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Pope calls John XXIII ‘model of holiness’ on 50th anniversary of death

By on Monday, 3 June 2013

Votive offerings thanking Blessed John XXIII for answered prayers  (CNS)

Votive offerings thanking Blessed John XXIII for answered prayers (CNS)

Pope Francis has described John XXIII as a “model of holiness” on the 50th anniversary of the Blessed’s death.

The Pope made the comment at his morning Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, his residence at the Vatican.

John XXIII died on June 3 1963, aged 81. He was beatified by John Paul II on September 2 2000.

John XXIII, who was born Angelo Roncalli, served as Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece during the Second World War. He created a network in Istanbul that helped Jews fleeing the Nazis. A petition calling for him to be declared “Righteous Among the Nations” was presented to Yad Vashem in February 2011.

The Pope will receive 2,000 pilgrims from John XXIII’s native province of Bergamo in St Peter’s Basilica tonight.

  • NatOns

    God bless our Pope! God guide our Pope! God love our Pope!

    My heart still feels that dreadful tug it felt on hearing the news of Blessed John XXIII’s death all that time long ago, as indeed it had on the death of the Venerable Pius XII – expected though these were. For all my genuine respect and love toward Venerable Paul VI and the much loved John Paul I, their passing did not grieve so much as genuinely sadden. Only the powerful mix of sorrow and joy for Blessed John Paul II’s release to glory can come close to expressing the depth of emotion freely wrung from within.

    The Church has been truly blessed by saintly witness in its popes in my lifetime – whether their rule has been appreciated or not by some – they have not all been great teachers, leaders and pastors, nor even all equally valiant heroes of the Faith, yet as with the awesome Benedict XVI and the loveable Francis today, they are all tremendous fathers in the gospel, each one sainted by exceptional grace of God in his own humanly flawed way.

  • Nigel Leitch

    It is good to finally have a Pope that people actually like. We have waited long enough.

  • johnhenry

    Who exactly do you mean by “we”. I think you’re speaking for a a gang of 2. Or 3.

  • robbiedunn

    The pope’s inauguration

    inauguration in the Vatican is a spectacle to see

    Set in
    such grace and splendor it’s so hard to believe

    could sell the gold and diamonds and eradicate disease

    Use the
    money to buy food and clothes wipe out poverty

    Vatican is strange place where the pedophiles roam free

    gather from around the globe pay homage on bended knee

    money laundering and corruption the inevitable dignitaries

    They mix
    with murders thieves and politicians at the Holy See

    They gather
    at the Vatican to kiss the popes golden ring

    file into the chapel as the choir begins to sing

    nuns and red hat cardinals all supposed to be celibate

    turn their backs on god’s greatest gift the one to procreate

    So if
    you’re coming down here Jesus you better get in the queue

    are liar’s pedophiles and murders sitting in the pews

    When you
    see all this waste and splendor you’ll agree it’s a little insane

    But what
    should be of concern to you is they are doing this in your name

    Robbie Dunn 19/3/2013


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