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Pope leads millions in worldwide Eucharistic adoration

By on Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Pope presides at Benediction in St Peter's on Sunday (AP)

The Pope presides at Benediction in St Peter's on Sunday (AP)

Millions of Catholics around the world took part in an hour of simultaneous Eucharistic adoration today.

In possibly the largest worldwide act of prayer in history, Catholics prayed before the Blessed Sacrament in parish churches and cathedrals in every inhabited continent.

Pope Francis presided at Eucharistic adoration and Benediction in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Catholics taking part in the global Holy Hour prayed for two intentions chosen by the Holy Father.

The first was for the Church, that it would be “ever more obedient” to the Word of the Lord “in order to stand before the world ‘ever more beautiful, without stain or blemish, but holy and blameless’”.

The second was for “victims of war, human trafficking, drug running and slave labour”, as well as “the unemployed, the elderly, migrants, the homeless, prisoners, and those who experience marginalisation”.

  • paulpriest

    Ring round the E&W Dioceses and ASK WHAT THEY DID FOR TODAY

  • scary goat

    We didn’t do anything. Just checked the Diocese website….nothing that I can see. Don’t take my word for it, I might have missed something. (Clifton)

    Video link on Morning Catholic must reads is wonderful. Wish I had known.

  • beautiful

    I’m from India. It was there in my church too. It was beautiful. I truly felt His presence.

  • Paul

    Bishop Davies lead it at Shrewsbury Cathedral too.

  • LR

    Better late than never I did not know about this
    Invitation till today a day later, but knowing Dear God transcends time
    I hope to makeup in this prayer of unity of intentions in front
    of the Blessed Sacrament this week. I invite all who missed it
    or want to join to do the same. Peace. LR

  • scary goat

    Aha, ok, so it was me who wasn’t looking in the right place.

  • Brian

    St Constantine’s in Govan had a hour and it was so moving and a good turn out from the parish

  • basil loftus

    Don’t criticise the bishops they were busy doing other things.

  • Dominic

    No mention of it in my Poole parish. Not sure if this was down to my pp ignoring the event or the failure of + Christopher to encourage his clergy to participate. Btw not sure if Mgr Loftus, notoriously humourless, is attempting ironic humour. In what sense are our bishops ‘too busy’ to attend or conduct Benediction on a Sunday afternoon?

  • Hennergogs

    I was in Cardiff on the weekend and they have re-instated a public Corpus Christi procession in the castle grounds. It was well-attended and I was told it was the second year since it re-started with increased numbers this time.

  • Prayerfulrock.

    Well in Gibraltar the Diocese held a Holy Hour led by our Bishop Ralph in our cathedral. Well done your Holiness for requesting this from us all!!

  • scary goat

    Yes, there was no mention of it on our parish newsletter either…that’s why I didn’t know anything about it till it was already gone.

  • lewispbuckingham

    It happened here in Australia. Most moving. A sense that the priorities are right.