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Bishops of England and Wales meet Pope Francis

By on Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pope Francis speaks to Archbishop Vincent Nichols (Mazur/

Pope Francis speaks to Archbishop Vincent Nichols (Mazur/

The Bishops of England and Wales met Pope Francis after the general audience this morning.

For many of the bishops it was their first encounter with the new Pope, who was elected on March 13.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor gave a brief address on behalf of the bishops. He said the new Pope had inspired Catholics in England and Wales. Pope Francis then greeted each of the bishops in turn.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster told Vatican Radio: “We were privileged to meet Pope Francis this morning and in a few short remarks Cardinal Cormac said to him that these weeks of his pontificate have given a fresh joy and hope to the Church…

“There’s a fresh spring about the Church at the moment and I think that’s from the Pope’s eloquence in gesture and his words when he preaches and at his audiences…

“I think what is most remarkable in the UK is that everybody seems to have been touched by his eloquence, by his gentleness and by the humility of Pope Francis.”

The Bishops of England and Wales are in Rome for a retreat at Villa Palazzola, the Venerable English College’s summer residence 18 miles south of the Italian capital.

On Sunday the bishops concelebrated Mass with Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation of Bishops.

A spokesman said Cardinal Ouellet’s homily provided a “great spiritual basis” for the bishops’ retreat.

For more photos of the bishops’ meeting with Pope Francis visit the Flickr photostream of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

  • An onlooker

    Chill off! Not an expression I’m familiar with. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that I understand any of what you say. I imagine that you’re intending to put me in my place while suggesting that your lampoons are just harmless fun, but I could be wrong.

  • kieran fahey

    You have yet to make a case. You have skirted around all my statements, not once making a serious reply. You appear in all your reply’s to have gotten confused and angry, resorting instead to infantile name calling.
    You are a “keep my head in the sand”person, accepting all that comes from the Vatican as ” Gospel” . Well it’s not. Two different official statements from the Vatican regarding the discovery of JP1 on that fateful morning. Which one did you believe ? Obviously one was a LIE ?
    Why would they LIE ?
    They covered up the “sex abuse scandals” for the good of the Church”?
    What else would they be prepared to cover up ” for the good of the Church”?
    I am a concerned openminded practicing Catholic. I have, since my adolescence, been concerned about the wealth of Rome which gets a considerable contribution from Peters Pence which, as you know, is collected from parishes throughout the world. So tell me why those who benefit from such a collection,from people of all walks of life including the poor and impoverished who are compelled to put in what little they can, should be so wealthy, living such a luxurious life.
    I believe THEY have got it all wrong, are not what I would perceive to be humble obedient followers of Jesus.
    They have no right to live a more affluent life than their poorest paymaster, but do they care? I don’t think so.They will go to any length to protect the status quo.
    In the main they are career clericals, as opposed to caring pastors, who have, by whatever means necessary, clawed their way to the top. Not for the good of the church but to satisfy their own power hungry ego’s.
    However a few good ones just seem to come through despite everything.