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Catholic bishops welcome new Archbishop of Canterbury

By on Friday, 9 November 2012

The appointment of the Rt Rev Justin Welby was confirmed this morning (Photo: PA)

The appointment of the Rt Rev Justin Welby was confirmed this morning (Photo: PA)

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster has welcomed the appointment of the Rt Rev Justin Welby, Bishop of Durham, as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Writing on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, he said: “I warmly welcome the news of the appointment of the current Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Justin Welby as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

“I know that Bishop Welby will bring many personal gifts and experience to his new role. As the future Primate of the Church of England, I am sure that his ministry, like that of his predecessor Archbishop Rowan Williams, will provide an important Christian witness to this country over the coming years.

“In fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ’s prayer that his followers may all be one, I hope that we will endeavour to strengthen the bonds of Christian friendship and mission already established between the Catholic Church and the Church of England. I look forward to working closely with Bishop Welby in the service of the common good and in the common witness we can give to all the people in our land.

“The archbishop-elect may be assured of the prayers and best wishes of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales and of the whole Catholic community in our country.”

Bishop Welby, 56, an Old Etonian who studied history and law at Trinity College, Cambridge, worked for 11 years in the oil industry.

He was a member of Holy Trinity Brompton, the home of the Alpha Course, when he decided to become an Anglican minister. He was ordained at the age of 36.

He has been Bishop of Durham for just over a year.

At the press conference this morning, he said he had “learned so much from the Catholic Church”, particularly on Catholic social teaching. He added that his spiritual director was a Catholic priest.

The archbishop-elect also joked that he had “a better barber and spen[t] more on razors than Rowan Williams”.

  • Benedict Carter

    Ah! The old “arrogant” line! We can expect that to be trotted out at some stage early in proceedings.

  • Enid Ecumaniac

    We at the St. Martin Luther Institute of Advanced Ecumenical Heresy welcome His Holiness the new Archdruid of Canterbury (oh sorry, that was the last one) and we particularly praise the use of dolphins on his hat to highlight the plight of all marine animals who were also created by the Great White Spirit Manitou.

    We urgently need an inclusive, all-encompassing and comprehensive policy on dolphins, especially those that are Ocean-dwellers, together with a policy of forcible elimination of humans who are destroying the natural resources of our planet. 

    This was revealed to us at our last coven meeting by a white blob who materialised above Daphne’s head, only disappearing when dear Mr Smith wafted a fly swatter in its general direction. 

  • Herman U. Ticke

    you try to be satirical and the best of luck to you 
    but then this happens…….

    you couldn’t make it up.

  • scary goat

     “Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church,”

    I can’t quite see how this would apply.

      Those who believe in Christ and have been properly baptized are put in
    a certain, although imperfect, communion with the Catholic Church.”

    ….a certain imperfect communion…….ok fair enough.

    Where does it say the Anglican AB of C should be recognised as an Archbishop?

    I mean, I suppose one has to be polite and all that…..but this is where the problem seems to arise with all this ecumenical stuff.  It muddies the water…..on both sides of the fence. 

    It has nothing to do with arrogance……and everything to do with charity.  I don’t hate Anglicans…..I wish they would come home to the fullness of faith which can be found in the Catholic Church.  Why would they bother if we are patting them on the back for being Anglican? Recognising their Christianity is one thing, encouraging them to think they are just fine the way they are is something else. 

  • scary goat

     Ok, maybe I didn’t express that very well.  It was only meant in that specific context.  I didn’t mean I don’t recognise other Christians as Christian, I meant the Catholic Church is the original and has the fullness of faith.  Why convert people to “Christianity” in one of its many varied forms rather than direct to the Catholic Faith?

  • Fergatroid

    At the Vatican II 50 year anniversary Mass the Holy Father formally welcomed Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams as he did at the Synod. I am confident that both the Holy Father and Archbishop Nichols are fully aware that the See of Canterbury is vacant and the ‘holder’ of that title is not a member of the Magisterium but are merely showing formal courtesy by referring to him by his official title, as is required of persons in their position. I noticed that Rowan Williams referred to the Holy Father as Pope Benedict XVI although I highly doubt he actually believes it. Pax.

