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Government opens inquiry into Liverpool Care Pathway

By on Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP and care minister (Photo: PA)

Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP and care minister (Photo: PA)

The Government has opened an independent inquiry into allegations that an end-of-life protocol is operating as a euthanasia pathway.

It said the inquiry would investigate complaints raised by families who say that relatives have died after they were placed, without their knowledge, on the Liverpool Care Pathway. The framework, intended for people in their final hours of life, often involves sedation and withdrawal of life-prolonging treatment, which under includes food and fluids. Critics say it is being used to hasten the deaths of terminally ill and elderly patients who are not imminently dying.

Norman Lamb, Britain’s Care and Support Minister, said in a statement on Monday that the inquiry would also review whether financial incentives – paid to state-funded NHS hospital trusts to hit targets on the percentages of patient deaths on the pathway – might have led to “bad decisions or practice”.

“It is vitally important that everyone can be confident in the findings of this work – and that we learn lessons where they are needed, so we can ensure that end-of-life care is as good as it can be,” said Mr Lamb.

Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark, chairman of the English and Welsh bishops’ Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, welcomed the review. A statement issued on Monday said the archbishop had passed on “specific concerns raised with him by some clinicians” and had called for such an inquiry in a September 27 letter to the Government.

  • paulpriest

    Deo Gratias!!!!!

  • la catholic state

    It’s not only the elderly that are being subjected to this Pathway ie euthanasia….but sick newborn babies too.  Horrific and tragic stories here

    Please please can we have Catholic hospitals back again!  The NHS is becoming increasingly frightening and untrustworthy.

  • savagenation

    LCP EnquiriesIf you have a query / question regarding the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) then please contact our LCP Central Team (who are based at our Clinical Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital)Telephone:  00 44 (0)151 706 2274Email:

  • paulpriest

  • bontfaenlady

    Our relative  90 years of age, just taken in to  hospital, against his will, after a slight blackout from which he recovered before ambulance attended.  Once in hospital he was pushed to the side and left on a trolley for over 10 hours, we were told he was dehydrated but in 10 hours they offered him no fluids whatsoever.  they admitted him to a ward, again against his will and the will of the family.
    He had been on the ward two days and they did nothing, not even administer any fluids (note elderly patient in his 90′s also on ward begging for a cup of tea and given nothing.)The patient is a farmer and has lived an active life and he told them he wanted to go home.  they would not listen to him,so we the family wanted to sign him out and take him home where he would be cared for properly and given the fluids he needs to rehydrate him.  

    when we got to the hospital he was arguing with the nurse wanting to go home, once we arrived he was fine and we gave him three glasses of water and he became calm and totally rational again. It was clear that they had been withholding fluids and hence he was not well because of it.

      they refused to allow us to take him home and a doctor came and put a needle in his arm and administered what he called saline in front of us, but within seconds the patient was out for count, and it was obvious that the doctor had given him some form of drug to keep him quiet.  Once he woke up he just gave in and said yes to everything so they then transferred him to another ward into a cubicle where they will keep administering “whatever it was” to keep him quiet through the night.  Interestingly, once they had administered this, so called saline, they took the drugs chart away, where no one could look at it.  Even when they transferred him to another ward, they would not take the chart with him, incase any of the family read it.  They said they would bring it down after we had gone home.

    We are desperate, we want him home, it is his wish to live his life out in his own home and we as a family are committed to ensuring he is able to do this and to care for him in the process. They are keeping him in the hospital and I am concerned that they have targeted him for the “Liverpool CAre Plan” or similar, because of his age.  When we wanted to sign him out and take him home at our own responsibility, they threatened us with the police.

    Now we believe that they are keeping him there long enough until they can prove he has some form of dementia so that they can section him and stop us signing him out and taking him home.

    This is nothing short of murder!!!!!!!  and someone, sometime, somewhere along the way is going to have to answer to this charge.
    Please please help to stop this  happening.  

  • paulpriest

     Get the police – NOW!!!

  • McGuinnery

     Don’t bother- they seem to be guilty of Corporate Manslaughter for rolling out this failed ‘care pathway’ across the NHS- and for failing to suspend it despite the many cases of abuse and manslaughter that have come to light…Lamb will not hold a public inquiry, as all the evidence would have to be given on oath, in public….instead, he’s allowing them to ‘review themselves’.Many families have refused to have anything to do with these perverse people or this ridiculous ‘review’….

