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Ban Ki-moon praises Pope Francis after meeting

By on Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ban Ki-moon  and Pope Francis (Photo: PA)

Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis (Photo: PA)

United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has described Pope Francis as “a man of peace and purpose” after meeting the new Pontiff at the Vatican.

The pair spoke in the Apostolic Palace on Tuesday morning, with Ki-Moon, later meeting with His Eminence the Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, accompanied by Archbishop Antoine Camilleri, Under-Secretary for Relations with States.

Speaking to reporters after his audience with the Pope, Ki-moon said: “It was an uplifting and hopeful meeting. Pope Francis is a man of peace and purpose.He is a voice for the voiceless. I look forward to continuing our conversation and following in the tradition of his predecessors I was delighted to invite Pope Francis to visit the United Nations at his earliest convenience.”

The UN secretary general went on to praise Pope Francis’s ability to reach out to people of other faiths and non-believers, describing him as a “bridge builder”. He also highlighted the Holy Father’s compassion for the poor. “I told His Holiness that his choice of name after St Francis of Assisi was a powerful image for the many goals and purposes shared by the United Nations,” he said.

“He speaks loudly of his commitment to the poor, he has a deep sense of humility, his passion and compassion to improve the human condition. I was also very heartened by the commitment of Pope Francis to build bridges among the communities of faith.

“I strongly believe that inter-faith dialogue can point a way to a deeper appreciation of shared values which in turn can lead to tolerance inclusion and peace. This is the driving force of the UN’s Alliance of Civilizations initiative and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak with Pope Francis about furthering this work”.

The meeting was in accordance with the tradition of audiences granted by the Popes to successive UN secretary generals.
Issues discussed included global conflicts and humanitarian emergencies, including Syria. Reference was also made to the problem of people trafficking and that of refugees and migrants.

Ki-moon, who recently began his second term in office, also presented his five year program to Pope Francis, which focused on conflict prevention, international solidarity and equitable and sustainable economic development.

  • nicole

    Let’s hope these two great men can work together to bring about more equitable and sustainable development, a happier and more inclusive global community, and peace among the world’s faith communities

  • $27740841

    Define ‘happier and more inclusive global community’.

  • nicole

    there’s no need to put anyone on the defensive about some mild mannered comments about global peace, happiness, and inclusivity

  • $27740841

    There’s no need to be so evasive when it comes to answering a perfectly reasonable question.
    What do you mean by a ‘happier and more inclusive global community?’ I’d really like to know.

  • TM

    Why does this article repeatedly refer to Mr Ban by his given name rather than his surname?

  • la catholic state

    If you sup with the Devil…..use a long spoon. The UN is diametrically opposed to many of the doctrines of Catholicism. It has even said that non-availability of abortion is a human rights violation. If that’s not evil and anti-Christian…..I don’t know what is.

  • TreenonPoet

    Then you do not know what is evil and anti-Christian.

    Firstly, take the term ‘anti-Christian’. This is often used in a similar way as terms like ‘islamophobia’ to dismiss legitimate criticism by the diversionary tactic of accusing the critic of opposing a whole group of people through pure prejudice. According to an IpsosMORI poll of those who ticked the ‘Christian’ box in the UK 2011 census, 62% thought women should have the right to abortion within the current time limit. Are those Christians anti-Christian?!

    Secondly, if the morality of a practice is a subjective matter, then those who either force the practice on others or deny the practice to others are the one who are in the wrong.

  • AlanP

    Because, I believe, Ban is his surname. In Far East countries it is normal to put the surname first, e.g. Kurosawa Akira instead of Akira Kurosawa (as we usually call the Japanese film-maker).

  • AlanP

    Sorry, ignore my post, you are right.

  • Guest

    Yes, Mr. Ban Ki-moon. Stop shoveling down our throats “women’s rights that includes abortion and including the unnatural “same-sex” marriage as a right.

  • Honesty777

    People seem more apauld by what the Abortion Industry does after the crime of Abortion than the Abortion itself..Selling of these little Babies parts to Universities all around the world to scientifically create a super human race or breed of human beings strikes fear into all individuals but not the Abortion and yet this is exactly why it was created and people are blinded by the facts and want to remain so.In remaining so it gets them off the hook so to speak. For if they know the entire truth they would have to act and they don’t want to act because we have become a fat Lazy World and Church! It would mean you would have to get up and move and this World and all Churches are comfortably numb!

  • Honesty777

    Sun myung- Moon is his Fathers name who was a Roman Catholic Priest, He was excommunicated for marrying and having children after repenting and Confessing his sin to the Pope he was reinstated as a Priest and he remarried another women and had more children and was excommunicated for life, his son is..Ben Ki- Moon.His Father Sun Myung- Moon was founder of the Washington times News paper and The Unification Church. He Died at age 92 but u will find it hard to find any evidence that he was indeed a Roman Catholic Priest in bad standing ..Keep looking it’s all there!

  • la catholic state

    I use the term anti-Christian to describe those who oppose, denigrade and contradict Jesus Christ. As He said…..Those who are not for Me…are against Me. Not my words…..but Christ’s own. And from Him comes morality. Anything contrary is anti-Christ.

  • TreenonPoet

    I did not know that Jesus said that, but if he did, he was being illogical (by denying a middle-ground) and therefore condemning those who would be logical…

    Those who are not for Me are against Me? Those who have not even heard of Me are not for Me, so they must be against Me? Those who have heard Me speak, but cannot make their minds up as to whether I speak the truth regarding a minor detail are not for Me, so they must be against Me?

    If a person disagrees with His statement, but agrees with everything else He said, then by your reckoning that person is anti-Christ (and a servant of the Devil?)!

    Do you agree that children who abuse their parents should be put to death, or are you anti-Christ?

  • la catholic state

    He also said…..those who are not against Me….are with Me. Make of that what you will! Is this the middle ground?! Maybe it is those who lack faith….but are happy to bow to Christ on the Last Day.