  • Patrickhowes

    He was so courteous Sir!That he tried to railroad the taking over of the two top Catholic schools.The gentleman has not been rude but expressed a very valid cannonical point.

  • Patrickhowes

    With you 100%

  • Patrickhowes

    Hence the point about the shocking leadership of Cromack and Archbishop Vince Nichols.Our last three leaders have seen it more important to chase after the scalps of the politically powerful rather than defend the very essence of the Catholic Faith

  • Patrickhowes

    Never you need a catholic backbone for that!

  • Patrickhowes

    But even He will not be able to lubricate the wheels of a Church that stands for nothing and was founded on an act of hersey and relativism

  • Patrickhowes

    And of course Catholics were not treated like vermin for nearly 500 years.You are preaching in the wrong circles!

  • Alan

    Have you ever talked about it with any of them?  If you did, perhaps you would understand.  Dialogue is so important in these matters.  Simply shouting at them “come home to us” is useless.

  • nytor

    That’s a failure of catechesis. People like you are supposed to be the ones who teach the faith in the Catholic education system, but it seems that you fail to do so (given the 94% lapsation rate in English Catholic school leavers).

  • nytor

    They do so – I do so, anyway – out of a desire not to go into schism, I know that I must remain in communion with Peter. I have no “sympathy” as you put it for the modernism of many if not most clergy these days and specifically seek out the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite where I do not have to deal with dubious practices and dubious ideas.

  • nytor

    Indeed, drawing closer to the Orthodox is important. But Anglicanism has no valid orders or sacraments and its purported “ordination of women” makes reunion wholly out of the question. They are – apart from the ones of Catholic belief who may enter the ordinariate – really now beyond rescuing and apart from some political alliances to fight legislation we don’t like they are of no use to us.

  • nytor

    I pray for the prince Franz of Bavaria when they do that. He’s the rightful king, of course.

  • GildasWiseman

    So your point being? The teaching of the Church has always been is quite clear on this matter. It is doctrine. If people who belong to other faiths are saved, then they are saved through Christ’s Catholic Church, despite their particular religion.They are in fact invisible members of the Catholic faith, belonging to the soul of the Church; but only If they are genuinely invincibly ignorant. Of course baptism by blood is another way they can enter into the soul of the Catholic Church.
    The problem is that invincible ignorance presupposes that they are unaware of the Church’s claim that salvation is impossible for those who do not belong to its Mystical Body either in a visible or invisible state. It is to a certain account their responsibility to investigate this doctrinal teaching. Conscience requires comprehensive investigation to be truly genuine. If knowing that the Church is right but still they reject it because of prejudice,or any other reason then they are not invincibly ignorant. If the “Archbishop was taught this claim and rejected it then he is not invincibly ignorant, is he?
    In this day of communication and access to knowledge, I think it is much more difficult to be unaware of the Church’s teaching, to be invincible ignorant.
    And to add this, being an invisible Catholic is a very fragile position. As they do not have access to the life giving sacraments of the Holy Eucharist or the Sacrament of Penance they run a terrible risk of dying without Sacramental graces necessary for salvation.
    So rather than being content that they belong to the Church in an invisible way we should through prayer and exhortation do everything in our power to encourage them to become full members of the Church, both body and soul.

  • Apostolic

    Catholic clergy were required to pray for the Sovereign and the Royal Family after High Mass on every Sunday in pre-Vatican II England, and there was no sense that this was a slippery slope to apostasy – merely praying for earthly sovereigns in a loyalty of forbearance. 

  • scary goat

     I did try with one once.  He said it’s easier being Anglican because they are allowed to do all sorts of things that we are not and they don’t have to do all sorts of things that we do.

  • Jon Brownridge

     “Stands for nothing”? I hardly think so. The Anglican Church still stands for truth, justice, compassion, charity, and all Christian virtues, regardless of its differences in theological convictions. Don’t forget, at the time of the Reformation, Protestants had plenty to protest about. Corruption was rampant in our RC Church…

  • TedGHl

    and at least 1 Catholic 

  • Baptised Anglican

    Justin Welby will be a most welcome deeply-needed change, following the disastrous term of Rowan Williams who lost many of the flock and failed to attract others, owing to his eccentric ways, his archaic mindset, his muddled thinking, his lack of Christian dedication, his apparent non-Christian bent (eg promoting Sharia law), his Druid-like speaking, as well as his unkempt careless appearance.