  • McGuinnery

     I would also say, that in their case, suing them for money seems appropriate,as it is demonstrably all they value….Lampkins & Co LIverpool solicitors have 60 +families already
    And if you have been an inpatient in a ward, forced to witness another patient being murdered in this disgusting way,you’ve probably got a human rights abuse case yourself!

  • Elaine

     Do you really feel calling yourself ‘savage nation’ helps the victim named above – how cruel ! What a testament to your organisation!  

  • Knight

    One almost wonders if there is a deliberate and sinister plan to hasten the deaths of our old folk, either once they are admitted to hospital, or at home each freezing cold winter. Meanwhile, our rulers give £billions of British taxpayers’ cash away each year to the EU and despotic governments around the world in, so called, ‘foreign aid’ which is often nothing more than naked bribery and corruption in exchange for some, hoped for, future favours


    My partner was on the Liverpool care plan in 2007, we were fully informed of everything and received excellent care and support so his last days could be spent at home ,

  • Heather

    Hi, I have sent you an email which includes incriminating evidence to prove the lcp is being abused, and not used, as it was soley intended. My grandmother was placed on the lcp, without proof of diagnosis. One day she was fine, the next day, they said she would be dead in a couple of days. Gran said she was not in pain.
    My gran was starved, and dehydrated, then drugged into a semi comatose state so that she could not see or speak to her family. Gran was religious, no clergy was present. We were lead to believe
    Are gran was naturally fading. This is not true at all. I have her hospital notes. The hospital drugged my nan, with morphine and a drying out agent. (speed up death)
    The lcp form was filled in by the doctor, the doctor said my nan could not swallow. It was a lie. She could swallow. What I witnessed was murder, and this needs addressing now.
    We were ignored and dismissed by the arrogant medics involved.
    My nan’s hospital notes state we were told about the lcp. Pure fabrication.
    My nan was murdered, myself and my family were robbed and cheated.

  • Andreabrowne38

    Hi Heather we have had just the same thing happen to my grandmother!!! In a nursing home. My gran who is 96 years of age had a fall and broke her hip after being in hospital for 4 weeks it was deemd she needed Nursing care.  Found a Nursing home all was well until about two half weeks after being admitted there. Went one day and she was totally confused. didnt look well at all  Nan was still eating and drinking but not herself and getting very anxious.  Doctor came to review and diagnosed that she was dying from what we did not know. she had a sedative via sub cut, which she reacted to, and they were all set to giver her the morphine in a syringe driver which thank god the family objected to and she is here to tell the tale four weeks after the dreadful episode. Its a good job she had a family who had their wits about them and who could see that she was not dying , eating, drinking and conversing with us.Something needs to be done as i feel this is a regular occurance and in out eyes euthenasia

  • susan golightly

    +i dont care for your lcp it needs to be abolished my mum was surposed to be on this but i complained   it is cruel and not nice to see that the one you love is not cared for , they dont even give them food or drinks its all taken away ,now they are doing this to babys which is totally disgusting if any reads this please i have seen this in action , when you leave the hospital and think your loved one is getting all the love and care think agian they are just left to die , TOTALLY AGAINST THE LIVERPOOL CARE PLAN .

  • susan golightly

    hi heather i think we should all stick to gether in the memories of our loved ones and show these people that the liverpool care plan should be thrown out , the same thing happened to my mum , lots of things happened example she wasnt given her medication , wasnt fed, or given drinks , i had to argue with them to make sure when i left every evening ,i was ther 14 hours a day and relised that they were not doing what they should off , so if we all fight together and get this diabolical LCP rid off , my thoughtb are with you and your family x

  • Liz

    This pathway is a guide for nurses to ensure that no dying patient whatever their age suffers and is cared for in the last days and hours of their lives. This care is with kindness and dignity. I’m sure that no doctor nurse, relative, friend, or any person with a drop of human kindness want to see people die in pain and suffer. Please understand no one is killing these people, it is the circle of life.

  • Joy

    This LCP is euthanasia via the back door and it is disgraceful and surely illegal? My mother, who was religious, suffered similar circumstances but I shall say no more as my case is with the ombudsman. Yes, (LCP) Pathway has a place in the NHS but to get rewarded for this action is vile! Most people do not have a clue about Pathway or what it is all about as my family experienced this dreadful slow death of my mother but were not told or explained about this Pathway procedure, to give them a choice. Pathway obviously must be used in special circumstances but to take the lives of the elderly because they are a nuisance and cost too much money for the NHS to operate is against their human rights. The NHS treat them as useless, worthless human beings, believing they are better off dead! Let them remember, one day, this may happen to them if long life prevails, they too may be elderly and weak; would they too like this sort of treatment? I think not.