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The first words of Pope Francis: ‘Good evening!’

By on Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pope Francis I

As translated by the BBC.

Good evening!

You know that the duty of the conclave was to provide Rome with a
bishop. It looks as if my brothers the cardinals went to fetch him
from the end of the world!

I’d like to thank you for your welcome. The people of Rome: thank you!

I’d like to pray for Benedict XVI. Let’s pray altogether for him so
that the Madonna can look after him.”

[Then Pope Francis said the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Gloria.]

And now let’s start working together, walking together, in the Church of Rome.

This is the path of brotherhood and trust.

Let’s pray for each other because of the great brotherhood of the
world. I pray the path will be fruitful for this beautiful city.

Now I will bless you. But I’d like to ask you a favour, for your
prayer to bless me as your bishop. Let’s pray silently, your prayer
for me.

[The stole was put around his shoulders.]

I am going to bless you all and the entire world – all the men and women of good will…

[Pope Francis gave his urbi et orbi blessing, to huge cheers.]

I’m going to leave you now. Good night, and I wish you peace.

  • Atino


  • Cmmcmahon

    God bless him in his difficult task.

  • martina

    So simple

  • Arden Forester

    Good name, Francis. Inspired choice.

  • Gerard

    So simple yet profoundly important words!!! Viva Francisco!!!

  • Maccabeus

    Pope Francis I: “Rebuild My Church!” May God be with him and keep him.

  • Lil_mini_mozart

    Love this man already!!!!

  • teigitur

    God Bless Pope Francis.

  • 676aldhelmstown710

    Writing as a member of the Church of England I for one wish Francis 1st. every good wish in his tasks ahead, he is now in my thoughts and prayers. Our church has been praying that wisdom and understanding will guide those making the decision as to who to elect.  Following on from the two Papal visits to the U K by Pope John Paul and then by Benedict 16th. I look forward to a visit by
    Francis 1st. to the UK.

  • Guest

    Rumours emerging already that he allegedly outed dissenters during the military dictatorship in Argentina.  I stress only rumours.

  • Grandmary

    What? No words by Pope Francis about God or His divine son, Jesus? That does not bode well for the Church…

  • Texas

    A Jesuit.  From Latin America.  Oh no.

  • Frank

    Possibly they were mentioned in the prayers that were said?

  • KevinBeach

    What did you expect him to do – recite the Creed?! His very presence there was an affirmation of all three persons of God. His prayers were an acknowledgment of God. It was a time to say nothing more than “Hello. Oh my! Help!” and invite people to turn to God in prayer, which is exactly what he did.

  • The Great Stalin
  • Liam

    Great news. A human and humane Pope!

  • Ladypol2us

    As a member of the Roman Catholic Church I would like to tell you that I Really appreciate your good wishes for the Pope. I would also like to say that I am Very touched that your Church has been praying for wisdom, understanding, and guidance for the Cardinals picking the next head of the Roman Catholic Church. I Really appreciate that.

  • Lschwartz48

    I was humbled by the fact that he wanted prayers from us. Our prayers to bless him as he becomes our Papa. God Bless You Pope Francis I.  

  • Graham Brack

    I too am an Anglican who wishes the Holy Father well. The Christian church is under attack from all sides and the new Pope has much to do to restore the church, but he has made a good start. We must continue to pray for him.

  • Ronk

    Let’s get this right from the start. He is not “Pope Francis I”, he is simply “Pope Francis” full stop.
    As there has never been another Pope Francis, there is no need for a
    number to differentiate him from others of that name. Look through the
    list of popes, you won’t find the numeral “I” after the name of any pope who has so far had no successors of the same name. 

  • Nat_ons

    Yet one ought to be filled with right-minded foreboding – not for the wonderful, charismatic, humility of this pastor, nor for any lack in fidelity to the Church’s social teaching, but for want of any basic appreciation of the sacramental basis of all these graces: authentic liturgy.

    As with all too many Jesuits of his age, this beloved soul – very much loved in Latin America, and justly so – takes the good works associated with living out the gospel not from pious service of God only from a painful awareness of human sin (and liberty, or the neglect of it).

