all will have to choose either Him or the evil one! A miraculous sign will be seen in the sky, depicting Our Lord’s Crucifixion to prove to all alike, the atheists, believers and those who don’t know, that God’s Son died for our sins.We are in those times.

  • Therese Teters

    Most of you should be ashamed of yourself’s right now. Do you not think God is reading your judgmental words? Is what you say what he would say?

    I am non-denominational and left the Catholic church. But can say this is a problem ALL Christians struggle with. Gossip and judgement. I am hurt by your words and pray these people don’t read your cruel words. If you believe in the gospel read the new testament and remind me of a spot where Jesus brought someone to him with words like yours? 

  • Amkennedypayen

    Jings !!!!! Whatever next ???!!!!

  • Amkennedypayen

    Don’t agree with ypu !

  • JabbaPapa

    Probably seven men and four women.

  • Vitto

    as thetitle of that excellent movie says… Whatever Works.

  • Dorislita

    Could you quote the Bible to support your statement?  
    Your intention to honor God is commendable, but no where in the Bible says what you mentioned.  Yes, there would be miracles, but it’d happen exactly as it’s prophesied in the Bible.  

    Reading the Bible and receiving God in our hearts will convict us of sin.  Meanwhile, we could argue and defend our personal preferences.  No matter how eloquent we could be -defending the error- it’d would NEVER become truth.  No matter what lies we choose to believe in, they will NEVER become true.  No matter how many accept or deny true it will NOT matter a bit.  True WILL remain TRUE even if nobody believes it!

  • Sweetjae

    I agree with you but these kinds of immoral acts are always existing since the dawn of mankind nothing new.