Archbishop Nichols leads prelates as they visit the Pope

The Bishops of England and Wales prayed for the repose of the soul of Baroness Thatcher during Mass at the tomb of St Peter in Rome this morning.

The Mass took place inside St Peter’s Basilica hours before the former Prime Minister’s funeral in London.


Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster told Vatican Radio: “At the time of her death, I said very simply that the first duty of the Catholic community was to pray for the repose of her soul, for the comfort of her family and all those who mourn her death. This morning we celebrated Mass at the tomb of St Peter and we prayed for the repose of the soul of Margaret Thatcher in that most precious place in our Christian history.”

Archbishop Patrick Kelly of Liverpool read a prayer on behalf of Britain’s Catholic community at Baroness Thatcher’s funeral in St Paul’s Cathedral.


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