    I trust this new and much greater responsibility will enliven in Pope Francis a renewed love of God’s worship in the authentic manner so eagerly implored by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

    “The Second Vatican Council strongly desired to preserve with care the authentic Liturgy, which flows forth from the Church’s living and most ancient spiritual tradition, and to adapt it with pastoral wisdom to the genius of the various peoples so that the faithful might find in their full, conscious, and active participation in the sacred actions – especially the celebration of the Sacraments – an abundant source of graces and a means for their own continual formation in the Christian mystery.”

    Anyone with an experience of ‘liturgy’ (sic) in South America (not least Argentina) can only weep and pray for the day that the desire of the Fathers at the Second Vatican Council might actually be implemented. For what prevails there – as in so many woebegone places around the world (e.g. Ireland) – is a wilful pastiche on (or more likely a direct rebellion against) the Council, the papal proclamation, and the continuity of Sacred Tradition; after all, as the Church prays so she believes, and as she believes so she must act. Prayer for our Holy Father is more than ever necessary, for he must begin to set aside the Age of Aquarius and embrace the Mass of the Ages personally; and for any Jesuit formed in the mid to late-twentieth century this will be a terrifying wrench indeed – in mindset and heartfelt orientation; not least will this be difficult as a type of hermeneutic of discontinuity against almost all that the Jesuits have expressed on liturgy, devotion, and formation since 1966 CE .. but moreso because the whole modernist ethos (promoted eagerly by almost all Jesuits) still howls in raged protest against any hermeneutic of continuity with the Church pre-1965 CE.

    God bless our Pope!

  • Mariagirl212

    God Bless our new Pope Francis that he’ll have
    the perseverance to lead his flock! The humility that
    he demonstrated asking favor to pray for
    him was truly an amazing humbleness in his part.
    Viva Papa!

  • timothy canezaro

    An exciting start to a new Papacy. The whole world of People of Faith rejoice at this good news during our season of Lent. Every Catholic, lay or religious must get to work now in our parishes, churches, and homes rebuilding a culture steeped in love, compassion, and charity everywhere. During this Year of Faith, let all the world’s Faith in the Creator be renewed. Amen

  • timothy canezaro

    I concur. That is very touching. I’ve been touched all day today by people, religious and not, offering congratulations on this wonderful day for our Church. That other people of different faith traditions and religions join in offering good words means so much. Was even super surprised to find the media, which loves to criticize the Church, offer some respectful coverage today. What a day. A day to not be soon forgotten.

  • timothy canezaro

    It’s every catholics job and duty to work on building up Christ’s Church. Love, compassion, & charity are our tools to affect positive change in the world.

  • timothy canezaro

    Uh. He prayed the our father, hail mary, & glory. Anyway. Detracting from the man on day 1. Not a good sign from you.

  • vito

    it’s good that this Pope is modest, not greedy, is a friend of the poor, has progressive economic views, a reasonable stance on contraception and nothing to do with the so called  traditionalists. It’s bad that he did not try to stand up against tyrants in his country, but then we know this is not what the Catholic Church likes to do

  • The Great Stalin

    Yes, he is a socialist, a Comrade!!!

  • A Bonsra

    We pray for our new Pope. It is the Lord who has given him to us. He will be with him for in his Petrine Ministry

  • AxiosApologia

    May I warmly congratulate my Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ on the appointment of Pope Francis I. This is, I think a wonderful choice of a man, who I am sure will be a champion of the poor and who will work to renew the church.

    I will remember him in my prayers today and wish him God’s richest blessings for the future.

    Axios! Axios! Axios!

  • The Great Stalin

    You can find this Pope on youtube presiding at clown “Masses”, taking part in hannakuh, and being “blessed” by a screaming protestant minister …. I fear greatly.