  • Greg

    It cannot be doubted that as a highly-educated and literate anglican prelate, Welby is well aware of the well-known, and to protestants divisive, Catholic doctrine of “Outside the Church There is no Salvation” (and it  would be theological malpractice if his Catholic spiritual advisor did not more than once raise the issue with him).  So I’m guessing your first question about role of the the Catholic monk was a intended to be a provocative rhetorical flourish, but not to be taken seriously by anyone.

    Your second point, is that, if the ABC “was taught this claim”  and “rejected it”, then he must be “invincibly ignorant”, certainly has a manichean appeal for anyone that hasn’t followed the development of that doctrine since the Council of Trent but simply obliterates the nuance and subtlety with which the Church has dealt with the doctrine of salvation in recent centuries.  Please re-read sections 830 thru 856 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for an introduction to some of the Church’s more current thought on this topic and refrain from implicitly making uninformed judgments about the sincerity or diligence of the ABC in his consideration of the role of the Catholic Church in Jesus Christ’s plan of salvation.

  • just visiting

    That web site is such a reliable source of information.

    Just below the article Herman references about Archbishop Nichols being initiated in Zoroastrian rituals is an article about Benedict VI being initiated in Pagan rituals. Apparently in the ultra-trad world, it ain’t just Nichols, but even Benedict, that’s falling off the wagon these days.

    Apparently the only real orthodox left among the RC’s are the ones up in arms that Nichols was respectful to another Christian leader.

    I guess we really are in the end times when that’s the best that english Catholics have to offer.

  • Ww4449

    A good choice of a businessman to be a top cleric. Though I am sad that John Sentamu was bypassed. was looking forward to a African-American USA President, a British-African Archbishop of Canterbury and a Black Pope (Peter Turkson, last one will be black and named after the first) existing at the same time.

  • Ww4449

    rwply decently. don’t use the colum to slag off people. Vincent is a good boy. He WILL, repeat, WILL get the red hat in a year or two if his health holds up. Cardinal Wuerl was bypassed so many times by JP11, in the end his fellow German Pope (Wuerl also being of German ancestry) finally got his hat.

  • Ww4449

    one more characteristics that Nichols has is thrift. He doesn’t waste money. When the Financial Times interviewed him, he treated THEM to a cheese sandwich and a few biscuits. Normally they take the VIPs to a posh restaurant for the best meals and the best and most expensive wines. Not for nichols, it was at Archbishop’s House for a rather spartan meal. That’s a true cleric whom you should be proud off leads your archdiocese. Stop criticising everything and everybody just because it is fashionable to do so.

  • aspiring lay capuchin

    you see Archbishops just get on with the job. they didn’t ask for it. They were appointed. As for the red hat it comes with the job. Some big sees are automatically filled by archbishops who are raised to cardinals and Westminster is one of those places. Apparently Hugh Gilbert or Nichols was supposed to follow Basil Hume but it was thought too soon so the post was filled in the interim by Cormac

  • Fergatroid

    The Church will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The pathway for returning to Rome is made wider with charitable and amicable dialogue with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Also Archbishop Nichols is an Apostle amongst us and deserves our respect, his response to the ABC announcement is similar to the Holy Father congratulating Obama on his election victory and welcoming Rowan Williams to the 50th Anniversary celebration Mass as the “Archbishop of Canterbury.” 

  • GildasWiseman

    I am certain that you agree that the Holy Catholic Church is the one
    ark of salvation. The Catechism reaffirms this. It does not teach
    anything different from the Cyprian formula despite the confusing
    subsist it clause. Our Blessed Lord founded one Church, which is a
    perfect society and is in perfect communion with Itself. It is
    impossible for any soul to be saved outside of Her. All graces
    deriving from Christ and his cross are found in Her. There can be no
    other way.

