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Discover and drive out your ‘inner idols,’ says Pope

By on Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pope holds rosary as he arrives to lead general audience in St. Peter's Square at Vatican

Pope Francis has warned Catholics to uncover and drive out their “hidden idols.”

During morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope said: “Loyalty demands we drive out our idols, that we uncover them: they are hidden in our personality, in our way of life.”

He said: “But these are hidden idols mean that we are not faithful in love. The Apostle James, when he says, whoever wants to be a lover of the world makes himself an enemy of God, begins by saying: ‘Adulterers!’. He gives out to us, but with that adjective: adulterers. Why? Because whoever is ‘friend’ of the world is an idolater, is not faithful to the love of God! The path that is not distant, that advances, moves forward in the Kingdom of God, is a path of loyalty which resembles that of married love. ”

Pope Francis said: “It’s not enough to say: ‘But I believe in God, God is the only God.’ That’s fine, but how do you live this out in your life’s journey? Because we can say, ‘The Lord is the only God, there is no other’, but then live as if He was not the only God and have other deities at our disposal … There is a danger of ‘ idolatry: idolatry, which is brought to us through the spirit of the world. And in this Jesus was clear: the spirit of the world, no. At the Last Supper he asks the Father to defend us from the spirit of the world, because the spirit of the world leads us to idolatry. ”

The Pope continued: “Idolatry is subtle…we all have our hidden idols” and “the path of life to follow, to not be far from the kingdom of God” involves “discovering our hidden idols.”

  • rodlarocque1931

    Just because it is the mainstream view doesn’t make it the true view. The mainstream view of contraception amongst Catholics is that it is OK, yet it is officially prohibited and sinfull.

  • rodlarocque1931

    what on earth does wealth, or the lack thereof, have to do with holiness? Inequality in income distribution negatively affects the salvation of the rich, as Our Lord said, their chances of getting to heaven are slim. Poverty on the other hand, the kind that leads people to sin due to desperation can affect one’s salvation, but generally if anything we have learned from St Francis it is that poverty, when lived well, is a true path to holiness.
    The socialists and social gospelites got him so terribly wrong. He taught us to use poverty as a path to sanctity, not to abolish poverty.

  • rodlarocque1931

    who can judge what is an element of truth in another religion?

  • rodlarocque1931

    Yes, Vatican II’s controversial or ‘new’ teachings are to be ignored in the face of past clearly doctrinal and dogmatic teachings from councils with greater authority.

  • PaulF

    You should not generalize your experience to the whole of Asia. Your description does not fit the Catholics in the countries I’ve been in.
    God does not have a fixation on the Latin language, nor is he specially in love with ecclesiastics whose top priority is the preservation of their own dignities.
    The word of God tells us to praise his name with dancing, and to make music with timbrel and harp and all manner of instruments. You have no authority to squeeze the whole world into your preferred form of worship. Be careful lest you preach disobedience to the word of God.

  • Julian Lord

    Vatican II defined no new doctrine or dogma

    Vatican II defined a very small number of new doctrines, all of which (I believe) have been incorporated into the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Nobody (except some homosexualists and wimmins ordination obsessives and other such heretics) ever argues about these particular doctrines.

  • rodlarocque1931

    What you call ‘my preferred form of worship’ was infact the preferred worship of the Church from antiquity until the modern revolt in the 1960′s so I think I have a stonger argument against liturgical dancing and other novelities that you have.
    The Church’s liturgical tradition was formed out of the lived praxis and reflection on its relation with the faith over millenia and I don’t think you or I can stand in judgement of it, let alone feel good about abandoning it for something fabricated by ‘experts’ some of which weren’t even Catholic.
    You just can’t justify the modern liturgy, it is an abomination.

  • PaulF

    I grew up with the Latin liturgy and respect it deeply. It produced very many saints. But it is not the only possible way of worship.
    Be careful you do not fall into blasphemy. The Mass is not an abomination, even when it fails to match your aesthetic requirements.

  • rodlarocque1931

    Yes there are other approved rites of Mass that are venerable and laudable, but the Novus Ordo is defective, even in its approved version, as was clearly outlined by Cardinals Bacci and Ottaviani in their dubia submitted to Paul VI.

    These criticisms were never officially addressed and HH Benedict XVI himself admitted that it was an on-the-spot fabrication.

    From all of this we can clearly admit it was a big mistake and needs reform.

    A ‘big mistake’ in the area of liturgy, the ‘Church’s most precious treasure’ clearly qualifies as an abomination to me, and indeed to any other serious Catholic that worries about such things.
    a•bom•i•na•tion (əˌbɒm əˈneɪ ʃən)
    1. something greatly disliked or abhorred.
    2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation.
    3. a vile or shameful action, condition, or habit.

  • PaulF

    A defect, even if there is one, does not turn the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass into an abomination.
    There are very serious problems with certain V2 teachings, those which falsely taught that the non Judaeo Christian religions are good and praiseworthy. These have brought shipwreck to the faith of untold millions and urgently need to be corrected at the very highest level.
    And that is my beef with you traditionalists. You are hitting the wrong target. If you concentrated on the real evil in V2 rather than your irrelevant demand that the Liturgy be conformed to your aesthetic specifications, you could make a real, historic difference to the Church.