  • Abraham

    good to see there are broadminded people like you irrespective of your faith, rather than people who heap insult and injury on our church and its leader. perhaps when the new Pope mentioned of broitherhood and people of goodwill he meant especially YOU 

  • Michael

    As an Anglican I wish the Holy Father every blessing. He will be in my prayers. May God strengthen him for his ministry to come.

  • Laurence

    Francis I prayed with hundreds of thousands of people in Saint Peter’s Square and with hundreds of millions on secular television and radio the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    Sir, don’t you know Protestants or Catholics they are  all Christians and human beings created in the image of  one and the same GOD?

    HISTORICAL DIVISIONS started with leaders who were evil, why you want to perpetuate them and be worthy of them and what good it will do to the people of today?

    Please rest in PEACE. Be a man of PEACE. Let THE POPE live PEACE for he is a man of PEACE representing the PRINCE OF PEACE.

    Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

     ALL CHRISTIANS MAKE ONE FAMILY : The Family of God’s Children in JESUS THE LORD, the Savior of all.

    HISTORICAL DIVISIONS were created by leaders who were EVIL. Even bringing them to memory  in any way referring to them is perpetuating the Spirit of EVIL in them. Let us consign them to the dustbin of History and go ahead with our short lives on this earth in the service of the SON OF GOD whom WE ALL worship as the TRUE SAVIOR of all mankind.

    Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

  • Collins

    One day on the job and the voice of the traditionalists (traditores) is loud and clear: ‘NON SERVIAM’
    Just read the distortions from this popular traditionalist blog in and make sure to look at the comments:

    It is scary what part of the Church has come to…


  • Collins

     I know and some people think the ‘traditionalists’ (traditores) are catholic!!!

  • Collins

    Thank God for Father Z, who teaches us to be Catholic AND love the TLM:

  • Jon Brownridge

    My biggest fear is that the sentiments expressed by Nat_ons and the Great Stalin above will sabotage the great potential of Pope Francis. We should rejoice in having a man from a Religious Order, a Jesuit no less. Popes have been selected from the ranks of our Secular Clergy for far too long – more than a thousand years in fact. We are privileged to have a Religious as our leader. This man truly understands what the Church is for, though I think many of the contributors to this site will be sorely disappointed.

  • Jon Brownridge

     What a strange comment!

  • Tridentinus

    Alas, something tells me that ‘Summorum Pontificum’ will now be studiously ignored at the Vatican as it has been by bishops all over the world.

    From what I have seen so far there is brewing a remarkable similarity between now and 1958, when John XXIII had just been elected. However, we shall soon see.

  • Tridentinus

    I’m afraid, the previous 2 popes have done much the same thing at Assisi.

  • Artemis

    My dear grandmary, the our father was composed by Jesus himself, the hail mary reveals the greeting of the angel to mary and the words of elisabeth to her… This are the basics of christian prayers, do not expect him to start with long words and prayers… Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  • Ronald Rader

    As a member of this one great Church Pope Francis 1 is in my heart and prayers that he can unite and Inspire our people to do the great things which are needed. If all would live as Christ there would be no need for war hunger hate,

  • NatOns

    Yes, one can see many flaws even in a man sanctified by the Holy Ghost. I have little hope of too many Jesuits today embracing the heavenly aspect of the Divine Liturgy, being so wrapped up in the Age-of-Aquarius moment as they have been since 1966 CE. We do not, however, put our trust in princes .. even those of Christ’s body; the truly awesome Benedict XVI had been (and still is) labelled modernist, yet he opened the long since barred, shuttered and double-locked ancient use of the Mass (alongside the Paul VI order, much misused as it has been).

    Pope Francis does have that that typical modern Jesuit disregard for all liturgy that pre-dates the 1965 CE renewal – and seems to share the liturgical illiteracy of most bishops – still, Blessed John Paul II pleasantly surprised those willing to understand God’s ways in advancing Liturgicam Authenicam even while wild Aquarian spiritualism threatened to swamp him (Assisi et al), so too Benedict XVI with Summum Pontificum where he could still see merit in trying to perceive truth in Martin Luther; I – for one – am willing to let Christ surprise us again .. God Bless our Pope!