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Government rejects calls to monitor sex of aborted babies

By on Thursday, 7 February 2013

Birth rates for boys and girls vary depending on where their mothers were born (Photo: PA)

Birth rates for boys and girls vary depending on where their mothers were born (Photo: PA)

The Government has dismissed calls to monitor the sex of aborted babies despite evidence that abortion on the grounds of sex is taking place in Britain.

Health Minister Earl Howe said monitoring the babies’ sex would be too costly and would cause distress to too many women.

Niall Gooch, from the charity Life, called the response “disappointing”, adding: “It is clear that gender abortion is a genuine problem, but the Government is not doing much about it.”

Government officials report that birth rates for boys and girls vary depending on where their mothers were born. Earl Howe has said these differences may “fall outside the range considered possible without intervention”.

Earl Howe, responding to a question from Lord Alton of Liverpool, said that recording the sex of aborted foetuses would require the introduction of expensive new tests.

Earl Howe said: “The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists… does not recommend the routine histopathological examination of tissue obtained during an abortion procedure. Therefore, introducing testing to determine the sex of the foetus would require new laboratory tests, which would have a cost implication and require consent.”

Earl Howe said he was also concerned about the distress it would cause to women “during what is already a difficult time”.

“There would need to be an informed discussion with women, in particular to explain the rationale for testing and whether they wish for the result of the test to be shared with them,” he said.

But Lord Alton said the Department of Health was “hiding behind flimsy arguments”.

He said: “The collecting of data need cause no individual distress and is crucial in establishing how widespread this practice has become.”

He added: “What should cause real distress is that baby girls are being aborted merely because they are the wrong gender. Our indifference costs those girls their lives. The cost of collecting data pales into insignificance by comparison.”

Last year reporters from the Daily Telegraph filmed doctors offering women abortions based on the sex of the baby.

Former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley criticised the practice as “illegal and morally wrong”.

The Crown Prosecution Service is now considering criminal charges against doctors who allegedly carried out abortions based on gender.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “UK birth ratios are within normal limits. However, we continue to closely monitor ratios and related data. If anyone has specific evidence of sex-selective abortions being performed, we will refer to the police to investigate.

“Identifying the gender of aborted foetuses raises serious ethical and clinical issues, including complexities in testing, and the potential for further distress at what is already a difficult and stressful time. Although we keep all evidence under review, we currently have no plans to introduce such a practice.”

  • la catholic state

    In other words……they don’t give a damn!

  • scary goat

    Don’t know about this one.  Isn’t sex-ratios a practical issue?  Abortion of human beings is the ethical issue, surely? Any human beings, male or female? Is it more unethical to abort a baby because you don’t want a girl than because you don’t want a baby?  Sorry, I don’t follow the logic.

  • Benedict Carter

    The government’s stated reasons have nothing to do with it. 

    They already know millions more girls are aborted than boys. Officially investigating this fact means having to do something about it – which would open up a can of worms for them, as it would lead to some restrictions on abortion. And down that road they will not go.

    Cowards and direct accessories to mass murder, all of them!

    And Catholics VOTE for these monsters??

  • Cestius

    Yet another malign biproduct of the abortion industry is sex-selective abortion. So thousands perhaps millions of future men will  be denied a chance to have a wife and family life because of the selfishness of this present evil generation. The government and the so-called experts are not interested in the problem, this latest piece of handwringing is ample proof of that. But the only sure way to stop it for good is to shut down the abortuaries.

  • Cestius

    I would say that they are both ethical issues. Abortion is killing unborn babies and is unethical except in the most extreme medical emergency. Distorting the sex ratio of a future generation, particularly for purely selfish reasons is also unethical because of the bad effect that will have on that generation, particularly on the lives of the “surplus” males or females that will want mates but will not be able to find them.

  • scary goat

     Well, yes, I do agree with that.  It is unethical because of the effect on the next generation.  I suppose what I meant was that the primary issue is abortion at all. Of course there are knock on effects from gender selection….but the whole lot is wrong. I mean can you quantify evil by whether it has a secondary effect? Its all evil.  I’m just not sure we should differentiate between abortion and abortion (except genuine medical emergency possibly).

  • Frank

    I have the same opinion as you Benedict as to the reasons for avoiding having to bring out in the open just what is going on. I also read recently about a group called (via Just in case we thought it couldn’t get any worse!
    As I type I am listening to Mother Theresa’s interview with Thom O’Connor from the 1980′s and it includes some of her words about abortion. Marvellous! 
    Apologies if people already know but it’s on YouTube.

  • Sweetjae

    The government don’t what to know because they *^%*+#%* don’t care! The savagery and barbaric means they subjected the countless and voiceless innocent human beings as trivial is just the BIGGEST LIE in the history of mankind.

    They don’t care whether it’s a girl or boy because they don’t believe the babies are human beings in the first place. Nazis consider the Jews as sub-humans and stripped them of every human dignity to justify their genocide, history just repeats itself, this time it’s exponentially more and nobody seems to care.

  • Sweetjae

    I totally agree with you! This is the reason why I would like the Chastisement and Second Coming today.

  • fizzypilgrim

    Oh yes they do – about the sensitivities of the mothers who would rather murder their babies than put up with something they don’t like. Catholics must be active in this sphere. A friend, a good Catholic, keeps talking about a film she saw on television of the baby in the womb at the different stages of gestation. This should be required viewing for every mother considering abortion. I have it from the US that many are turned back by good counselling.

  • fizzypilgrim

    It might be good to make the feast of the Holy Innocents a day of obligation. In any case Catholics should make other people aware of it. All too many vote in their local King Herod.

  • scary goat

     Yes, it should also be a compulsory part of sex-education in schools.

  • Choppedpork1

    I don’t know enough about this, but it would seem that if a mother is requesting an abortion on the grounds that the baby is predicted to be a particular sex, then that is the data that is required, and there would be no need to perform the additional awkward costly, (and other excuses) investigations.

  • Simon_GNR

    The word is “sex”, not “gender”. Babies belong to the male or female sexes, not the masculine, feminine or neuter genders.

  • prufrock

    Government sanctioned murder in my opinion. Just like in America where abortion mills like Planned Parenthood and their abortion money pocketed members of Congress and the White House are all  against sonograms being given to anyone requesting an abortion. Why is that? Because what isn’t seen or heard, (even though in most cases felt) isn’t really a baby right? Just a glob of tissue. Abortion is murder; plain and simple. Choose ADOPTION not abortion.

  • prufrock

    I agree; the feast day of the Holy Innocents should be a holy day of obligation. Sadly it wouldn’t matter to the alleged Catholics in Congress like Nancy Pelosi. There are many of Herod’s henchmen in the Congress of the United States; as King Herod occupying the White House.

  • prufrock

     I wouldn’t dare call a woman who has an abortion a “mother.” Abortion is the most selfish act in the history of the world.

  • Cjkeeffe

    Given thagt some cultures think girls are a burdon, if mopre girls are being murder pre birth – surley this is a feminist issue that teh womens righsgt lobbey would want monitored?
    We live in a starnge old world where women say its their body yet agree to kill girls because she is a girl in the womb.

  • Catholicmother

     Who cares what you want to call her?