    of course as I stated, does not mean that people of other faiths,
    animists, Protestants, Muslims Zen Buddhists or any body else cannot
    be save through the Cross of Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. If
    they are given sanctifying graces it is through his Holy Catholic
    Church with Peter at the head. They become members of His Mystical
    Body but as Cardinal. St. Robert Bellarmine stated,they belong to the
    soul of the Church and not the body. They keep the Body of Christ

    belong to the body and soul of the Church We must confess the Creed
    “ I believe in one baptism for the remission of sins” This
    baptism as the Church teaches is threefold. By water, by blood, and
    by baptism of desire which can be explicit. Implicit desire, is also
    recognised by this teaching. That consists as you know, of all men
    who do the will of God. Of course God knows men of Good will. They
    become members without realising it. They are definitely not save
    through their own religion, what ever that may be.

    why does or did the Catholic Church invest so much in the missions.
    Why send good priests and religious out to convert men of God will to
    the Gospel of the Catholic Church and baptism by water? Simply, to
    bring them to perfect unity and to the fullness of the Sacramental
    life of the Church.

    problem with people and other Christian communities who are very
    aware of this teaching and remain in their error is that they are no
    longer ignorant. They remain deliberately separated from the one ark
    of salvation they remain a sect and impoverished. It is uncharitable
    for us to not state this truth. Their very souls are at risk.

    ecumenical activities over the years have failed drastically to bring
    our separated brothers and sisters back into the Church. I am
    personally aware of a number of cases where men of good will have
    been told by Prelates to stay where they are, in their Protestant
    Communion, for the sake of ecumenism. How can that be right?

    do hope now that, rather than presuming that my understanding of the
    Cyprian formula and the constant teaching of the Church on this
    matter is unorthodox, You will realize that I am simply restating
    traditional Catholic doctrine. Therefore I am not being unnecessarily
    cynical as you suggest. As I said, I wonder if the Catholic Monk
    explained these teachings to the “Archbishop” or instead advised
    him to stay where he is for ecumenism’s sake, as so many have done. I
    for one hope and pray that he will come into the true sheepfold.

  • Benedict Carter

    In certain ways B XVI “fell off the wagon” long ago. He even denies the historical accuracy of Scripture. 

  • GildasWiseman

    Alan! there is every point because this is the teaching of the Church. If there is a contradiction of this doctrine then the person making it is not a Catholic and doe not belong to the One True Church. 

  • GildasWiseman

    Perhaps the first priority is to convert it to Christianity Can’t you see that the Catholic Church is the Christian Church which all other main stream Christian Denominations have separated themselves from. Again this is Catholic doctrine.which all orthodox Catholic must believe.

  • Ed

    To simply announce that that interpretation of the scriptures is the official doctrine of the Catholic Church may be (but often isn’t) sufficient to convince a Catholic that it is the definitively correct interpretation of that passage.  

    But for the more than a billion Christians that are not Catholic, a more sophisticated basis for proposing that interpretation is generally required for it to be taken seriously.
    Which is why the Church promotes iterative ecumenical dialogue in attempting to bring other Christians closer to Christ and fortunately does not simply rely on reiterating turgid paragraphs from the Baltimore Catechism as apparently some Catholics think should be sufficient.

  • Greg

    Now you posit yet another binary set of scenarios in which “the Catholic Monk” either
     ”explained these teachings to the ‘Archbishop’ “
               or instead                       

    “advised him to stay where he is for ecumenism’s sake”.

    Much more likely is that
    (1) at some point (and probably more than once) the ABC and the monk grappled with the issue,
    (2) the monk discovered that the ABC had been diligent in studying the doctrine but that his conscience (no doubt as imperfectly formed as yours and mine – just imperfect in its own unique way) did not allow him believe it to be a correct doctrine (that kind of thing happened a lot during the reformation), and

    (3) the monk advised the ABC to keep trying to be a better Christian and to continue to follow the dictates of his conscience, all the while admonishing him to be aware that, if his conscience continues to direct him in actions that separate him from the one true church, his conscience is, in the view of the Catholic Church, in need of realignment.

    That’s a pretty standard way Catholic spiritual advisors to protestants (and cafeteria catholics, i.e., most catholics) in the US regularly deal with that issue. I’ve yet to run into any that would advise a protestant to stay that way “for ecumenism’s sake”.  If, as you assert, that’s what “so many have done”, I think your clergy in the UK is in need of a serious housecleaning.  Is that what you have heard multiple priests say ?  Really ?

