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MP says succession Bill is an ‘attack’ on Catholic Church

By on Friday, 25 January 2013

A replica of the Coronation Crown at Sotheby's (Photo: PA)

A replica of the Coronation Crown at Sotheby's (Photo: PA)

A Catholic MP has called the Bill reforming Britain’s succession laws an “attack” on the Catholic Church because it still forbids Catholics from ascending to the throne.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, said during a debate in the House of Commons that he would like to amend the Bill to allow a Catholic to become monarch.

Mr Rees-Mogg criticised the Bill in both its content and the speed with which it is being processed. He said the Bill was being “done in a rush as if it is counter-terrorism legislation”. He added: “It is an insult to the nation… to our sovereign and indeed to Parliament.”

Throughout the debate, Mr Rees-Mogg voiced concerns about the implications of allowing royal heirs to marry Catholics considering the legislation stopped a Catholic from becoming monarch. He said, in relation to this dilemma: “By amending the statutes, we are saying that all the provisions are modernised, and that the Act of Settlement and all its anti-Catholic provisions are acceptable in a modern world.”

Sir Gerald Howarth MP ended the debate saying: “There is a paradox in the situation in which we find ourselves. The Government are seeking to end part of a discriminatory law, and yet have resurrected rather a lot of hurt.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “The current law says that our monarch can’t be married to a Catholic. This legal ban doesn’t apply to any other faith.”

He added: “Today we do not support laws which discriminate on either religious or gender grounds. They have no place in modern Britain, and certainly not in our monarchy.”

Mr Clegg proposed the Bill to amend what he termed the “bygone laws” enabling a female first-born heir to be superseded in line to the throne by her younger brothers.

  • whytheworldisending

    16.83% is over 11 times 1.5%.

    There are 11 Catholic votes for every Homosexual vote.

    Political suicide isn’t it? Maybe David Cameron  just can’t do the maths.

    He should listen to his Mother, who ISN’T CATHOLIC, is against same sex marriage and says “David just won’t be told.”

  • whytheworldisending

    They are like the comments of a man driving the wrong way up the motorway and shouting at everybody else for going the wrong way.

  • whytheworldisending

    Not sure of your point, but you rightly use the plural, “arguments,” since there are many different arguments against same-sex marriage, and the “You can’t declare war against Nature and expect to win,” is just one of them. It is one of the hallmarks of Atheism, that it endangers everyone on the planet by insisting man is Lord of all and can do what he wants. Consider global warming for example. A sense of Justice in humans is just as much part of Nature as Hurricanes and Tsunamis. When tyrants have sought to unjustly impose minority rule at the expense of the massses, it is Nature that has taken over and deposed them. There are innumerable examples, but the French Revolution is probably the most apt, since terrible as it was, there are lessons to be learned for toffs about how to treat the ordinary people with contempt and get away with it.

    The toffs should never have said, “Let them eat cake.”

    They could simply have changed the definition of bread.  

  • whytheworldisending

    Same-sex marriage proposals ARE part of the aftermath of civil partnerships (stubbornly high incidence of newly infected male HIV victims is another), and the aftermath of same-sex marriage if it ever WAS imposed, would include the next slide down the slippery slope – homosexuals and paedophiles trying to lower the age of consent even further than they already have. In other words, changing the definition of rape.

    Not to mention the fragmentation of British politics (see Today programme Friday 1st Feb 2013, at 7:50 for Conservative MP David Burrowes on the destructive effect of same-sex proposals on the Conservative party), the aftermath of which will include the rise of extreme fascist parties. (See also Today programme at 8.30am for how Muslims for example are already living in fear) Divided Britain is the aftermath, and its already a problem for many who – unlike the coalition tofffs – don’t live in Ivory Palaces.

  • Nick

    “Maybe David Cameron just can’t do the maths.” – Maybe David Cameron is doing it because its the right thing to do.

  • Nick

    What a silly post. My three points are accurate. You don’t comment on them because you cannot refute them. I see today its expected that equal marriage will be approved by the Commons with a majority or between 300-400.

  • Nick

    With 60%
    popular support for equal marriage, all party leaders and most MP’s in favour
    and all of the various courts of law finding in favour of gay people every time
    there’s a case, how can it possibly be the case that people have deep seated
    feelings of repugnance about it and how can it possibly be untrue that more straight
    people than gay are in favour?

    The only thing people seem to find repugnant are views like yours. Tell me,
    what did Jesus in his teaching to us as recounted in the gospels have to say
    about homosexuality?
    How many references to homosexuality are contained in the Gospels? NOT ONE.

    Still, not long now until the vote on Tuesday.
    How big will the majority in favour be do you reckon?

    before you answer now, remember – most of those voting are straight people with
    powerful, deep seated feelings of repugnance. Aha.

  • M. Bischoff

    I silently, prayerfully vote for Britain to keep the law as it stands . It is not discrimination in the true sense of the word. Allow me to add that one day soon, Britain will be glad she did not change this law.

  • Nick

    All of my comments are true and accurate – the problem is, you just don’t like them.

  • Lynne Newington

    Until the wind changes,  I wouldn’t be wanting one of us to be ascending any throne either.
    We have children who have father’s clergy roaming the world without inheritance and “social rights”  [Cardinal Hummes}, covering up sex -abuse of innocent Catholic children and predator priests being returned to ministry [Sydney Morning Herald Jan.20th 2013]  and that’s just scratching the surface!

  • Lynne Newington

    Maybe the Pope?

  • Lynne Newington

    Tony Blair was having covert instuctions while PM, whose to say there aren’t any other “Nichodemus’s”?
    Or haven’t been throughout history. 

  • Nick

    “They are like the comments of a man driving the wrong way up the motorway and shouting at everybody else for going the wrong way.” – I think that nicely sums up the Catholic church. On the wrong side of history.

  • Nick

    You overlook the fact that same sex marriage is about to be enshrined into law.

  • Heiz

    Good. The monarch is the head of the church of England, and bows to no other potentate, especially the Pope. The Catholic church has been going through a public relations nightmare for over 10 years, do you really want to bring up such unsavory, evil details again? Give it a rest. Catholics should be looking inward, to repair what is good and fix the immoral. That rehabilitation will take years, in the eyes of protestants (and some Catholics). Your continuing grasping for all that’s possible to get in the interests of– what? Equality? Sorry, it comes off as an avaricious and gluttonous, in the wake — I take that back, there is no wake, the scandals are still unfolding. But that covetous slant in the church has been notable since olden times.

  • fizzypilgrim

    This is a Catholic newspaper. If you don-t like the views expressed you could read elsewhere. What is your real motive?

  • Dcruz

    Muslim will resolve the problem and  Muslims will impose Sharia law in Britian and only Muslims can be the Head of State and part of the Royal Family. See the video circulating around Britian