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Catholic bishop attends service marking Queen’s coronation anniversary

By on Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bishop Alan Hopes (Mazur/

Bishop Alan Hopes (Mazur/

A Catholic bishop is attending the service celebrating the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Westminster Auxiliary Bishop Alan Hopes, an Anglican convert to Catholicism, is attending the service at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen was crowned in a ceremony at the abbey on June 2 1953. According to the Daily Telegraph, Catholics were not represented in the coronation service.

  • Hermit Crab

    My favourite bishop.

  • Michael

    The Archbishop of Cardiff was there too !

  • William Callaghan

    and he had a part in the intercessions, at least give Archbishop Stack a mention too

  • rachel

    where was Archbishop Nicholls?????

  • JohnStefanyszyn

    Queen Elizabeth II, in her corornation, gave her OATH to acknowledge and serve the Creator God as the One and Only God. She also gave oath to serve the Son of God, Jesus Christ…to serve Him and Him Alone…to be defender of the one faith…for there is no other ‘god’.

    The authority of “Queen” was given to her by this One and Only Creator God…for there is no other.

    And yet, recently, the Queen declared that it is her duty, and the duty of the church, to protect all religions , all gods. That it is right to be free to worship any ‘god’.

    Blasphemy and Hypocracy!!!

    The Queen has denied her oath of allegiance to the One and Only God…for this One God has declared that there is no other.

    The Queen, in fact has rejected her servitude to the One God, and in so doing is no longer “Queen in the Name of God, Yehowah Elohim”.

  • Julian Lord

    I am not an Anglican, but protecting people’s religious freedoms is certainly not incompatible with Christian Faith.

  • Nigell

    Vincent Nichols was entertaining Polish Archbishop Józef Kowalczyk