    P.S. By the way, I thought you did a fabulous job in your preceding comment of summarizing so concisely so much of the Church’s teachings on salvation.  Most Catholics never get exposed to that very hopeful part of the Church’s doctrine about “implicit desire” and are unaware of the respect Benedict has expressed for even Balthasar’s radically hopeful universalist speculations of Christ’s utter abandonment.

  • just visiting

    While Benedict has always affirmed the absolute truth of the scriptures, he is too thoughtful and learned to not suspect that radically differing descriptions of the same event may not all be historically accurate.

    By the way – which of the three versions in the synoptic gospels of Christ’s final words on the cross do you accept as historically accurate ?  

  • Savanarola

    you can’t stand the thought of calling the guy an archbishop, you don’t want to pat a guy on the back for standing up for, and proclaiming, his Christian faith, and that’s your form of Christian charity ?  impressive…

  • Stephen

    They are not usually arrogant. They are arrogant.

  • Popadopulous

    I thought it was the Greeks

  • GildasWiseman

    To simply announce that that interpretation of the scriptures is the official doctrine of the Catholic Church may be (but often isn’t) sufficient to convince a Catholic that it is the definitively correct interpretation of that passage.  
    At what point in my posting did I assert that? I simply qualified the official teaching of the Church and a doctrine that every Catholic is bound to accept in order to remain in communion with the Church by quoting the qualifying passage from Holy Scripture. The Doctrine regarding Papal authority.
    Now Our Blessed Lord taught a number of doctrines that the majority could not accept. The most obvious being the nature of the Holy Eucharist. They walked away and He allowed them Too. 
    The purpose of ecumenism should always be about helping other Christians to establish full communion with the Church. This cannot be achieved by hiding the truth about the faith. 
     by the way the Baltimore Catechism, similar to the old penny catechism is basically designed for children so that they can more easily understand the basic tenants of the  faith.They can then progress to deeper understanding by reading and praying more in depth writings
    My catechesis involves the study of the Catechism of Trent and the modern catechism of the Catholic Church, amongst other great Catholic works.

  • Sweetjae

    Rubbish that belongs to the bin.

  • Sweetjae

    Self-righteousness won’t save you either my friend, most probably there are protestants who love Christ and practice what He had taught more than you. They may go faster to Heaven than the kind of people you represent if ever.

  • Sweetjae

    Taste your own medicine.

  • GildasWiseman

    I’ve yet to run into any that would advise a protestant to stay that way “for ecumenism’s sake”.  If, as you assert, that’s what “so many have done”, I think your clergy in the UK is in need of a serious housecleaning.  Is that what you have heard multiple priests say ?  Really ?
    I am sorry to say that it is true. But I must confess I do not know of it occurring in the UK. My experiences of this have been abroad on the continent. Also Brother Roger of the Taize, I have read  was advised to remain in his faith for the exact same reason. Yet he desired full communion with the Holy See.Strange situation!

  • GildasWiseman

    Funnily enough when the Traditional Mass has ended we sing
    Domine, salvam fac reginam nostram ElizabethEt exaudi nos in die, qua invocaverimus te.
    In England we have sung this since my childhood, before the Queen it was of course the King.
    After that we usually sing the Salve Regina

  • WG Grace

    Not rubbish young Sweetjae. He has explicitly written (in his discussion in his “Jesus Of Nazareth” about the Jews that Mark could not have been accurate in his reporting. 

    Yet again your shooting from the hip approach to discussion here makes you look foolish.

  • Enid Ecumaniac

  • Enid Ecumaniac

    Are you a follower of the White Blob, dearie?

  • Duns Scotus

    Apostolicae Curae. It’s inescapable. The lay, heretic pretender to the vacant See of Canterbury, no more an Archbishop that I am, deserves only our contempt. Abp. Nichols has at the very least committed a betise by referring to Mr. Welby as bishop and Mr. Williams as archbishop. They are both laymen. As for this Catholic monk, he should know better than to be the ‘spiritual director’ of a heretic in anything but convincing him to amend his ways and return to the Catholic Church.